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The unfolding impact of Brexit on the UK financial services industry - my articles and videos, as well as specific general articles.

NOTE: Pre-pandemic articles from 2020 and earlier relate to general EU politics. Relevant articles are now included in "General Financial Policy"

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2012 Brexit and the City
2012-12-23 Jean-Dominique Guiliani: Europe - Towards recovery?
2012-12-20 Gersbach/Brunnermeier: True independence for the ECB - Triggering power; no more, no less
2012-12-17 Speech by President Barroso to the EP Conference of Presidents on the outcome of the European Council meeting of 13-14 December 2012
2012-12-17 Speech by President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy at the European Parliament
2012-12-17 EP political leaders discuss economic and monetary union with Herman Van Rompuy
2012-12-14 ECOFIN Council: Proposal to confer supervisory tasks to ECB
2012-12-14 ECOFIN Council: Proposal to modify regulation 1093/2010 establishing the EBA [SSM]
2012-12-13 President Schulz calls on Member States to embrace practical measures that can make a difference today
2012-12-12 European Council 13-14 December 2012: Draft conclusions
2012-12-10 Yanis Varoufakis: On the sad algebra of the Greek debt buyback
2012-12-09 Wolfgang Münchau: Politics have burst the Monti bubble
2012-12-06 EC President Van Rompuy: Towards a Genuine Economic and Monetary Union
2012-12-04 ECOFIN Council results: Greece granted two more years to correct its excessive deficit
2012-12-04 Eurogroup takes stock of ongoing programmes, discusses financial assistance to Cyprus
2012-12-04 ECOFIN Council results: Economic governance - Two-pack
2012-12-04 ECOFIN Council results: Financial transaction tax / Taxation
2012-12-04 Gerry Grimstone: Global dreams must not divert the City
2012-12-03 Work programme for the Eurogroup for the first half of 2013
2012-12-02 Wolfgang Münchau: Merkel's opponents offer too much consensus
2012-11-27 OECD: Global economy facing hesitant and uneven recovery
2012-11-27 John Palmer: UK's slide to EU exit door will be difficult to reverse
2012-11-26 Charles Wyplosz: Fiscal discipline in the monetary union
2012-11-25 Wolfgang Münchau: Britain's bluster serves the eurozone well
2012-11-20 Plenary Session: Accountability is vital to future Economic and Monetary Union, say MEPs
2012-11-20 Statement by Eurogroup President Juncker on Greece - Talks postponed until 26 November
2012-11-19 Paul N Goldschmidt: The economic and financial crisis is rapidly becoming a social and political one!
2012-11-19 Gideon Rachman: Europe would lose if Britain left the union
2012-11-18 Wolfgang Münchau: What not to worry about in the euro crisis
2012-11-18 Simon Nixon: Rajoy still has a debt mountain to climb
2012-11-15 EESC: "Effective participatory democracy is needed to restore credibility to the EU"
2012-11-13 ECOFIN: Main results of the Council - Economic Governance, Second Package
2012-11-13 ECOFIN: Main results of the Council - Financial Transaction Tax
2012-11-13 Commission Communication on tax fraud and tax evasion - Council conclusions
2012-11-13 Sebastian Mallaby: Europe is messing up Merkel's union
2012-11-13 Commissioner Šemeta: Statement on Financial Transaction Tax and Savings at ECOFIN Council
2012-11-12 Eurogroup statement on Greece - Agreement on releasing next tranche of Greek bailout funds delayed until 20 November
2012-11-12 Buti/Turrini: Slow but steady? External adjustment within the eurozone starts working
2012-11-12 Hugo Dixon: Brexit could come before Grexit
2012-11-12 Jean-Dominique Guiliani: France, a problem for Europe?
