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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Capital Requirements - 202226 articles out of 26.

Capital Requirements - 202128 articles out of 28.

Capital Requirements - 202057 articles out of 57.

Capital Requirements - 20199 articles out of 9.

Capital Requirements - 201818 articles out of 18.

Capital Requirements - 201730 articles out of 30.

Capital Requirements - 201628 articles out of 28.

Capital Requirements - 20159 articles out of 9.

Capital Requirements - 201416 articles out of 16.

Capital Requirements - 2013106 articles out of 106.

Capital Requirements - 201280 articles out of 80.

2011 Capital Requirements
2011-12-30 ECON Committee published draft report on CRD IV/CRR
2011-12-18 FT: EU will not impede Vickers reforms
2011-12-09 Italian Banking Association (ABI) threatens to sue EBA over capital rules
2011-12-09 Eurofinas' observations on the Commission's Proposal for a CRD IV
2011-12-07 Commission asks EBA to review the impact of bank capital requirements on SMEs
2011-11-30 EBA consultation papers on guidelines to the Incremental Default and Migration Risk Charge (IRC) and on guidelines to Stressed VaR
2011-11-30 ECOFIN Council: Capital requirements for banks and investment firms
2011-11-24 Commission takes Italy and Poland to court for incomplete transposition of the Third Directive on Capital Requirements
2011-11-24 European Commission takes Italy and Poland to Court for incomplete transposition of the third Directive on Capital Requirements
2011-11-22 Almunia presents the Work Programme on Competition Policy for 2012
2011-11-14 MEP Sharon Bowles proposes radical plan to make lending to SMEs more attractive
2011-11-07 EACT highlights European Union’s failure to consider real economic impact of financial regulatory proposals
2011-11-07 EMF: CRD IV Position Paper
2011-10-25 FT: Basel to change trade finance reforms
2011-10-21 No forced recapitalisation for financial institutions, says European Savings Banks Group
2011-10-18 EFBS position paper of 18 October 2011
2011-10-17 The impact of CRD IV on international trade and trade finance
2011-10-14 EBIC: The transposition of the Basel III framework into the European Union through the review of the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD IV)
2011-10-12 ECON Committee hearing on CRD IV
2011-10-12 Bank capital rules: Stakeholders state their views
2011-10-12 EU banks could shrink to hit capital rules
2011-10-11 EACT: Presentation to Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament
2011-10-10 EBF: Key messages on the European Commission's CRD IV proposals
2011-10-10 FN: Why are our regulators so anti-European?
2011-10-05 ESBG: SME lending to be hindered by Capital Requirements Directive review
2011-10-04 ECON Committee debate on CRD IV
2011-09-29 EBA published Q&A report on Guidelines on Article 122a of the CRD
2011-09-29 Commission requests Spain and The Netherlands to implement capital rules (CRD II)
2011-09-27 MEP Vicky Ford: EU banks would be threatened by weaker Capital Requirements Directive
2011-09-23 Persaud: Basel III is an overdue step in the right direction
2011-09-08 Commissioner Barnier: Supervisors will be able to require more own funds from banks that face more risks
2011-09-06 Basic information on CRD IV/CRR
2011-08-08 IMF published working paper on possible unintended consequences of Basel III and Solvency II
2011-07-20 Commissioner Barnier on CRD IV: Europe is the first one implementing Basel III
2011-07-20 Commission published CRD IV
2011-07-20 CRD IV: A major step forwards but not without its risks, says AFME
2011-07-20 Basel III, CRD IV and small businesses – It's time for clarity, says ACCA
2011-07-19 BCBS consults on the methodology and the additional loss absorbency requirement for global systemically important banks
2011-07-05 Basel Committee published FAQs on Basel III
2011-07-01 BCBS published final version of Pillar 3 disclosure requirements for remuneration
2011-05-27 Commissioner Barnier replied to the critics of the Commission’s work on Basel III
2011-05-25 FT: EU states urge flexibility in Basel rules
2011-05-19 Commission requests implementation of latest bank capital requirements rules
2011-05-16 BUSINESSEUROPE and EBF sent a letter to Commissioner Barnier on liquidity ratios
2011-05-12 FSA: Strengthening Capital Standards 3 - further consultation on CRD3
2011-05-12 Basel Committee issued report on aligning remuneration with risk and performance
2011-04-25 FSA published proposed guidance on remuneration code
2011-04-06 Basel III: Stronger banks and a more resilient financial system
2011-04-05 BUSINESSEUROPE: Global impact of Basel III and Solvency II on the financing of enterprises
2011-03-29 European Bank funding threatened as Basel III meets Solvency II
2011-03-23 Bank of England's Andrew Haldane: Capital discipline
2011-03-16 FT: Turner said Basel III capital rules too low
2011-02-23 BIS report on BASEL III: Long-term impact on economic performance and fluctuations
2011-02-17 OECD paper on the Macroeconomic Impact of Basel III
2011-02-09 Commission launched consultation on possible measures to strengthen bank capital requirements for counterparty credit risk
2011-02-02 Stefan Ingves on Basel III: Much-needed regulations for a safer banking sector
2011-01-18 BCBS issued final reform elements to raise quality of capital
2011-01-10 CEBS published its final guidelines on the application of Article 122a of the CRD

Prior Years Reports

Capital Requirements - 201040 articles out of 40.

Capital Requirements - 200915 articles out of 15.

Capital Requirements - 200813 articles out of 13.

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