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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Capital Requirements - 202226 articles out of 26.

Capital Requirements - 202128 articles out of 28.

Capital Requirements - 202057 articles out of 57.

Capital Requirements - 20199 articles out of 9.

Capital Requirements - 201818 articles out of 18.

2017 Capital Requirements
2017-12-21 EBA updates its quantitative analysis on MREL
2017-12-21 Basel Committee issues proposed technical amendment to the Net Stable Funding Ratio
2017-11-22 Parliament draft report on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Regulation (EU) No 575/2013
2017-11-14 EBA releases its annual assessment of the consistency of internal model outcomes
2017-11-14 EBA publishes final guidance on connected clients
2017-11-09 EBA launches consultation on technical standards specifying the methods of prudential consolidation
2017-11-09 EBA publishes an Opinion and Report on regulatory perimeter issues relating to the CRDIV/CRR
2017-10-30 EBA provides overview of Competent Authorities implementation and transposition of the CRD IV package
2017-10-30 BIS: Bank capital allocation under multiple constraints
2017-10-18 EBA updates list of public sector entities for the calculation of capital requirements
2017-10-04 BIS: Basel III liquidity monitoring tools
2017-09-26 EBA publishes guidance to further harmonise EU banks internal governance
2017-09-26 EBA and ESMA provide guidance to assess the suitability of management body members and key function holders
2017-09-21 Financial Times: Banking remains far too undercapitalised for comfort
2017-09-19 FAQs on Basel III definition of capital published by the Basel Committee
2017-09-12 EBA: The EBA CRDIV CRR Basel III monitoring exercise shows further improvement of EU banks capital leverage and liquidity ratios
2017-08-14 EBA updates list of public sector entities for the calculation of capital requirements
2017-08-04 IMF: Back to the Future: The Nature of Regulatory Capital Requirements
2017-06-08 BIS: Second set of FAQs on the Liquidity Coverage Ratio issued by the Basel Committee
2017-05-23 EBA publishes an Opinion on own funds in the context of the CRD CRR review proposal
2017-05-02 ECB's Nouy: Risk and capital – a balancing act
2017-04-13 Bloomberg: European banks may face $128 billion capital gap as Basel bites
2017-04-11 EBA finds German waiver on covered bonds justified
2017-04-11 EBA finds Polish waiver on covered bonds justified
2017-03-08 EBA calls for improvements to decision-making framework for supervisory reporting requirements
2017-03-03 EBA provides transparent and harmonised information on asset encumbrance across the EU
2017-02-28 EBA publishes results of the CRDIV-CRR/Basel III monitoring exercise as of end June 2016
2017-02-06 ECFIN: Bank Lending Constraints in the Euro Area
2017-01-30 BIS: Frequently asked questions on market risk capital requirements
2017-01-17 EBA and ESMA call to clarify margin requirements between CRR and EMIR

Prior Years Reports

Capital Requirements - 201628 articles out of 28.

Capital Requirements - 20159 articles out of 9.

Capital Requirements - 201416 articles out of 16.

Capital Requirements - 2013106 articles out of 106.

Capital Requirements - 201280 articles out of 80.

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Capital Requirements - 200412 articles out of 12.

Capital Requirements - 200319 articles out of 19.

Capital Requirements - 20021 articles out of 1.

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Capital Requirements - 19991 articles out of 1.