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The unfolding impact of Brexit on the UK financial services industry - my articles and videos, as well as specific general articles.

NOTE: Pre-pandemic articles from 2020 and earlier relate to general EU politics. Relevant articles are now included in "General Financial Policy"

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Brexit and the City - 202030 articles out of 30.

Brexit and the City - 2019150 articles out of 150.

Brexit and the City - 201844 articles out of 44.

Brexit and the City - 2017225 articles out of 225.

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2014 Brexit and the City
2014-12-18 European Voice: Backlash against Juncker’s 2015 plans
2014-12-16 European Parliament approves Single Resolution Board members
2014-12-16 European Commission: A New Start - The 2015 Work Programme
2014-12-16 Huffington Post: Putin's next throw of the dice -- Prepare for the unexpected
2014-12-15 Euractiv: Juncker tells Britain to ease up on migrants
2014-12-14 Financial Times: Katainen warns politicians on EU investment scheme
2014-12-11 European Voice: Commission prepares 2015 work programme
2014-12-11 European Voice: Juncker’s €315bn fund exposes divisions
2014-12-10 European Voice: New ‘Lux Leaks’ increase pressure on Juncker
2014-12-05 European Commission proposed candidates for top management posts for the Single Resolution Board
2014-12-05 IPE: European Commission to fast-track Capital Markets Union reform
2014-12-04 European Voice: The wrong time for serious debate on the UK’s future
2014-12-02 Euractiv: Germany says Juncker plan short on cash and details
2014-12-01 Remarks by Donald Tusk at the handover ceremony with the outgoing President Herman Van Rompuy
2014-11-26 Policy Network: Brexit: The sleepwalking nightmare is upon us
2014-11-25 European Commission Draft Work Programme 2015
2014-11-24 Lux leaks: debate on motion of censure against President Juncker and his team
2014-11-19 Financial Times: Jean-Claude Juncker faces vote calling for his resignation
2014-11-13 European Voice: No winners if UK heads to the exit
2014-11-12 European Parliament: MEPs call for tax harmonisation and transparency on national tax rulings in 'Lux leaks' debate
2014-11-11 GUE/NGL seeks MEP signatures for motion for censure to Juncker Commission
2014-11-04 Reuters: Central bankers to challenge Draghi on ECB leadership style
2014-10-31 European Voice: Tusk puts his team together
2014-10-31 European Voice: The new European Commission – cabinets
2014-10-27 European Voice: Commission fights back against UK budget criticism
2014-10-23 President-elect Juncker's speech before the European Parliament
2014-10-22 European Voice: Juncker’s team confirmed after further portfolio changes
2014-10-22 European Parliament: Settle bills, invest more for growth and jobs: Parliament’s position on the EU budget for 2015
2014-10-20 Bloomberg: European leaders pivot to debt crisis after wake-up call
2014-10-20 Barroso: Europe’s unity is the best response to future challenges
2014-10-20 Euractiv: EP Budgets Committee Chair: 'EU debt goes against treaties'
2014-10-19 Reuters: France 'totally sure' budget will win EU approval
2014-10-17 Financial Times: BoE lashes out at EU bonus cap rules
2014-10-14 Bloomberg: Draghi’s ‘whatever it takes’ plan faces trial at EU court
2014-10-14 European Voice: Juncker accepts nomination of Violeta Bulc, plans reshuffle
2014-10-14 Eurogroup meets, focuses on growth and jobs
2014-10-10 Reuters: An ‘atomic bomb’ is hovering over France’s economy
2014-10-08 Financial Times: Europe’s leaders need to back shift on rules on public investment
2014-10-08 Reuters: Call that money-printing?
2014-10-07 Hearing of Jyrki Katainen at European Parliament, 7 October 2014
2014-10-07 Second Hill Hearing at European Parliament, 7 October 2014
2014-10-06 Hearing of Valdis Dombrovskis at European Parliament, 6 October 2014
2014-10-03 Commissioner Hearings: Moscovici