2012-11-11 Wolfgang Münchau: Competitiveness will not save the euro
2012-11-09 Martin Callanan: "Common European policies have not worked"
2012-11-09 Carlo Bastasin: If the contagion goes through Berlin
2012-11-08 John Wyles: Britain on the brink
2012-11-08 IMF/Lagarde statement on the Joint Recovery Action Plan for central, eastern and southeastern Europe
2012-11-07 European Commission: Autumn forecast 2012-14 - Sailing through rough waters
2012-11-06 Gerard Errera: France is running out of time to restrain Germany
2012-11-06 Jens Nordvig: The eurozone break-up debate - Uncertainty still reigns
2012-11-05 ECON Committee delegation to Italy
2012-11-04 Wolfgang Münchau: Why I remain a pessimist on Europe's solvency
2012-11-02 Martin Wolf: UK rushes needlessly towards the EU exit
2012-11-02 De Grauwe/Ji: TARGET2 as a scapegoat for German errors
2012-10-31 Statement by Eurogroup President Jean-Claude Juncker, following Eurogroup conference call on Greece
2012-10-31 Paul N Goldschmidt: Contradictions are deepening! Is Europe on the brink of disintegration?
2012-10-31 Stewart Fleming: The calm before the storm?
2012-10-30 Sebastian Dullien: Why the euro crisis threatens the EU single market
2012-10-29 Lorenzo Bini Smaghi: Eurozone states should coordinate budgets to weather downturn
2012-10-28 Wolfgang Münchau: Crutches prop up euro, but it's still lame
2012-10-25 Gillian Tett: A Finnish parallel currency is imaginable
2012-10-25 EC President Van Rompuy: Opening remarks at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI)
2012-10-25 Carlo Bastasin: The force of realism
2012-10-25 John Wyles: What price solidarity?
2012-10-23 MEPs criticise lack of progress at EU summit
2012-10-23 President Barroso: Key Debate - Conclusions of the European Council meeting 17/18 October 2012
2012-10-23 Commission adopts 2013 Work Programme
2012-10-23 Callanan: EU summit took euro progress backwards – Leadership lacking in Europe
2012-10-22 Paul de Grauwe: Stop this campaign against ECB policy
2012-10-21 Philippe Legrain: Don't blame the euro mess for Britain's plight
2012-10-21 Simon Nixon: Cameron at the mercy of European events
2012-10-19 European Council - 18/19 October 2012 - Conclusions
2012-10-19 Statement by President Barroso following the European Council dinner on 18 October 2012
2012-10-19 Remarks by President Van Rompuy following the first session of the European Council
2012-10-19 Statement by President Barroso at the post-European Council press conference
2012-10-19 Philip Stephens: Brexit - Europe loses patience with London
2012-10-18 EP President Schulz: Speech at the Autumn European Council
2012-10-18 European Council conclusions on completing EMU - Adopted on 18 October, 2012
2012-10-18 WSJ: A golden solution for Europe's sovereign debt crisis
2012-10-18 Stewart Fleming: A summit to save the European Union?
2012-10-16 Robin Niblett: Britain must engage with a multi-tier EU
2012-10-16 Courageous step or joke? EP political leaders debate Nobel Peace Prize for EU
2012-10-15 ECON Committee: Tomorrow's EMU needs all-round accountability
2012-10-15 Dennis Snower: A grand bargain to unify the eurozone
2012-10-14 Wolfgang Münchau: Heed siren voices to end fixation with austerity
2012-10-13 Reuters: Finance leaders back EU, US to-do list to shield growth
2012-10-12 Kiyohiko G Nishimura: The future of the euro – challenges ahead
2012-10-12 Remarks by Council President Herman Van Rompuy following his meeting with Prime Minister of Finland, Jyrki Katainen
2012-10-12 President van Rompuy: Towards a genuine economic and monetary union - Interim Report
2012-10-12 Lagarde lays out roadmap to shape post-crisis world
2012-10-12 Presseurop: The disenfranchisement of Europe
2012-10-12 Karl Whelan: Draghi making a big mistake on Greek bonds
2012-10-11 ECOFIN: Financial Transaction Tax - Towards enhanced cooperation?
