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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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MiFID - 200815 articles out of 15.

2007 MiFID
2007-12-07 AMF amends insider lists established by issuers of financial instruments
2007-11-20 Icap to apply for exchange status
2007-11-14 MTFs to take 20% of European trading volume
2007-11-13 TRAX2 receives approval from AMF for MiFID reporting.
2007-11-09 AMF instruction on reporting financial instrument transactions
2007-11-06 AMF clarifies conditions for investment services providers from Member States not having transposed MiFID
2007-11-05 French firms subscribe to Avox MiFID classification service
2007-11-02 Brussels threatens action against countries over Mifid breaches
2007-11-02 CESR IT systems and databases up and running
2007-11-01 Equiduct standardises on Tibco's Rendezvous
2007-11-01 FSA simplified regime for the conduct of investment business comes into force
2007-10-31 CESR list of identifiers for transaction reporting under MIFID
2007-10-30 FESE welcomes CESR’s new arrangements on transaction reporting
2007-10-29 MiFID enters into force on 1st November
2007-10-26 CESR announces new arrangements for transaction reporting
2007-10-24 NYSE Euronext creates European block-trading platform
2007-10-24 MiFID uncertainty haunts capital markets firms
2007-10-22 CESR final steps before MiFID goes live
2007-10-22 CESR consultation on MiFID work program
2007-10-19 CESR updates MiFID Market Transparency Database
2007-10-10 CEBS assessment of risks arising from commodities business
2007-09-25 ECMI newsletter 04-2007
2007-08-09 CESR advice on non-equities transparency
2007-07-13 MiFID and Reg NMS: A test-case for ‘substituted compliance’?
2007-07-03 CESR list of ‘Liquid Shares’ according to the MIFID
2007-06-21 LSE unveils MiFID offering
2007-06-08 EBF response on CESR consultation on non-equity transparency
2007-05-30 ICMA: TRAX2 receives conditional approval from FSA as ARM
2007-05-29 CESR recommendations on inducements
2007-05-29 CESR guidelines on transaction reporting
2007-05-29 CESR recommendations on passporting
2007-05-29 CESR Q&A on best execution
2007-05-21 AMF transposes MiFID into general regulation
2007-05-10 CESR further consultation on non-equity transparency
2007-05-03 Times: MiFID could force banks to revise outsourcing arrangements
2007-05-02 ZKA response on Inducements under MiFID
2007-04-27 EBF response on CESR consultation on inducements under MiFID
2007-04-25 finextra: Firms falling behind on MiFID
2007-04-24 FT: Threat to EU financial rules
2007-04-24 McCreevy urges Member States to ensure rapid implementation of MiFID
2007-04-13 CESR re-consults on draft recommendations for inducements under MiFID
2007-04-10 ECMI Policy Brief: Financial Market Data and MiFID
2007-04-03 AMF consultation on MiFID Market Infrastructures
2007-03-29 German Bundestag adopted MiFID Directive
2007-03-28 FT: EU warns members to enact MiFID law on time
2007-03-22 EFAMA response to consultation on Best Execution under MiFID
2007-03-21 CESR responses to consultation on best execution under MIFID
2007-03-16 EBF response to CESR consultation on best execution under MiFID
2007-03-16 finextra: Two in three European banks set to miss MiFID deadline - survey
2007-03-14 FESE response on MiFID Transaction Reporting
2007-03-07 CESR publishes responses on MiFID Transaction Reporting
2007-03-06 EAPB position on non-equities markets transparency
2007-03-06 Equiduct White paper on MiFID Equity Best Execution
2007-03-02 ZKA response on MiFID Transaction reporting
2007-03-02 EBF response on Guidelines on MiFID Transaction Reporting
2007-02-28 EBF: State of transposition at end of February 2007
2007-02-21 AMF: Transposition of MiFID Directive
2007-02-20 Speech McCreevy: Integration of Financial Markets in the Context of Globalisation
2007-02-20 UK Treasury to overhaul tax and reporting for MiFID
2007-02-20 EBF MiFID Handbook
2007-02-14 New Commission Q&A website on MiFID
2007-02-14 EAPB position on Inducements under MiFID
2007-02-14 EAPB position on Passport under MiFID
2007-02-13 LSE begins MiFID market consultation
2007-02-12 FESE response to consultation on passport under MiIFD
2007-02-09 CESR Level 3 Guidelines and Recommendations on Publication and Consolidation of Market Data
2007-02-09 CESR Level 3 Recommendations on Minimum Records
2007-02-05 Financial World Article: Over to you, Banks
2007-02-02 Euronext lays out MiFID trading strategy
2007-01-15 EBF response to CESR consultation on MiFID Level 3
2007-01-10 EFAMA comments on MiFID Transaction Reporting Requirements

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