2014-09-29 EU Observer: Donald Tusk and the case for EU optimism
2014-09-25 EV: Juncker defends re-shaping of Commission
2014-09-25 FT: Hill prepares for Brussels’ baiting
2014-09-25 Sueddeutsche Zeitung: Juncker wants to mobilise €300bn
2014-09-24 Franco-German talks and comments upon French reform
2014-09-18 European Voice: Commissioners’ private offices start to take shape
2014-09-18 Germany: anti-euro AfD makes gains in regional elections
2014-09-18 EV: Cyprus leaders to speed up reunification talks
2014-09-18 European Voice: French government survives no-confidence vote
2014-09-15 Euractiv: MEPs could block Scotland's EU membership if it pushes for euro opt-out
2014-09-11 European Commission Portfolios and proposed structure: mixed reactions
2014-09-11 European Commission: proposed Commissioners' Posts and Structure
2014-09-10 Juncker's letter to Lord HIll
2014-09-08 Spanish-Dutch rivalry over Eurogroup chair: Dijsselbloem staying as Chair
2014-09-05 European Commission: Confirmation Process and update
2014-09-04 EU top Jobs: Final candidate announced for Commission
2014-09-04 Tusk's Europe
2014-09-03 European Voice: Delay in approving new Commission positions
2014-08-31 European Voice comment: Six things to know about the EU's decision on top jobs
2014-08-27 European Voice: Women commissioners- Juncker struggles to reach eight
2014-08-20 European Commission: top job latest news
2014-07-17 EU: Top Jobs conundrum rumbles on and timetable falters
2014-07-09 European Parliament: ALDE Group assessment of the Juncker Hearing
2014-07-06 Key Jobs in European Parliament and Commission: latest
2014-07-06 European Voice: 'Europe does not belong to bankers' says Italian PM
2014-07-03 European Commission: Caretaker Commissioners announced until end of mandate period
2014-07-03 European Parliament: key jobs confirmed
2014-07-01 ACCA: Welcoming the Italian Presidency's priorities
2014-06-23 European Council priorities: Draft of Herman van Rompuy's strategy
2014-06-23 Lithuania to join Euro in 2015
2014-06-20 Eurozone ministers reject stability pact reform
2014-06-19 EV: Grand coalition shares out the spoils
2014-06-17 Cameron faces setback over Juncker
2014-06-17 EurActiv/Duff: Cameron’s battle against Juncker is futile and misguided
2014-06-12 Reuters: Cameron's conservatives accept Germany's AfD into political bloc
2014-06-11 Reuters: Most Germans want Merkel to push for Juncker in EU top job - poll
2014-06-01 Merkel confirms support for Jean-Claude Juncker as Commission President
2014-05-28 Reactions to the EP election outcome
2014-05-27 EU leaders refuse to be hurried by EP into early decision on new Commission president
2014-05-27 Schäuble: The State of Europe – What governance is needed in the EU?
2014-05-22 Run-up to the European elections
2014-05-21 Heads of State or Government to discuss election outcomes
2014-05-14 Reuters: Europe's centre-right leads by a sliver before EU election poll
2014-05-14 EV: French economy in focus in Commission presidency debate
2014-05-12 EESC presents action plan for Europe
2014-05-09 Dijsselbloem: How to build a stronger Europe
2014-05-09 FT Special Report: The future of the EU
2014-05-09 FT analysis: How the euro was saved
2014-05-08 EV: Van Rompuy prepares government leaders for dates with EU's destiny
2014-05-08 Reuters: Two weeks before EU elections, 62 per cent 'not interested'
2014-05-04 Wolfgang Münchau: Voting will not change Europe’s real power balance
2014-04-30 Coalition-building in the European Parliament will become more difficult
2014-04-28 First EU TV debate ahead of EP elections
2014-04-25 Troika infographic
2014-04-23 IJT/Bütikofer: Opposition against TTIP is not outflow of anti-Americanism
2014-04-18 EU elections nearing
2014-04-17 EP: Transition from 7th to 8th legislature
2014-04-16 Juncker: New growth without debt - priorities as Commission President
2014-04-14 Schulz: Policies of the last five years have 'eroded trust' in the EU