2012-10-11 Speech by Council President Herman Van Rompuy at the annual "State of Europe" event
2012-10-11 Graham Bishop book review: "Saving Europe" by Carlo Bastasin
2012-10-09 Jack Straw: Two European Unions will form by 2020
2012-10-09 Press speaking points by Vice-President Rehn at the Eurogroup
2012-10-09 Heike Göbel: ESM - A debt-making machine
2012-10-08 Eurogroup statement on Portugal
2012-10-07 Wolfgang Münchau: Relentless austerity will only deepen Greek woes
2012-10-04 Stefan Collignon: The bankruptcy of the no-bailout principle
2012-10-04 Wolfgang Schäuble: Europe's reforms are working
2012-10-03 DG ECFIN: Quarterly report on the euro area
2012-10-03 Parliament's committee chairs give input to Commission's 2013 work programme
2012-10-02 EP group leaders adopt negotiating position on full EMU
2012-10-01 BBC/Lentze: EU referendum - Pundits mull future without Britain
2012-10-01 Draft guidelines for the European Council conclusions - 18-19 October 2012
2012-10-01 George Hay: Spain adds bank stress tests to saga of missteps
2012-09-30 Wolfgang Münchau: Welcome back to the eurozone crisis
2012-09-30 Stefan Collignon: Economic growth and competitiveness - A Franco-German tale
2012-09-28 Statement by the President of the Eurogroup Jean-Claude Juncker on Spain
2012-09-27 Statement by the Eurogroup President Jean-Claude Juncker on the entry into force of the ESM Treaty
2012-09-27 Declaration on the European Stability Mechanism
2012-09-27 John Wyles: Words fail to capture the spirit of Europe
2012-09-25 Martin Wolf: Why exit is an option for Germany
2012-09-24 Simon Nixon: Mariano Rajoy really must get it right this time
2012-09-24 EC President Van Rompuy: "I see a tendency of losing the sense of urgency on the euro. This must not happen."
2012-09-23 Wolfgang Münchau: Draghi is the devil in Weidmann's eurozone drama
2012-09-20 EV editorial: Adventurous ideas recognise a few realities
2012-09-20 ESM: The permanent crisis mechanism for the euro area - Draft document
2012-09-16 Wolfgang Münchau: QE would be right for Europe, too
2012-09-14 Eurogroup: ESM to be fully operational by the end of October
2012-09-14 Eurogroup statement on Portugal - Financing envelope of €78 billion 'remains adequate'
2012-09-14 Vice-President Rehn's remarks at the Eurogroup Press Conference
2012-09-13 Paul de Grauwe: The ECB, the OMT and austerity
2012-09-13 Aart De Geus: Maastricht 2.0 - Proposed reform of EU sovereign debt rules
2012-09-13 Plenary Session: Quality and accountability vital for banking supervision
2012-09-12 Extracts from the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court on the ESM - Applications for the issue of a temporary injunction
2012-09-12 Schulz on the State of the Union: More Europe with less parliamentary democracy is impossible
2012-09-12 Statement by the President of the Eurogroup regarding the decision of the German Federal Constitutional Court on the ESM
2012-09-12 Issues Paper on Completing the Economic and Monetary Union
2012-09-11 Plenary Session: Parliament sets out its policy priorities for 2013
2012-09-11 European luminaries reflect on euro: 'Seventeen countries were far too many'
2012-09-10 Roger Cohen: Super Mario to the rescue
2012-09-09 Wolfgang Münchau: Weidmann is winning the debate on policy
2012-09-08 Speech by EC President Herman Van Rompuy at the Ambrosetti Forum - A test of solidarity
2012-09-06 Jean-Claude Trichet: European exceptionalism
2012-09-06 Paul N Goldschmidt: Mario Draghi’s flawless performance! The ball is squarely in the court of the Governments of the eurozone
2012-09-06 Schulz welcomes ECB's bond-buying programme
2012-09-05 Speech by EC President Van Rompuy at the Annual Conference of EU Heads of Delegation - "The euro is here to stay"
2012-09-04 Josef Joffe: Merkel’s good politics and bad economics
2012-09-04 Lorenzo Bini Smaghi: The ECB should keep a lid on dissent
2012-09-02 Wolfgang Münchau: My one piece of advice for Mr Draghi
2012-08-31 Paul N Goldschmidt: A stone in the field of the "politically correct"!
2012-08-31 Eurogroup statement on BFA-Bankia/Spain
2012-08-30 WSJ: China cautiously vows eurozone aid
2012-08-30 Jean-Dominique Giuliani: Europe, why the crisis continues
2012-08-28 Statement by European Council President, Herman Van Rompuy, following his meeting with Mariano Rajoy, President of the Government of Spain
2012-08-26 Wolfgang Münchau: The ECB must still do its bit to help solve the crisis
2012-08-23 Yanis Varoufakis: The three conditions for the ECB to cap spreads successfully - and why they will not be met
2012-08-22 Reuters: Eurogroup chief keeps Greek bailout extension hopes alive
2012-08-22 Paul N Goldschmidt: Once again Greece is begging for additional time…. But is the European Union short on ammunition?
