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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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MiFID - 202244 articles out of 44.

MiFID - 202112 articles out of 12.

MiFID - 202033 articles out of 33.

MiFID - 201980 articles out of 80.

MiFID - 2018103 articles out of 103.

MiFID - 201795 articles out of 95.

MiFID - 201645 articles out of 45.

MiFID - 201545 articles out of 45.

MiFID - 201453 articles out of 53.

MiFID - 201338 articles out of 38.

2012 MiFID
2012-12-19 ESMA publishes supervisory briefings in the area of MiFID
2012-12-19 European Banking Federation comments on ESMA consultation on MiFID I remuneration guidelines
2012-12-18 ESMA publishes official translations of Guidelines on ETFs and other UCITS issues
2012-11-23 FESE/Hardt: Speech at the Börse Stuttgart MiFID Kongress - Regulatorisches Symposium
2012-11-15 Dutch market mulls the implications of RDR-like commission bans
2012-11-15 ESMA publishes an update of the list of waivers under MiFID
2012-10-29 ISDA comments on the European Parliament vote on the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)
2012-10-12 AMF applies ESMA guidelines on suitability requirements for financial services and products provided to clients
2012-10-09 EBF response to CPSS-IOSCO consultative report on recovery and resolution of financial market infrastructures
2012-10-05 EPFSF Briefing "Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II/MiFIR) – State of play"
2012-10-01 ESMA publishes MiFID translations
2012-09-28 ICMA submits comments on recovery and resolution of financial market infrastructures
2012-09-17 ESMA proposes remuneration guidelines for firms providing investment services
2012-09-11 ISDA commentary on August 31 compromise texts on MiFID II/MiFIR
2012-08-21 Publication of the translations of ESMA guidelines on certain aspects of the MiFID suitability requirements
2012-08-08 ESMA publishes update on MiFID waivers from pre-trade transparency
2012-08-01 ESMA calls for candidates to join its consultative working group on investor protection and intermediaries
2012-07-31 CPSS-IOSCO issue consultative report on the recovery and resolution of financial market infrastructures
2012-07-23 Report to the Executive Boards of the IMF and the World Bank on the New CPSS-IOSCO Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures
2012-07-10 House of Lords report: MiFID II - Getting it right for the City and EU financial services industry
2012-07-06 ESMA publishes MiFID guidelines to enhance investor protection
2012-07-02 ISDA Commentary on Presidency Compromise Texts on MiFID II/MiFIR
2012-07-02 Hedgeweek: MiFID II proposals will impact liquidity, trading costs and ability to raise capital
2012-07-02 TABB report: 'MiFID II and Fixed Income Price Transparency'
2012-06-20 FSMA conducts consultation on financial planning
2012-06-19 Sharon Bowles MEP: "MiFID II has to ensure open and fair access if the EU is serious about growth and competition"
2012-06-04 EBF final comments on ESMA call for evidence on transaction reporting
2012-05-28 IPE: Institutions should lobby 'aggressively' against EU trade reporting proposals
2012-05-10 ECBC Position Paper on MiFIR
2012-05-04 EFRP issues a position paper on MiFID review
2012-04-16 CPSS-IOSCO issue new standards for financial market infrastructures
2012-03-31 Regulators to decide over UCITS split
2012-03-26 ESMA reviews pre-trade transparency waivers to ensure consistent MiFID application
2012-03-16 ECON Committee published draft report on MiFID II/MiFIR
2012-03-07 EACT response to ESMA consultation paper, 'Guidelines on certain aspects of the MiFID suitability requirements'
2012-02-29 ESMA consultations on MiFID
2012-02-28 ALFI response to ESMA’s consultations papers on MiFID suitability requirements and on compliance function requirements
2012-02-27 ECON Committee published all responses to the consultation on the review of MiFID
2012-02-21 Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority: High frequency trading not a threat to financial stability
2012-02-20 FN: New disclosure rule threat to small caps
2012-02-17 ECON Committee first exchange of views on MiFID II/MiFIR
2012-02-17 Speech by Mark Hoban MP: What is the UK doing to strengthen financial market regulation at national and EU level?
2012-02-10 Joint letter on conduct of business rules for MiFID Review final
2012-01-31 FESE position on the MiFID II proposal
2012-01-30 FSA: MiFID II - A regulator's viewpoint
2012-01-24 FN: EMIR completion in sight
2012-01-22 VoxEU: The fallacy of moving the OTC market to central counterparties
2012-01-18 Speech by the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Mark Hoban MP, to the London Stock Exchange; MiFID
2012-01-17 ALFI response to the questionnaire on MiFID/MiFIR 2
2012-01-09 MiFID II main issues and AMF priorities
2012-01-06 MiFID II: EuropeanIssuers’ comments

Prior Years Reports

MiFID - 201154 articles out of 54.

MiFID - 201024 articles out of 24.

MiFID - 200912 articles out of 12.

MiFID - 200815 articles out of 15.

MiFID - 200771 articles out of 71.

MiFID - 200628 articles out of 28.

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MiFID - 200429 articles out of 29.

MiFID - 200321 articles out of 21.

MiFID - 200225 articles out of 25.

MiFID - 200115 articles out of 15.

MiFID - 20003 articles out of 3.

MiFID - 19991 articles out of 1.