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ESMA Guideline: Firms should ensure that staff giving  information/investment advice to clients should  (V II/III d) understand how financial markets function  and how they affect the value and pricing of investment products on which they provide information/advice to clients; (V II/III i) understand specific market structures for the investment products on which they provide information to clients and, where relevant, their trading venues or the existence of any secondary markets.

Our service aims to provide an overview of developments at EU level on regulatory change - Banking Union and Capital Markets Union - that may well lead to structural change, as well as changes in market infrastructure driven by regulation, technology or Brexit. But the drivers of change must also include boosting investors' confidence that they will be treated fairly.

(We will be delighted if clients submit other e.g. academic articles for consideration)

ESMA clarifies market structure issues under MiFID II

Financial Market Structure

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Financial Market Structure - 202122 articles out of 22.

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2016 Financial Market Structure
2016-12-20 ESMA publishes updated MAR Q&A
2016-12-16 ESMA agrees with the MAR on liquidity contracts proposed by Spanish regulator CNMV
2016-11-10 ESMA updates MAR guidelines on market soundings
2016-10-27 ESMA issues MiFIR reporting instructions
2016-10-26 ESMA issues Q&As on the implementation of MAR
2016-09-30 ESMA issues final guidelines on commodity derivatives inside information
2016-09-26 ECB: The next steps in the evolution of the Eurosystem’s market infrastructure
2016-07-26 ESMA finalises standards on sanctions and measures under MAR
2016-07-13 ESMA readies MAR guidelines on market soundings and delayed disclosure of inside information
2016-07-01 European Commission: New EU rules to fight insider dealing and market manipulation in Europe's financial markets take effect
2016-06-17 ESMA issues Opinion on inside information disclosure under the Market Abuse Regulation
2016-05-30 ESMA issues Q&A on MAR implementation
2016-05-26 BIS: First phase of a global code of conduct for currency markets published
2016-05-25 ESMA clarifies the reporting of reference data under MAR from 3 July 2016
2016-04-27 ESMA published the responses received to the Consultation on draft guidelines on the Market Abuse Regulation
2016-03-21 ICMA publishes Q&A briefing note on the regulatory technical standards of Market Abuse Regulation
2016-02-16 Draft report on the proposal for a Regulation on Markets in Financial Instruments, on Market Abuse and on Improving Securities Settlement
2016-01-28 ESMA consults on MAR guidelines regarding market soundings and delayed disclosure of inside information

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