2012-08-21 Nicolas Véron: The political redefinition of Europe
2012-08-20 Volker Kauder: 'Europe is our future'
2012-08-19 Piero Ghezzi: ECB limited and conditional lending is not 'what it takes'
2012-08-19 Simon Nixon: Cameron main threat to Britain in Europe
2012-08-15 VoxEU: Capital levies for debt redemption
2012-08-15 George Pagoulatos: Greece should not be sacrificed for the euro
2012-08-15 FT: Madrid's dilemma
2012-08-14 Marco Annunziata: ECB - No free lunch
2012-08-13 Simon Wren-Lewis: ECB conditionality exceeds mandate
2012-08-09 Bofinger et al: The case for a change of course in European policy
2012-08-07 Paul N Goldschmidt: State and bank relations - An explosive cocktail!
2012-08-07 Quentin Peel: Germany's judgement day
2012-08-07 Lorenzo Bini Smaghi: A lifeline is thrown to the periphery
2012-08-05 Simon Nixon: A dose of Dr Draghi's 'whatever it takes'
2012-08-03 Bernard Delbecque: Saving the euro requires restoring Spain's competitiveness
2012-08-01 Reuters: US raises pressure for eurozone crisis action
2012-07-31 Frances G Burwell: Britain adrift
2012-07-30 IMF Working Paper: Successful austerity in the United States, Europe and Japan
2012-07-29 Otmar Issing: Europe's political union is an idea worthy of satire
2012-07-25 Charles Wyplosz: End of game? Don’t bet on it
2012-07-24 Janis A Emmanouilidis: Europe's ambitious muddling through
2012-07-23 Philip Boyes: Ostpolitik will keep Europe on the rails
2012-07-20 Statement by the Eurogroup – Ministers unanimously agree Spanish aid for recapitalisation of financial institutions
2012-07-20 Paul N Goldschmidt: The real crisis lies ahead!
2012-07-18 The triggers of competitiveness: The EFIGE cross-country report
2012-07-18 IMF calls on eurozone to take determined action in response to crisis
2012-07-17 Peter Hoskin: If the [UK] coalition is serious about surviving, then it must think about Europe
2012-07-17 Hans-Olaf Henkel: Prepare for an even bigger U-turn from Ms Merkel
2012-07-17 FT: Draghi's salutary change of heart
2012-07-17 Stefan Collignon: Three economic errors and a funeral
2012-07-16 Jean-Claude Juncker: 'Europe will either succeed or fail together'
2012-07-16 Dominic Raab: A Tory's liberal proposals to save the coalition
2012-07-16 IMF: Weak global recovery depends on progress in Europe and United States
2012-07-15 Wolfgang Münchau: The eurosceptics have the best lines again
2012-07-13 Tony Barber: Catch-22 - The craziness of saving the euro
2012-07-12 John Wyles: Glimmers of hope in the eurozone gloom
2012-07-10 Vice-President Rehn's remarks at the Eurogroup - Significant progress made in taking Summit decisions forwards in concrete terms
2012-07-10 Vice President Rehn's remarks at the ECOFIN press conference
2012-07-10 Martin Wolf: We still have that sinking feeling
2012-07-10 ECOFIN: Further steps taken towards strengthening euro area fiscal surveillance
2012-07-09 IBDE Report: Sovereign Debt Crisis and its Impact on World Markets
2012-07-09 Laeven/Valencia: The curse of advanced economies in resolving banking crises
2012-07-08 Wolfgang Münchau: Eurozone crisis will last for 20 years
2012-07-06 Fiscal Stability Treaty – Ratification requirements and present situation in the Member States
2012-07-06 Jean-Dominique Giuliani: Europe - France has to speak out
2012-07-05 IMF Debt Forum considers major shifts in demand and supply dynamics of sovereign debt in the aftermath of the crisis
2012-07-05 Project bond pilot testing: Parliament approves EU guarantees
2012-07-04 Plenary Session on the eurozone crisis: Not just roadmaps but legislation needed by September
2012-07-03 President Barroso's speech at the Plenary Debate on the European Council: Make the genuine EMU a reality as quickly as possible
2012-07-03 Markus Kerber: Expect bold steps from Nein-sayers
2012-07-03 Martin Wolf: A step at last in the right direction
2012-07-01 Wolfgang Münchau: The real victor in Brussels was Merkel
2012-06-29 Remarks by President Herman Van Rompuy following the European Council
2012-06-29 Paul N Goldschmidt: The European summit - Debriefing of the first half-time!
