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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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MiFID - 202244 articles out of 44.

MiFID - 202112 articles out of 12.

MiFID - 202033 articles out of 33.

MiFID - 201980 articles out of 80.

MiFID - 2018103 articles out of 103.

MiFID - 201795 articles out of 95.

MiFID - 201645 articles out of 45.

2015 MiFID
2015-12-23 ESMA consults on transaction reporting, reference data, record-keeping and clock synchronisation under MiFIR
2015-12-22 ESMA publishes responses to its consultation on indirect clearing under EMIR and MiFIR
2015-12-11 ESMA issues standards on reporting, cooperation & suspensions under MiFID II
2015-12-01 TABB: MiFID II – Out of crisis comes opportunity
2015-11-24 CPMI-IOSCO consultative paper Guidance on cyber resilience for financial market infrastructures
2015-11-20 Tabb Forum: MiFID II - Industry-wide sigh of relief may be premature
2015-11-17 ESMA makes available pan-EU data on suspensions and removals from trading
2015-11-10 ESMA Chair's statement to the ECON Committee Scrutiny Hearing on MiFID II
2015-11-10 Reuters: EU poised to delay MiFID II by a year
2015-11-09 Financial Times: EU financial market reform faces IT bugs
2015-11-05 ESMA publishes responses to the Consultation on draft implementing technical standards under MiFID II
2015-10-26 Bloomberg: Bank-analyst ranks may thin on EU research rules, Deloitte says
2015-10-22 TABB: Post-MiFID II RTS - what next for fixed income in Europe?
2015-10-19 TABB: Coming to grips with best execution under MiFID 2
2015-10-16 TabbForum: Coming to grips with best execution under MiFID 2
2015-10-09 ICMA Quarterly Report Fourth Quarter 2015
2015-09-28 ESMA readies MiFID II, MAR, and CSDR
2015-09-28 Investment Association responds to ESMA'S Regulatory Technical Standards
2015-08-30 TABB Forum: Trends resulting from the regulatory-driven changes to the markets
2015-07-16 ESMA’s Maijoor speaks to ECON members at MiFID II/MiFIR scrutiny hearing
2015-07-01 ESMA: Verena Ross speaking on regulatory outlook at CISI 2015 annual conference
2015-06-30 ESMA publishes the Final Report on draft technical standards on MiFID II and MiFIR
2015-06-16 ESMA's Maijoor delivers opening remarks to ECON hearing on MiFID II
2015-06-11 IOSCO: Implementation monitoring of the PFMIs - Second update to Level 1 assessment report
2015-06-09 ESMA: Verena Ross delivers keynote speech at IDX 2015
2015-05-28 AFME responds to Discussion Paper on “Developing our approach to implementing MiFID II conduct of business and organisational requirements”
2015-04-14 Hedgeweek: Intraday auctions provide alternative to dark pools
2015-04-12 Tabb Forum: Regulatory fragmentation breeds uncertainty, opportunity
2015-04-10 ISDA Derivatives: Trading rules need to work together
2015-04-07 Markets Media: Future of CSAs in Europe in doubt
2015-03-27 FCA asks firms for views on MiFID II implementation
2015-03-24 ESMA’s Maijoor presents work on MIFID/MIFIR to ECON
2015-03-20 EFAMA comments on the Joint Committee Consultation Paper on guidelines for cross‐selling practices
2015-03-11 ESMA published responses received to consultation on MiFID II/MiFIR
2015-03-09 Banking Technology: ESMA trade reporting standards could decide future of markets
2015-03-03 AFME comment on ESMA’s MiFID II/ MiFIR consultation paper and technical advice
2015-03-02 ICMA responded to ESMA’s MiFID II Consultation Paper
2015-02-27 Executive Director of ESMA delivers keynote speech on MiFID II
2015-02-27 Markets Media: Pre-trade transparency queried at ESMA hearing
2015-02-18 ESMA published Addendum Consultation Paper to implementing rules for MiFID II/MiFIR
2015-02-13 EU Council backs European Commission proposal to fight against the manipulation of financial benchmarks
2015-01-26 Markets Media: MiFID II urgency grows
2015-01-20 IFLR: MiFID II - one step closer to a common rulebook?
2015-01-20 TCS: ESMA announces consultations on new MiFID II reforms
2015-01-12 ESMA announces open hearing on MiFID II/MiFIR

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MiFID - 201453 articles out of 53.

MiFID - 201338 articles out of 38.

MiFID - 201251 articles out of 51.

MiFID - 201154 articles out of 54.

MiFID - 201024 articles out of 24.

MiFID - 200912 articles out of 12.

MiFID - 200815 articles out of 15.

MiFID - 200771 articles out of 71.

MiFID - 200628 articles out of 28.

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MiFID - 200429 articles out of 29.

MiFID - 200321 articles out of 21.

MiFID - 200225 articles out of 25.

MiFID - 200115 articles out of 15.

MiFID - 20003 articles out of 3.

MiFID - 19991 articles out of 1.