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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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EMIR - 20213 articles out of 3.

EMIR - 202012 articles out of 12.

EMIR - 201921 articles out of 21.

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2014 EMIR
2014-12-16 Financial Times: ICE urges caution on European derivatives reform
2014-12-12 Reuters: Wall Street scores a win in Washington, eyes more victories
2014-12-09 Financial Times: London Stock Exchange presses Europe to open derivatives trading
2014-12-08 AIMA publishes updated guide for selecting a prime broker
2014-12-08 BIS: Quarterly Review: Buoyant yet fragile?
2014-12-01 Financial Advisor: Managers using more OTC derivatives
2014-11-24 Financial Times: Clearing houses may face new capital rules
2014-11-21 Tabb Forum: Overwhelmed by Regulation? You’re not alone
2014-11-21 Maijoor's keynote speech at the event "Regulatory measures to prevent another crisis?"
2014-11-17 Financial News: Clearing deadlines seem like endless hurdles
2014-11-10 Financial Times: Flawed US rules fragment swaps market
2014-11-07 FSB published Progress Report on Implementation of OTC Derivatives Market Reforms
2014-11-07 CFTC: OTC derivatives regulators issued report to the G20 leaders
2014-10-29 Financial Times: IOSCO warns on data challenge to risk oversight
2014-10-28 IOSCO updated information repository for central clearing requirements for OTC derivatives
2014-10-24 ESMA published updated EMIR Q&A
2014-10-17 EFAMA response to IOSCO consultation report on policy proposals on Risk Mitigation Standards for Non-centrally Cleared OTC derivatives
2014-10-03 Cross-border concerns are ISDA priority
2014-10-01 FSB: Jurisdictions' ability to defer to each other's OTC derivatives market regulatory regime
2014-10-01 FSB publishes feasibility study on aggregation of OTC derivatives trade repository data and announces next steps
2014-09-26 Financial Times: ISDA seeks green light on margin model
2014-09-23 Reuters: Derivatives industry calls global reporting plan a dream
2014-09-18 FSB: Jurisdictions' ability to defer to each other's OTC derivatives market regulatory regimes
2014-09-11 Markets Media: OTC industry to aid bank resolutions
2014-09-10 OTC derivatives regulators issue report to the G20
2014-09-08 Tabb Forum: Timely confirmations in OTC derivatives: A Herculean task?
2014-07-25 ISDA: Revisiting cross-border fragmentation of global OTC derivatives: mid-year 2014 update
2014-07-25 Markets Media: EMIR trade reporting deadline at hand
2014-07-15 PensionsEurope’s response to consultation on OTC-derivative contracts
2014-07-14 Financial News: Counter closed- The rules that will hit OTC trading
2014-07-14 ECBC responds to ESAs Consultation Paper on EMIR
2014-07-10 ESMA publishes 10th updated EMIR Q&A
2014-07-08 Irish regulator: put derivatives on TTIP agenda
2014-06-24 Trade Repositories fines enter into force
2014-06-24 Reuters: US House votes to loosen derivatives' regulations with CFTC bill
2014-06-24 Fixing swaps privacy clash needs time
2014-06-16 FT: Differences on derivatives between EU and US authorities
2014-06-10 EU-US split here to stay, exchange heads fear
2014-05-29 DerivSource: EMIR changes collateral management choices
2014-04-28 DRS: EMIR risk mitigation - compliance deadline expired
2014-04-17 FSB: Public responses to feasibility study on approaches to aggregate OTC derivatives trade repository data
2014-04-14 ESAs consult on draft technical standards under EMIR
2014-04-11 Small corporates not reporting derivatives trades says Bafin
2014-04-11 EMIR reporting launch was satisfactory
2014-04-09 ISDA publishes research papers on the value of OTC derivatives
2014-04-08 FSB publishes reports on implementation of OTC derivatives market reforms
2014-04-01 Markets Media: OTC marketplace takes shape
2014-03-21 CFTC gives EU firms more time to meet rules
2014-03-12 IFR: Derivatives - MEP calls for US cross-border respite
2014-03-11 CFTC/Wetjen highlights need for global harmonised derivatives regulation
2014-03-10 DerivatiViews: Progress, of a sort
2014-03-04 SIFMA President: Holes in the Volcker Rule
2014-02-28 Responses to FSB's consultation on approaches to aggregate OTC derivatives data: BVI, EACT
2014-02-27 Reuters: CDS moves towards swap execution facilities
2014-02-21 SNL: European benchmark legislation threatens banks' derivatives positions
2014-02-13 Commission approves EMIR RTS on "direct, substantial and foreseeable effect"
2014-02-11 AGB: More transparency and risk control in derivative markets
2014-02-04 FSB Consultation Paper: Feasibility study on approaches to aggregate OTC derivatives data
2014-01-31 Reuters: US, EU pledge better cooperation on derivatives reform
2014-01-13 ISDA/FOA EMIR Reporting Delegation Agreement published

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