2012-06-28 Remarks by President Van Rompuy following the first session of the European Council
2012-06-28 EU must act now in unison, president Schulz tells leaders
2012-06-27 Statement by President Barroso following his meeting with EP President Schulz
2012-06-27 Eurogroup statements on Spain
2012-06-27 Eurogroup statements on Cyprus
2012-06-26 Towards a genuine Economic and Monetary Union - Report by President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy
2012-06-26 President Barroso: Moving Europe forward
2012-06-25 SPIEGEL interview with Finance Minister Schäuble: 'We certainly don't want to divide Europe'
2012-06-25 European Commission memo on fiscal union
2012-06-24 BIS/Caruana: It's time to address the root causes
2012-06-24 VoxEU: Banking union instead of eurobonds – disentangling sovereign and banking crises
2012-06-24 WSJ: France is main obstacle to a euro solution
2012-06-24 Wolfgang Münchau: Why Mario Monti needs to speak truth to power
2012-06-23 Paul N Goldschmidt: The mini Roman Summit delivers mini results!
2012-06-23 Austerity - Too much of a good thing?
2012-06-22 ECOFIN: Main results
2012-06-22 ECOFIN: EU’s finance and economy ministers adopt recommendations for all 27 EU Member States
2012-06-22 Stewart Fleming: Draghi makes his move
2012-06-21 IMF urges eurozone to make more determined, collective response to crisis
2012-06-20 G20 Leaders' Declaration following Los Cabos Summit
2012-06-19 IMF Lagarde welcomes additional pledges to increase IMF resources, bringing total commitments to US$456 billion
2012-06-19 Statement by IMF Lagarde on the G20 leaders' summit in Los Cabos
2012-06-19 WSJ: G20 leaders divide over eurozone crisis
2012-06-19 Statement by Presidents Van Rompuy and Barroso on the results of the G20 summit in Los Cabos
2012-06-19 Michael Spence: Clarity about austerity
2012-06-19 Martin Wolf: A bitter fallout from a hasty union
2012-06-18 Schulz on Greek elections: Time to break deadlock
2012-06-18 Remarks by Council President Van Rompuy ahead of the G20 summit in Los Cabos, Mexico
2012-06-17 Eurogroup statement after Greek elections
2012-06-17 Statement by Presidents Van Rompuy and Barroso on the result of the Greek elections
2012-06-17 Paul N Goldschmidt: The crisis of the EU - President Hollande confirms his ambition to have his cake and eat it!
2012-06-17 Wolfgang Münchau: What happens if Angela Merkel gets her way
2012-06-15 Bundesbank/Weidmann: Financial assistance can buy time but does not address root causes of crisis
2012-06-14 BBC: Euro in crisis - Founders reflect on its origins
2012-06-14 John Wyles: Time for a treaty within a treaty?
2012-06-13 President Barroso urges European Council to take concrete commitments towards economic and monetary union
2012-06-13 WSJ: Geithner seeks more eurozone measures
2012-06-12 Time for big steps, Rehn tells Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee
2012-06-12 Hans-Werner Sinn: Why Berlin is balking on a bailout
2012-06-11 Gideon Rachman: We isolate and overload Germany at our peril
2012-06-10 Wolfgang Münchau: How to save Spain's banks – and the eurozone
2012-06-10 Simon Nixon: Merkel still waiting for a Thatcher moment
2012-06-09 IMF MD welcomes Eurogroup commitment to assist Spain financially in its efforts to strengthen its banking sector
2012-06-09 Eurogroup statement on Spain
2012-06-07 Stewart Fleming: Crunch time for the euro
2012-06-06 Gros/Schoenmaker: Cleaning up the mess - Bank resolution in a systemic crisis
2012-06-06 Martin Wolf: Panic has become all too rational
2012-06-05 FT: G7 holds emergency eurozone talks
2012-06-04 BIS June 2012 Quarterly Review: Returning doubts drive up financial market volatility
2012-06-04 Eurozone needs strategy for reviving growth, says IMF's Shafik
2012-06-04 Paul N Goldschmidt: What on earth is the European Systemic Risk Council (ESRC) up to?
