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EMIR - 202217 articles out of 17.

EMIR - 20213 articles out of 3.

EMIR - 202012 articles out of 12.

EMIR - 201921 articles out of 21.

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2015 EMIR
2015-12-22 ESMA publishes responses to its consultation on indirect clearing under EMIR and MiFIR
2015-12-11 SEC proposes new derivatives rules for registered funds and business development companies
2015-12-04 EuropeanIssuers’ concerns over ESMA’s recommendations on the use of OTC derivatives by non-financial companies
2015-12-02 ESMA: European swap clearing to start in June 2016
2015-11-19 ESMA will not exempt the collateralisation of bank guarantees for energy derivatives under EMIR
2015-11-15 ICMA announces publication of 2015 Universal Resolution Stay Protocol with Securities Financing Transaction Annex
2015-11-13 ESMA updates EMIR standards on data reporting
2015-11-12 FSB welcomes extension of industry initiative to promote orderly cross-border resolution of G-SIBs
2015-11-06 OTC derivatives regulators deliver report to the G20 leaders
2015-11-05 FSB reports describe progress in implementing OTC derivatives market reforms, and highlight where further work is needed
2015-11-04 FSB reports describe progress in implementing OTC derivatives market reforms, and highlight where further work is needed
2015-10-16 ECB: Results of the September 2015 survey on credit terms and conditions in euro-denominated securities financing and OTC derivatives market
2015-10-09 Bank of England: OTC derivatives, central clearing and financial stability
2015-10-05 ESMA informs European Commission of delay in submitting the RTS on indirect clearing under MiFIR
2015-09-23 ECB: Standards for the use of central counterparties in Eurosystem foreign reserve management operations
2015-09-15 Reuters: CDS market wrestles to throw off Libor’s shadow
2015-09-04 ECB response to the European Commission’s consultation on the review of the EMIR
2015-09-03 Reuters: EU regulators consult on compromise in derivatives spat with US
2015-09-02 CPMI-IOSCO: Harmonisation of key OTC derivatives data elements (other than UTI and UPI) – first batch
2015-08-30 TABB Forum: Trends resulting from the regulatory-driven changes to the markets
2015-08-20 ISDA and AFME respond jointly to EBA's consultation on draft RTS on the valuation of derivatives
2015-08-19 CPMI-IOSCO publish Harmonisation of the Unique Transaction Identifier
2015-08-14 PensionsEurope’s answer to the EC consultation on regulation EU No 648/2012 on OTC derivatives, CCPs and trade repositories
2015-08-14 ALFI response to the EC consultation on regulation EU No 648/2012 on OTC derivatives, CCPs and trade repositories
2015-08-14 ICMA AMIC responds to European Commission consultation on central clearing of OTC derivatives
2015-08-13 ESMA recommends changes to EMIR framework
2015-08-06 European Commission: Financial stability - new rules on central clearing for interest rate derivatives
2015-07-30 FSB: Progress in implementing OTC derivatives market reforms
2015-07-20 ISDA: Dodd-Frank five years on - progress and challenges
2015-07-09 CPMI and IOSCO begin first Level 3 PFMI Principles assessment
2015-06-15 Industry associations endorse ISDA data reporting principles
2015-06-10 ESAs consult on margin requirements for non-ce‎ntrally cleared derivatives
2015-06-09 ESMA: Verena Ross delivers keynote speech at IDX 2015
2015-06-02 Joint Forum releases report on credit risk management across sectors
2015-05-29 ESMA fosters derivatives market transparency
2015-05-22 ESMA calls for modification of UCITS Directive
2015-05-21 PensionsEurope calls on the EC to ensure EMIR rules do not jeopardise long-term investment in the EU
2015-05-21 Tabb Forum: A new era for OTC derivatives
2015-05-21 EC offers public consultation on OTC derivatives, CCPs and trade repositories
2015-05-05 Banking Technology: Banks face mad rush to prepare for MiFIR
2015-04-27 ESMA published updated EMIR Q&A – focus on reporting
2015-04-14 Euractiv: Regulators warn over-the-counter derivatives are out of control
2015-04-10 ECB: Results of the March 2015 SESFOD survey
2015-04-03 Markets Media: Europe urged to open up trade reporting
2015-04-03 ISDA outlines path forward for centralized execution of swaps
2015-04-01 ESMA launches centralised data projects for MiFIR and EMIR
2015-03-31 ESMA published updated EMIR Q&A - No 12
2015-03-20 ISDA statement on the revised implementation date for non-cleared derivatives margin rules
2015-03-11 ESMA published responses received to consultation on MiFID II/MiFIR
2015-03-09 Banking Technology: ESMA trade reporting standards could decide future of markets
2015-02-18 ESMA published Addendum Consultation Paper to implementing rules for MiFID II/MiFIR
2015-02-18 Traders Magazine: What's causing the delays in new OTC derivatives rules?
2015-02-13 IOSCO continues work to strengthen global securities markets as drivers of economic growth
2015-02-13 EFAMA’s position on the ESMA consultation on RTS on reporting under Article 9 of EMIR
2015-02-13 Wall Street Journal: New rules on bank capital, swaps clearing set to clash
2015-02-06 ALFI’s response to the ESMA consultation paper on EMIR
2015-02-03 PensionsEurope welcomes the extension of the clearing obligation exemption for pension funds
2015-01-30 ISDA OTC derivatives market analysis: Industry meeting clearing and compression goals
2015-01-28 IOSCO published final report on risk mitigation standards for non-centrally cleared OTC derivatives
2015-01-27 Reuters: EU says near deal with Washington on derivatives rules
2015-01-20 Bloomberg: Banks must bear the risk of derivatives losses
2015-01-19 IPE: APG, PGGM expecting extension for pension funds' EMIR exemption

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