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Capital Requirements - 202226 articles out of 26.

Capital Requirements - 202128 articles out of 28.

Capital Requirements - 202057 articles out of 57.

Capital Requirements - 20199 articles out of 9.

Capital Requirements - 201818 articles out of 18.

Capital Requirements - 201730 articles out of 30.

Capital Requirements - 201628 articles out of 28.

Capital Requirements - 20159 articles out of 9.

Capital Requirements - 201416 articles out of 16.

2013 Capital Requirements
2013-12-26 FT: Banks to exploit delays to planned Fed capital rule changes
2013-12-20 EBA publishes technical advice to Commission on possible treatments of unrealised gains measured at fair value
2013-12-16 Hagendorff & Vallascas: Bank capital requirements - Risk weights you cannot trust and the implications for Basel III
2013-12-13 BCBS: Capital requirements for banks' equity investments in funds - final standard
2013-12-13 EBA agrees on definition of identified staff for remuneration purposes
2013-12-09 EBA publishes follow-up review of banks transparency in their 2012 reports
2013-12-06 Fitch: Basel III to keep bank market, counterparty risk low
2013-12-06 FRB: Technical changes to the Board's market risk capital rule
2013-12-03 Fitch: Loss estimates overlooked driver of Basel risk weights
2013-11-29 PRA sets out key decisions on capital standards
2013-11-29 PwC: De-leverage take 2 - Making a virtue of necessity
2013-11-25 FT: EU banks likely to increase CoCo issuance in 2014
2013-11-21 Bloomberg: EU risks violating bank capital pact, Basel member says
2013-11-18 BCBS/Ingves: Strengthening bank capital – Basel III and beyond
2013-11-15 Douglas J Elliott: The practical incentive effects of different approaches to capital requirements
2013-11-11 Fitch: Bank regulation is substituting accounting prudence
2013-11-04 Filter furore - EU countries set to shield banks from bond volatility
2013-10-31 Fundamental review of the trading book - second consultative document issued by the Basel Committee
2013-10-29 Bloomberg: EU delays bank capital rule following Nordic protest
2013-10-10 FCA Consultation paper: CRD IV for investment firms
2013-10-07 Revised deadlines for the delivery of the EBA technical standards
2013-10-02 FRC consults on the amendment of the UK Corporate Governance Code
2013-09-30 EBA publishes final draft RTS on close correspondence for own-issued covered bonds
2013-09-25 GOV.UK: Legal challenge launched into new rules on bankers' pay
2013-09-25 Basel III monitoring results published by the Basel Committee
2013-09-25 EBA publishes results of the Basel III monitoring exercise as of end 2012
2013-09-20 GFMA/Joint Trades comment in response to BCBS consultation on the revised leverage ratio
2013-09-13 GFMA: Letter to BCBS on financial institution deduction
2013-09-12 Capital requirements could rise as 'Basel 4' starts to emerge, says KPMG
2013-09-09 Mark Carney: A plan to finish fixing the global financial system
2013-09-08 FT: Vickers calls for doubling of bank capital levels
2013-08-29 EACB calls on EBA for more flexibility when developing standards on material risk-takers
2013-08-21 AFME comments on EBA consultation paper on draft ITS on passport notifications
2013-08-19 Bundesbank/Dombret: Systemic risk, too-big-to-fail and resolution regimes
2013-08-08 Clifford Chance: Developments in European regulation on securitisation – What's left in the pipeline?
2013-08-08 EBF response to EBA consultation on draft RTS for the definition of material risk-takers for remuneration purposes
2013-08-06 BCBS: Instructions for Basel III monitoring
2013-08-05 EBA publishes second interim report on the consistency of risk-weighted assets in the banking book of EU banks
2013-08-02 PRA consults on strengthening capital standards
2013-07-31 FCA Consultation Paper: Capital requirements for investment firms
2013-07-19 BIS: FSI Survey - Basel II, 2.5 and III Implementation
2013-07-16 European Commission: Legislation on capital requirements for the banking sector enters into force
2013-07-16 IIF/Adams: Unwise to forgo a risk-sensitive capital framework
2013-07-10 FT editorial: In praise of bank leverage ratios
2013-07-10 Deutsche Bank: Common principles for management remuneration
2013-07-07 FT: EU bonus cap hits bank-owned asset managers
2013-07-04 EBA launches new Single Rulebook Q&A tool
2013-07-03 EBF: European banks' mixed reaction to US implementation of Basel III
2013-07-02 FRB approves final Basel III rules
2013-07-01 EACT/Raeburn: And we thought the CVA exemption was safe…..part II
2013-06-25 Basel Committee concludes assessment of Basel III capital regulations in Switzerland