2012-06-03 Simon Nixon: Euro political union a risk for UK
2012-06-03 Wolfgang Münchau: A real banking union can save the eurozone
2012-06-01 Statements by President Van Rompuy and President Barroso on the results of the Irish referendum
2012-06-01 EP President Schulz welcomes Irish Yes vote on Fiscal Compact Treaty
2012-06-01 State aid: Overview of decisions and ongoing in-depth investigations in the context of the financial crisis
2012-05-31 FT: German calm belies vibrant eurozone debate
2012-05-31 John Wyles: Who will pull Europe back from the brink?
2012-05-30 Avinash Persaud: Greek exit from the eurozone - Neither inevitable nor desirable
2012-05-30 Simon Nixon: Europe's banking dis-union
2012-05-29 Martin Wolf: The riddle of German self-interest
2012-05-28 Jean-Dominique Giuliani: France-Germany - The essential entente
2012-05-27 Wolfgang Münchau: How to build a fiscal union to save the eurozone
2012-05-25 Joint letter of President Van Rompuy and President Barroso to the EU heads of state or government on the G20 summit
2012-05-24 Remarks by President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, following the informal dinner of the members of the European Council
2012-05-23 EP President Schulz: Act now or risk Europe tearing apart
2012-05-22 OECD: Global economy recovering, but major risks remain
2012-05-22 Commissioner Rehn: Europe's action plan for growth, employment and investment
2012-05-22 EP: Beyond austerity - how to achieve growth without loosening the reins on debt control
2012-05-20 Wolfgang Münchau: The only way to stop a eurozone bank run
2012-05-19 Joint statement by President Van Rompuy and President Barroso after the G8 working session on the global economy
2012-05-19 Statement by G8 leaders on the global economy
2012-05-18 Statement by President Barroso ahead of the G8 Summit
2012-05-17 Barroso: State of the world economy and finance and its impact on development in 2012
2012-05-17 Paul N Goldschmidt: Belgium could serve as reference for devising an exit strategy to the crisis!
2012-05-16 President Barroso: Statement on the economy and on Greece, at the end of a debate on the economic situation in Europe
2012-05-16 Barnier: Competitiveness — the key to growth in a strong Europe
2012-05-14 Graham Bishop's Blog: May 15 ECOFIN and the banking regulation crisis with the UK
2012-05-14 Remarks by European Commission Vice-President Rehn at the Eurogroup press conference of 14 May 2012
2012-05-14 Eurogroup: Euro area - fiscal consolidation and growth-orientated policies are not in contradiction
2012-05-13 Wolfgang Münchau: Default now or default later?
2012-05-11 Remarks by EC President, Herman Van Rompuy, following the meeting with Prime Minister of Denmark, Helle Thorning-Schmidt
2012-05-09 EP: The quiet revolution - challenges abound after more than 60 years of European unity
2012-05-09 Jean-Dominique Giuliani: Can we celebrate Europe?
2012-05-08 Statement by President Barroso for Europe Day - Seizing the moment to boost growth
2012-05-07 IMF managing director, Christine Lagarde, calls for anchoring stability to sustain higher and better growth
2012-05-06 Wolfgang Münchau: The only solution to the eurozone crisis
2012-05-06 Paul N Goldschmidt: The financial crisis and the quest for growth
2012-05-03 Grant Spencer: Prudential lessons from the global financial crisis
2012-05-01 Mohamed A El-Erian: Germany’s Neighbourhood Watch
2012-05-01 Martin Wolf: After the bonfire of the verities
2012-04-29 FT: A job description for Frankfurt
2012-04-29 Karl Whelan: TARGET2 - Not why Germans should fear a euro breakup
2012-04-26 Nicolas Véron: Banking union or financial repression? Europe has yet to choose
2012-04-25 Speech by EP President Martin Schulz to the Members of the European Commission
2012-04-25 State aid: Commission adopts de minimis Regulation for services of general economic interest (SGEI)
2012-04-25 Avinash Persaud: The euro's salvation lies in a little less Europe, not more Europe
2012-04-24 Spiro/Pope: France and the bond market
2012-04-24 Martin Wolf: Banks are on a eurozone knife-edge
2012-04-24 Paul N Goldschmidt: First round of the French elections - Europe is the great loser!
