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2022 MiFID
2022-12-22 EFAMA commends the efforts of the Czech Presidency and Member States in reaching an agreement on the review of MiFIR/MiFID
2022-12-20 AFME welcomes Council agreement on some aspects of MiFIR, but further progress needed
2022-12-13 Contact points of national supervisory authorities for communication in the MiFID II framework on supervisory cooperation, authorisation, ac
2022-10-25 BETTER FINANCE Applauds and Supports Proposed Ban on Sales Commissions Paid to Retail Distributors of Investment Products
2022-10-24 BETTER FINANCE’s answers to DG FISMA’s Discussion Note on Value for Money
2022-10-17 BETTER FINANCE response to ESMA Public Consultation on the Review of the Guidelines on MiFID II product governance requirements
2022-10-11 BEUC: ESMA guidelines on MiFID II product governance requirements
2022-10-10 BDB: Comments - Review of the Guidelines on MIFID II product governance requirements
2022-10-07 EBF Response to ESMA Consultation on Product Governance
2022-09-27 ESMA reminds firms of the impact of inflation in the context of investment services to retail clients
2022-09-26 ESMA consults on guidance on market outages
2022-09-23 ESMA publishes final guidelines on MiFID II suitability requirements
2022-08-01 FESE Views on the ECON Draft Report on the MiFIR Review
2022-07-29 AFME comments on Draft MiFIR report
2022-07-20 ESMA proposes key risk indicators for retail investors
2022-06-24 CEPS: Taking stock of the MiFID and MiFIR review and what still needs to be done
2022-06-22 Vision for the future of EU wholesale financial markets: AFME recommendations on the MIFIR Review
2022-05-31 EFAMA: Cross-Industry Consensus on EU Equity Consolidated Tape
2022-05-29 Better Finance: Last chance for Member States to support EU citizens as investors and finally ban Payment for Order Flow (PFOF)
2022-05-25 ESMA: Other bodies and agencies Review of the MiFID II framework on best execution reports by investment firms
2022-05-04 Better Finance: Transparency and Best Execution for Retail Traders and Investors
2022-05-04 ICMA has responded to ESMA’s consultation on trading venue perimeter
2022-05-04 SMSG advice to the ESMA Consultation Paper on Guidelines on certain aspects of the MiFID II suitability requirements.
2022-05-03 AFME/FINBOURNE study shows need for longer deferrals for large fixed income trades
2022-05-02 EBF Position paper – ESMA Consultation TV perimeter
2022-04-29 ESBG response to ESMA’s consultation on guidelines of MiFID II suitability requirements
2022-04-27 EBF response to ESMA consultation on the review of MIFID II suitability guidelines
2022-04-27 AMIC response to the ESMA consultation paper ‘Guidelines on certain aspects of the MiFID II suitability requirements’
2022-04-25 EBF Position on MIFIR Review
2022-04-19 ESMA: Letter to the EC on the MiFID II suitability consultation
2022-04-08 ESMA: Guidelines On certain aspects of the MiFID II appropriateness and execution-only requirements
2022-03-30 EBF Position on EC Consultation on options to enhance the suitability and appropriateness assessments
2022-03-22 EFAMA's response to the EU Commission's targeted consultation on options to enhance the suitability and appropriateness assessments
2022-03-21 BETTER FINANCE response to the European Commission Consultation on the review of suitability and appropriateness assessments
2022-03-15 ESMA published its assessment and recommendations on the EC’s MiFIR review proposal
2022-03-01 Personal message from FESE Director General on the MiFIR review proposal
2022-02-16 EFAMA – the urgency behind a consolidated tape for Europe | A buy-side view on consolidated tape and market structure reforms
2022-02-15 ESMA: Guidelines on certain aspects of the MiFID II suitability requirements
2022-02-09 BEUC: Review of the markets in financial instruments regulation / MIFID II - A consumer perspective
2022-02-08 ESMA launches a Common Supervisory Action with NCAs on MiFID II costs and charges
2022-02-03 Recent “Unofficial” Reports Paid for by Investment Industry Players Push Misleading Findings and Conclusions in Defence of Kickbacks
2022-02-02 ESMA publishes supervisory briefing on the use of tied agents under MiFID II
2022-02-01 ESMA makes new bond liquidity data available and publishes data for the systematic internaliser calculations

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