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Capital Requirements - 202226 articles out of 26.

Capital Requirements - 202128 articles out of 28.

Capital Requirements - 202057 articles out of 57.

Capital Requirements - 20199 articles out of 9.

Capital Requirements - 201818 articles out of 18.

Capital Requirements - 201730 articles out of 30.

Capital Requirements - 201628 articles out of 28.

Capital Requirements - 20159 articles out of 9.

Capital Requirements - 201416 articles out of 16.

Capital Requirements - 2013106 articles out of 106.

2012 Capital Requirements
2012-12-19 ABBL: Casting shadows
2012-12-18 Reuters: Europe to miss Basel III deadline after EU talks postponed
2012-12-16 FT: US banks call for easing of Basel III
2012-12-12 Thomas M Hoenig: Get Basel III right and avoid Basel IV
2012-12-10 Bloomberg: Europe's banks seek Basel review on eve of implementation
2012-12-04 ECOFIN Council results: Bank capital requirements / Bank supervision
2012-12-04 Bloomberg: Barnier says EU may broker deal on Basel III bank law next week
2012-11-25 FT: Banks face more regulation over risk
2012-11-22 ISDA: EC compromise draft on capital requirements for bank exposures to CCPs in the CRR
2012-11-13 ECOFIN: Main results of the Council - Bank capital requirements / Bank supervision
2012-11-13 Bloomberg: EU officials draft some compromises on Basel bank law
2012-11-11 Simon Nixon: Bank capital question must be resolved
2012-11-09 Federal Reserve System: Agencies provide guidance on regulatory capital rulemakings
2012-11-06 BCBS/Byres: Basel III - Necessary, but not sufficient
2012-11-06 FSA/Bailey: The challenges in assessing capital requirements for banks
2012-11-01 FSA: Data collection on remuneration practices
2012-10-23 "Banking Union is fast becoming Banking Union Lite - getting the taste without the commitment" - Sharon Bowles MEP
2012-10-21 EACT/Raeburn: Approaching a win on CRD IV/CRR?
2012-10-15 Stefan Ingves: Basel III is simpler and stronger
2012-10-09 ECOFIN: Main results of the Council
2012-10-03 EBA publishes final report on recapitalisation of European banks and paves way for the transition to CRD IV framework
2012-10-01 Commissioner Michel Barnier's reaction to the Basel Committee's preliminary "Regulatory Consistency Assessment"
2012-09-06 Money Marketing: EU close to break-through over bankers' bonuses
2012-08-31 BoE Haldane: “In financial regulation, less may be more”
2012-08-29 Bloomberg: Banker bonuses at risk as EU lawmakers fight Barnier plans
2012-08-24 Reuters: Europe's big bang for bank rules set to sputter
2012-08-24 EBF response to EBA CP on draft implementing technical standards on supervisory reporting requirements for the leverage ratio
2012-08-22 Germany puts pressure on talks in Brussels: Cabinet approves legislation on Basel III banking rules
2012-08-02 EBF: Banking industry raises concerns over delay in legislative process towards implementation of CRD IV
2012-08-01 FSA statement regarding CRD IV implementation
2012-06-29 ECON Committee: Tougher rules needed on banker bonuses - MEP Karas
2012-06-27 Christian Noyer: Basel III and CRD IV - Impact and stakes
2012-06-26 Central banks' posting of collateral, Round 2 – comments by Sharon Bowles MEP
2012-06-20 FRC deals with executive remuneration
2012-06-13 FT: FDIC officials concerned about Basel strength
2012-05-23 EBF: Joint Industry communication on international trade and CRD IV
2012-05-21 FN: Fund chiefs say bank rules will cause economic winter
2012-05-18 Nicolas Véron: The European debate on bank capital is not just about Europe
2012-05-17 Bundesfinanzministerium response to ECOFIN meeting on CRD IV
2012-05-15 European Council: Bank capital rules - General approach agreed ahead of talks with Parliament
2012-05-15 Cyprus Presidency fears add urgency to CRD IV talks
2012-05-15 ECOFIN: Consensus on tougher and tighter regulation of banks in the EU
2012-05-15 Danish Presidency: New Capital Requirements Directive strengthens rules for banks
2012-05-15 Statement by Commissioner Barnier following the ECOFIN Council: CRD IV
2012-05-15 WSJ: EU reaches deal on Basel rules
2012-05-14 Danish Presidency strives for agreement on new EU rules on capital requirements for banks in the EU
2012-05-14 Comments by Sharon Bowles on the EP vote on Capital Requirements Regulation
2012-05-14 ECON Committee: Bank capital rules - Reform to boost risk resilience and lending to the real economy
2012-05-03 ECOFIN: Closing in on new capital requirements for banks
2012-05-02 Nicolas Véron: Making sense of the CRD4/CRR debate
2012-05-01 FT: EU set for clash on banking rules
2012-05-01 Danish Presidency: New rules for capital requirements aim at securing healthy banks in Europe
2012-04-30 City A.M.: UK tables long list of demands in EU bank talks
2012-04-29 FT: Big banks seek regulatory capital trades
2012-04-27 FSA/Bailey: Basel III – the big issues
2012-04-25 Bail-in regimes will reduce demand for bank debt - poll
2012-04-19 Reuters: EU states split over tougher bank capital rules
2012-04-13 Paul N Goldschmidt: Why the controversy on bank bonuses should be handled with care!
2012-04-13 ECON second exchange of views on amendments on CRD IV/CRR
2012-04-12 FT: EU seeks new curbs to cap bank bonuses
2012-04-12 EBA survey on the implementation of the Guidelines on remuneration policies and practices
2012-04-11 ECB published opinion on CRD IV/CRR
2012-04-04 EBA published a report on the Basel III monitoring exercise
2012-04-04 EBA published questionnaire on the identification of users/investors needs on credit institutions Pillar 3 disclosures
2012-04-04 EBA: Consultation paper on Draft Regulatory Technical Standards on Own Funds
2012-03-29 ESRB: Principles for macro-prudential policies in EU legislation on the banking sector
2012-03-29 MEP Othmar Karas: Bankers' bonuses should be capped at no more than twice the basic pay
2012-03-28 FTAdviser: Bank committee restates need to limit bank distributions
2012-03-28 ECON Committee: Consideration of amendments on CRD IV/CRR
2012-03-21 Loan and bond markets will suffer under Basel III
2012-03-02 EU Summit: Leaders called for a rapid completion of the regulatory reform of the financial sector
2012-03-01 Danish Presidency published latest compromise text on CRD IV/CRR
2012-02-28 ECON Committee published a report on banks' remuneration rules (CRD III) - are they implemented and do they work in practice?
2012-02-16 ACCA: From Basel III to alternative sources of funding - Assessing the impact of financial regulation on access to finance for SMEs
2012-01-30 Commissioner Barnier: The framework for remuneration plays an important role in restoring public confidence in European banks
2012-01-25 ECON debate on the draft report on CRD IV/CRR
2012-01-23 Commissioner Barnier: The EU needs the UK and the UK needs the EU
2012-01-22 FT: Paris and Berlin seek to dilute bank rules
2012-01-11 Danish Presidency published compromise proposals on CRD IV
2012-01-04 Enrico Perotti: How to stop the fire spreading in Europe’s banks

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