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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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MiFID - 202244 articles out of 44.

MiFID - 202112 articles out of 12.

MiFID - 202033 articles out of 33.

MiFID - 201980 articles out of 80.

MiFID - 2018103 articles out of 103.

MiFID - 201795 articles out of 95.

MiFID - 201645 articles out of 45.

MiFID - 201545 articles out of 45.

2014 MiFID
2014-12-23 CPMI and IOSCO issue an assessment methodology for the oversight expectations applicable to critical service providers
2014-12-22 ESMA published initial cost-benefit-analysis on MiFID II proposals
2014-12-19 IMA responds to ESMA's advice on MiFID II
2014-12-19 AFME comments on likely impact on fixed income markets of ESMA’s MiFID II consultation proposals
2014-12-19 ESMA: Technical Advice to the Commission on MiFID II and MiFIR
2014-12-19 ESMA provides implementing rules for MiFID II
2014-12-12 ESMA reviews supervisory practices on MiFID investor information
2014-11-21 Maijoor's keynote speech at the event "Regulatory measures to prevent another crisis?"
2014-10-03 AFME understanding of T+2 Approach for migration on October 6
2014-09-29 ESMA consults on guidelines clarifying derivatives under MiFID
2014-09-08 MiFID II: Be careful what you wish for
2014-08-27 The Trade News: Consultation reveals division over MiFID liquidity classification
2014-08-15 BaFin: Overview of the provisions of MiFID II
2014-08-14 ESMA releases responses to MiFIDII/MiFIR Consultation and Discussion papers
2014-08-04 IMA chief comments on ESMA consultation on MiFID II regarding payment for investment research
2014-07-01 ESMA publishes retail investor guide to MiFID II
2014-06-12 Europe's exchange traded fund providers, users and industry participants sent a letter to ESMA
2014-06-10 Financial News: Trade bodies unite for MiFID II response
2014-06-09 Automated Trader: ESMA looks to specify DEA definition
2014-06-06 Defining MiFID II liquidity is "major task", says Maijoor
2014-05-29 CAIA: MiFID implementation consultation - A rocky start
2014-05-29 The Trade: Concerns raised over MiFID consultation timetable
2014-05-29 FN: List of MiFID II proposals on controlling HFT
2014-05-22 ESMA consults on MiFID reforms
2014-05-22 BIS: Implementation monitoring of PFMIs - update to level 1 assessment report
2014-05-22 IMA responses to ESMA’s MiFID II consultation
2014-05-12 MiFID: ASSOSIM instructions for application of ESMA guidelines validated
2014-05-12 The TRADE News: How to respond to MiFID II’s limits on dark trading
2014-05-09 Deloitte: MiFID II and the new trading landscape
2014-05-09 EACT response to EC consultation on foreign exchange financial instruments
2014-05-01 The Trade: ESMA confirms MiFID consultation due in one month
2014-04-28 DRS: ESMA gets MiFID II/MiFIR green light
2014-04-23 Bowles: MiFID – Dog days, dogs of war and dogs that didn't bite
2014-04-16 Reactions to EP's votes on MiFID, PRIIPS, UCITS V
2014-04-15 EP approves revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive
2014-03-29 ECB/Cœuré: The known unknowns of central clearing
2014-03-27 ESMA publishes summary of conclusions of the SMSG meeting on 21 November 2013
2014-03-26 The Trade: ESMA warned not to use tick sizes to control market
2014-03-17 FCA and BoE agree MoU for supervision of markets and market infrastructure
2014-02-25 ESMA/Ross: Liquidity and new financial market regulation
2014-02-20 FN: Europe not ruling out fresh derivatives rules
2014-02-19 Markets in financial instruments: Council confirms agreement with EP
2014-02-18 FN: Financial industry unites to face MiFID II
2014-02-14 ESMA asks Commission to clarify derivative definition under MiFID/EMIR
2014-02-13 FN: UK and French regulators warn on reporting rules
2014-02-03 FN: How the EU can avoid own goals on swaps reform
2014-01-30 Peter Fredriksson: The growth of 'twilight pools'
2014-01-21 Insurance Europe: MiFID - IMD 2 best place to regulate insurance investment products
2014-01-15 Industry comments on MiFID II agreement: AFME, BVI, DK, EFAMA, PwC
2014-01-13 AMF consults on draft guide to best execution
2014-01-08 FN: Derivatives competition unlikely despite MiFID II push
2014-01-08 Trade News: Election timetable may compromise MiFID II
2014-01-07 ESMA publishes final report of draft TS under Article 10a(8) of MiFID

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MiFID - 201338 articles out of 38.

MiFID - 201251 articles out of 51.

MiFID - 201154 articles out of 54.

MiFID - 201024 articles out of 24.

MiFID - 200912 articles out of 12.

MiFID - 200815 articles out of 15.

MiFID - 200771 articles out of 71.

MiFID - 200628 articles out of 28.

MiFID - 200525 articles out of 25.

MiFID - 200429 articles out of 29.

MiFID - 200321 articles out of 21.

MiFID - 200225 articles out of 25.

MiFID - 200115 articles out of 15.

MiFID - 20003 articles out of 3.

MiFID - 19991 articles out of 1.