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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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EMIR - 202217 articles out of 17.

EMIR - 20213 articles out of 3.

EMIR - 202012 articles out of 12.

EMIR - 201921 articles out of 21.

2018 EMIR
2018-12-06 ISDA - Forbearance request to ESMA for reporting historical transactions: EMIR refit
2018-10-31 ESMA issues clarifications on clearing and trading obligations ahead of 21 December 2018 deadline
2018-10-02 ESMA updates its opinion on ancillary activity calculations
2018-09-27 ESMA publishes final report amending RTS on the clearing obligation for intragroup transactions
2018-09-26 ESMA updates its EMIR Q&As
2018-09-20 ESMA: What drives the use of CDS by EU investment funds?
2018-08-08 ESMA issues clarifications on the clearing obligation and trading obligation for pension scheme arrangements
2018-08-08 ESMA updates validation rules under EMIR
2018-07-12 ESMA updates Q&A on EMIR data reporting
2018-07-11 ESMA consults on the clearing obligation under EMIR
2018-06-25 ESMA publishes responses to its Consultation on amendments to the EMIR Clearing Obligation under the Securitisation Regulation
2018-06-22 ESMA clarifies CCPs’ liquidity risk assessment under EMIR
2018-06-13 ESMA reports on penalties and supervisory measures under EMIR
2018-05-30 ESMA updates the EMIR Q&As
2018-05-29 ECB's Mersch: Euro Clearing – the open race
2018-05-04 ESAs consult on amendments to joint EMIR standards
2018-04-09 ISDA, EBF, ICMA and ISLA Publish Whitepaper on Benefits of Post-trade Risk Reduction Services
2018-03-27 ESMA harmonises position calculation for trade repositories
2018-03-01 ESMA updates EMIR validation rules
2018-02-06 ESMA publishes the responses to its Consultation on position calculation under EMIR
2018-02-05 ESMA updates Q&A on EMIR implementation
2018-01-08 ESMA consults on CCP anti-procyclicality margin measures

Prior Years Reports

EMIR - 201723 articles out of 23.

EMIR - 201638 articles out of 38.

EMIR - 201562 articles out of 62.

EMIR - 201460 articles out of 60.

EMIR - 2013128 articles out of 128.

EMIR - 2012113 articles out of 113.

EMIR - 2011110 articles out of 110.

EMIR - 201057 articles out of 57.

EMIR - 200919 articles out of 19.

EMIR - 20084 articles out of 4.