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Capital Requirements - 202226 articles out of 26.

Capital Requirements - 202128 articles out of 28.

2020 Capital Requirements
2020-12-23 EBA publishes final technical standards on estimation of Pillar 2 and combined buffer requirements for setting MREL
2020-12-18 Basel III: EBF comments on EBA updated impact assessment
2020-12-17 BIS: Basel III monitoring results based on end-December 2019 data published by the Basel Committee
2020-12-09 FT:Bank capital buffers aren’t working
2020-12-02 The EBA reactivates its Guidelines on legislative and non-legislative moratoria
2020-11-25 EBA: Banks report a significant use of COVID-19 moratoria and public guarantees
2020-11-20 SUERF/Deutsche bank: Surge in corporate insolvencies hitting German banks
2020-10-05 EBA saw that NPL ratios remained stable in Q2-2020 although early signals of asset quality deterioration
2020-09-25 Basel Committee approves annual G-SIBs assessment, updates workplan to evaluate post-crisis reforms
2020-09-23 ECB allows temporary relief in banks’ leverage ratio after declaring exceptional circumstances due to pandemic
2020-09-03 SSM: Banks need better internal capital checks
2020-08-11 EBA publishes guidance on impact of CRR adjustments in response to the COVID‐19 pandemic on supervisory reporting and disclosure
2020-08-07 EBA provides clarity on the implementation of the reporting and disclosure framework in the context of COVID-19 measures
2020-08-06 BIS Prudential response to debt under Covid-19: the supervisory challenges
2020-08-06 The Economist: European banks expect fewer bad loans than their American rivals
2020-08-05 FT: Four trends from the bank earnings season
2020-08-03 EBA publishes final draft technical standards on disclosure and reporting on MREL and TLAC Events Speeches
2020-07-30 EBA sees first impact of COVID-19 materialising in EU banks’ Q1 data
2020-07-30 EBA updates on 2021 EU-wide stress test timeline, sample and potential future changes to its framework
2020-07-30 EBF: EBA consultation on systemic risk buffers: EBF response
2020-07-30 EBA consultation on systemic risk buffers: EBF response
2020-07-28 SSM Enria: The coronavirus crisis and ECB Banking Supervision: taking stock and looking ahead
2020-07-28 Euro area banking sector resilient to stress caused by coronavirus, ECB analysis shows
2020-07-28 ECB extends recommendation not to pay dividends until January 2021 and clarifies timeline to restore buffers
2020-07-27 Oliver Wyman: Aim For Revival. Not Just Survival European Banking Outlook 2020
2020-07-27 FT: Banks across Europe braced for further heavy loan-loss charges
2020-07-24 PIIE/Bruegel: Government-guaranteed bank lending in Europe: Beyond the headline numbers
2020-07-08 ECB publishes guideline on definition of default for banks directly supervised by national supervisors
2020-07-08 FT: Banks need to prepare now for Covid-19 losses later
2020-07-02 VOX: Usable bank capital
2020-07-01 SRB launches 2019 Annual Report
2020-06-26 EBA launches discussion on further enhancing supervisory powers of competent authorities
2020-06-24 COVID-19: Council adopts exceptional rules to facilitate bank lending in the EU
2020-06-22 FT: Bank loan losses: bouncing back
2020-06-19 European Parliament: COVID-19: Easing rules to encourage banks to lend to companies and households
2020-06-17 Basel Committee meets; discusses impact of Covid-19; reiterates guidance on buffers
2020-06-17 SRB: MREL - the next steps
2020-06-10 Transcript of the media briefing on June 9, 2020 (with Q&A) Andrea Enria, Chair of the Supervisory Board of the ECB,
2020-06-10 ECB report shows areas for improvement in banks’ lending standards before the COVID-19 crisis
2020-06-10 Politico: ECB ups pressure on banks over provisions for bad loans
2020-06-09 ECON: COVID-19: Revised rules to encourage banks to lend to companies and households
2020-06-08 EBA releases bank-by-bank data at the start of the COVID-19 crisis
2020-06-03 EBA announces timing for publication of its 2020 Spring EU-wide transparency exercise
2020-06-02 SRB Board Member Laviola:The future of European Banking regulation in the aftermath of Covid-19
2020-06-02 EBA issues Guidelines to address gaps in reporting data and public information in the context of COVID-19
2020-05-29 EBA seeks to future proof loan origination standards taking into consideration significant transition periods to facilitate implementation
2020-05-25 EBA: COVID-19 is placing unprecedented challenges on EU banks
2020-05-25 POLITICO: EBA says banks can withstand COVID-19 and boost lending
2020-05-21 Jacques Delors Centtre: EU banks’ vulnerabilities: Capital conservation key to withstanding Corona crisis
2020-05-20 SRB publishes MREL Policy under the Banking Package
2020-05-20 Reuters: Lobby calls on EU for extra capital easing to help banks lend more
2020-05-20 EBA publishes Report on interlinkages between recovery and resolution planning
2020-05-12 SSM blog: A pragmatic SREP delivers appropriate supervision for the crisis
2020-05-08 SRB: Resolution planning cycle 2020: setting a course for financial stability
2020-03-10 Bank of England: CRD IV and capital
2020-03-10 EBF: Review of the framework for the Standardised Approach for Counterparty Credit Risk (SA-CCR)
2020-03-06 ISDA: CRR III: Appropriateness and consistency

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