2013-06-20 Council adopts new bank capital requirements
2013-06-18 ECON Committee: Banking reform - Banks should operate on behalf of the real economy
2013-06-03 BoE/Bailey: Challenges of prudential regulation
2013-05-21 FT: EU set to widen cap on bonuses
2013-05-20 NewEurope: Sweden determined to preserve high capital ratios
2013-05-16 BaFin/Röseler on Basel III/CRD IV: "Preventing future crises"
2013-04-30 EBF letter to Commissioner Barnier on forthcoming European Commission initiative on bank accounts
2013-04-18 ESBG welcomes EP's formal adoption of CRD IV package
2013-04-17 EBF: Europe's banks say EU capital requirements fall short of fully achieving a Single Rulebook
2013-04-16 Plenary Session: Parliament votes reform package to strengthen EU banks
2013-04-16 President Barroso/Commissioner Barnier: Statement following EP's approval of new rules to impose stronger prudential requirements on banks
2013-04-16 EP President Schulz: New bank rules will help avert future crises
2013-04-16 Greens/Lamberts: EP caps bank bonuses and improves accounting transparency with new legislation
2013-04-16 FCA Statement on CRD IV
2013-04-15 EBF commented on country-by-country reporting – Capital Requirements Directive
2013-04-12 ECON Committee: EU Bank Capital Requirements Regulation and Directive
2013-04-12 BCBS: Report to G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors on monitoring implementation of Basel III regulatory reform
2013-04-01 FN: Bank capital rules could create an uneven playing field
2013-03-31 FT: Bailey calls for bank capital transparency
2013-03-27 Bank capital rules: Council confirms agreement with EP
2013-03-27 FT: UK overruled on financial services law
2013-03-24 FT: Banks face removal of capital loophole
2013-03-22 ECON Committee: Cap on bankers' bonuses - Risk reducer or witch-hunt?
2013-03-21 ECON Committee: Bonus caps for fund managers and safeguards for retail investors
2013-03-21 Stronger prudential requirements on banks: Statement by Commissioner Barnier following the agreement on the new rules
2013-03-17 FT: EU set to widen bonus clampdown
2013-03-11 EBA consults on conditions for assessing materiality of extensions and changes of internal approaches for credit, market & operational risk
2013-03-06 Europe edges towards three-pronged credit valuation adjustment (CVA) exemption
2013-03-05 Bank capital rules: ECOFIN Council endorses agreement with EP
2013-03-05 Schulz deeply regrets lack of decision on CRD IV and bankers' bonuses in the Council
2013-03-04 ECB/Mersch: Financial stability policies in central banks
2013-03-03 Wolfgang Münchau: Bonus issue marks start of a long battle
2013-03-02 Paul N Goldschmidt: Limiting bank bonuses - Why the choices of the new Regulation are flawed
2013-02-28 FT: Five essential questions on the bonus cap
2013-02-28 EBF welcomes the breakthrough on CRR/CRD IV
2013-02-28 Statement by the Association of German Banks on CRD IV
2013-02-28 Arlene McCarthy MEP: EU deal signals end to broken bank bonus culture
2013-02-28 EP's Schulz welcomes new rules for banks as ground-breaking
2013-02-28 ECON Committee: MEPs cap bankers' bonuses and step up bank capital requirements
2013-02-27 RTÉ News: EU moves closer to imposing caps on banker bonuses
2013-02-26 Greens/Lamberts: Provisions on bank bonuses and transparency key for deal on capital requirements legislation
2013-02-22 FSA: Refreshed statement regarding CRD IV implementation
2013-02-20 Bankers' bonuses - Parliament gives Council one more week
2013-02-20 Douglas J Elliott: Higher bank capital requirements would come at a price
2013-02-18 UK Parliament: Banking executives' remuneration in the UK - Commons Library Standard Note
2013-02-18 FT editorial: Bonus cap is a bad omen for Britain
2013-01-22 EACT/Raeburn: Is the European Parliament really challenging EMIR?
2013-01-21 FT: Call to toughen bank bonus rules
2013-01-17 David Miles: Bank capital requirements - Are they costly?
2013-01-11 Industry response to EBA's discussion paper on Draft RTS on prudent valuation under Article 100 of the draft CRR
2013-01-08 EACT/Raeburn: Relaxation of Basel III - How excited should we be?
2013-01-07 Commissioner Barnier on the impact of the latest Basel Committee liquidity developments for Capital Requirements (CRD IV) in the EU
2013-01-07 Reuters: Banks' victory on liquidity will still cost them dear
2013-01-07 EBF: Basel Committee's liquidity standards in keeping with difficult economic times
2013-01-06 BIS: Group of Governors and Heads of Supervision endorse revised liquidity standard for banks

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