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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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EMIR - 202217 articles out of 17.

EMIR - 20213 articles out of 3.

EMIR - 202012 articles out of 12.

2019 EMIR
2019-12-19 AFME, FIA, ICMA, ISDA and ISLA Publish Master Regulatory Reporting Agreement
2019-12-12 ESMA publishes responses received to its FRANDT consultation
2019-12-09 ESMA publishes 2nd Annual Report on EMIR penalties and supervisory measures
2019-12-02 EFAMA reply to ESMA's consultation on the draft technical advice on commercial terms for providing clearing services under EMIR (FRANDT)
2019-10-03 ESMA consults on the commercial terms for providing client clearing services under EMIR
2019-07-31 ESMA publishes responses to its EMIR 2.2 consultations
2019-07-12 ESMA addresses derivatives trading obligation concerns following entry into force of EMIR Refit
2019-05-28 ESMA updates EMIR Q&A
2019-05-28 ESMA consults on tiering, comparable compliance and fees under EMIR 2.2
2019-05-17 ISDA Letter to ESAs on IM Model Requirements
2019-05-14 Capital markets union: Council adopts updated rules for financial derivative products and clearing
2019-05-14 ISDA Explanatory Note on Application of EMIR REFIT to Alternative Investment Funds
2019-03-28 ESMA provides guidance on the new EMIR Refit regime for the clearing obligation
2019-03-13 European Commission and US CFTC joint statement on EMIR 2.2
2019-03-01 ESMA to recognise the UK Central Securities Depository in the event of a no-deal Brexit
2019-02-07 EUbusiness: New EU derivatives rules to reduce costs and regulatory burdens
2019-02-05 European Commission: Simpler EU rules for derivatives will reduce costs and regulatory burdens for market participants
2019-02-04 ESMA updates Q&A on EMIR data reporting
2019-02-01 ESMA clarifies the reporting and handling of derivatives data in case of no-deal Brexit
2019-01-31 ESMA issues statement to address upcoming EMIR Refit implementation issues
2019-01-31 The Economist: Conflicts in the credit-derivatives market threaten to undermine it

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