2014-04-08 Election update: Joint declaration by EPP, S&D, ALDE on Commission Presidency
2014-04-04 Rutte: National parliaments have greater legitimacy than EP
2014-03-27 Election update: S&D/EPP neck and neck; Front National gains support in French local elections
2014-03-27 Making the European elections more democratic and boosting participation – Ground is prepared, say two Commission reports
2014-03-24 UK House of Lords: National parliaments should have greater role in EU decision-making
2014-03-14 EP President Schulz: "The European Union is necessary, now more than ever"
2014-03-13 VP Reding: Europe - Strengthened from the crisis, weakened for the European elections?
2014-03-12 Plenary Session: MEPs damp down claims of economic recovery ahead of March EU summit
2014-03-12 Election update: Juncker to head EPP campaign; Verhofstadt confirmed as EDP candidate; Socialists narrowly in the lead
2014-03-11 Main results of the ECOFIN Council: Taxation of savings income
2014-03-11 Main results of the ECOFIN Council: SRM
2014-03-10 Council conclusions on the 2014 Annual Growth Survey and European Semester 2014
2014-03-10 Remarks by Jeroen Dijsselbloem at press conference following Eurogroup and IGA meetings
2014-03-10 Eurogroup statement on Cyprus
2014-03-09 Wolfgang Münchau: Once again national interests undermine Europe
2014-03-08 President Barroso: European recovery – Local solutions
2014-03-03 Peer pressure could help enhance economic growth, says Eurogroup President Dijsselbloem
2014-02-28 President Schulz: The EU must undergo a radical transformation
2014-02-20 Banks, Greece and SME access to loans top agenda in ECON meeting with Dijsselbloem
2014-02-18 MEPs and national counterparts discuss Parliaments' role in global governance
2014-02-18 ECOFIN Council conclusions on Alert Mechanism Report 2014
2014-02-18 Main results of the ECOFIN Council: SSM / SRM
2014-02-17 Eurogroup President Dijsselbloem on restoring economic growth in Europe
2014-02-17 Remarks by Jeroen Dijsselbloem and Olli Rehn at the press conference following the Eurogroup meeting
2014-02-12 WSJ: Top EU regulator backs returning national powers
2014-02-11 The countdown has started: 100 days to go until European elections
2014-02-11 EP elections: Candidate for Commission President should reflect voters' choice
2014-02-10 VP Šefčovič: The value of Europe - National parliaments' role in supporting May's European elections
2014-02-05 EP elections: Race for top EU jobs speeds up
2014-02-04 Right-wing populist parties forge alliances ahead of the EP elections
2014-01-30 EP President Schulz: "We will not allow more Europe with less parliamentarism"
2014-01-30 European elections: Still no EPP front-runner; primary 'debacle' for Greens
2014-01-28 Results of the ECOFIN Council: SSM, Presidency work programme
2014-01-28 President Barroso: "Let's fight together for a stronger, more united and open Europe"
2014-01-28 ECOFIN Council opens excessive deficit procedure for Croatia
2014-01-27 Remarks by Jeroen Dijsselbloem & VP Rehn at Eurogroup press conference
2014-01-23 European elections: Verhofstadt sole ALDE candidate; still no clear EPP front-runner
2014-01-21 Commissioner Barnier: "I don't rule out going even further to consolidate Europe's social base"
2014-01-20 Speech by Council President Van Rompuy to the Conference of Parliaments
2014-01-20 Parliament Magazine/Schulz: Commission candidate race 'real chance'
2014-01-16 John Wyles: A crucial time for the EU
2014-01-16 EP President Schulz: 1914-2014 - Turning points in European politics?
2014-01-15 Update on candidates for Commission President
2014-01-12 Simon Nixon: All of Europe awaits Hollande's cure
2014-01-09 European Voice: A testing year ahead for the European Union
2014-01-07 Comments on the EP elections in May 2014
2014-01-07 EUobserver: The rise of anti-EU parties and the crisis of confidence
2014-01-05 Simon Nixon: Wanted - Crusaders for 'More Europe'

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