2012-04-23 Speech by President Barroso: "The future of the EU – moving forward together"
2012-04-23 Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt: Address at University of Copenhagen event, ‘The Future of the EU - moving forward together?’
2012-04-22 Reuters: Europe pressed for action to end debt crisis
2012-04-22 Wolfgang Münchau: The sadly unpalatable solution for the eurozone
2012-04-22 FT: IMF is set to get its bigger bazooka
2012-04-21 IMF, with firewall pledged, targets growth and jobs
2012-04-21 Statement by Vice President Olli Rehn to the International Monetary and Financial Committee on behalf of the European Commission
2012-04-20 Dadush/Wyne: Is the euro rescue succeeding? An update
2012-04-20 Joint statement by the IMFC and the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors on IMF resources
2012-04-20 Bloomberg: Europe urged to fix crisis as G20 warns of more stress
2012-04-20 Reuters: Emerging powers ready to give IMF billions
2012-04-20 Jean-Dominique Giuliani: European maturity
2012-04-19 Paul N Goldschmidt: Making the ECB the cornerstone of European integration is both a trap and an opportunity!
2012-04-19 Angeloni/Wolff: Sovereign portfolios or banks' location - What channels sovereign risk into banking systems?
2012-04-18 Remarks by Vice-President Rehn on the European Investment Bank's contribution to growth and jobs in the EU
2012-04-18 Statement by President Barroso at the European Parliament Plenary Debate: "Economic Crisis in the eurozone"
2012-04-18 Statement by IMF MD Christine Lagarde on further pledges by Switzerland and other members to increase IMF resources by about US$26 billion
2012-04-18 Statement by IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, on pledge by Poland to increase IMF resources by about US$8 billion
2012-04-17 Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on pledges by Denmark, Norway and Sweden to increase IMF resources by over US$26 bn
2012-04-17 FT: Japan offers $60 billion to boost IMF firepower
2012-04-17 Martin Wolf: Why the eurozone may yet survive
2012-04-16 Kostas Bakoyannis: Greece must stay on the side of Europe
2012-04-15 Wolfgang Münchau: Spain has accepted mission impossible
2012-04-12 IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde: Global risks remain, more work needed
2012-04-12 OECD: Fiscal Consolidation - How much, how fast and by what means?
2012-04-10 Martin Wolf: Why the Bundesbank is wrong
2012-04-09 FT: A growth agenda for the eurozone
2012-04-08 Wolfgang Münchau: The prize for European political illiteracy
2012-04-04 Bernard Delbecque: The ECB’s proportionate response to the eurozone crisis
2012-04-04 Ian Wishart: ‘Trillion' talk masks cautious compromise
2012-04-03 IMF Christine Lagarde emphasised US role in global economy
2012-04-02 OECD's Gurría welcomes Eurogroup measures to protect euro area economies
2012-04-02 Gideon Rachman: The time bomb no one can defuse
2012-04-02 Das/Roubini: A divorce settlement for the eurozone
2012-04-01 Wolfgang Münchau: The G20 should say no to the eurozone
2012-03-31 Informal ECOFIN meeting: EU aims for a common framework for the resolution of unhealthy banks
2012-03-30 Statement of the Eurogroup on the ESM
2012-03-30 Statement by the Eurogroup President, Jean-Claude Juncker, on Greek bonds
2012-03-30 Christian Thimann: ECB inflation-fighting powers remain intact
2012-03-29 FT: Euro fireproofs itself on the cheap
2012-03-29 Eurofi High Level Newsletter - Paul Tucker's contribution
2012-03-29 Stewart Fleming: There's no such thing as easy money
2012-03-28 Klaus Regling: Bailout bazooka has proved to have live ammunition
2012-03-28 Tornell/Westermann: Has the ECB hit a limit?
2012-03-28 Achim Truger: The German debt brake – A shining example for Europe?
2012-03-28 Bloomberg: Europeans see crisis near end, Bernanke warns on recovery
2012-03-27 Stein Ringen: Time for economists to eat humble pie ... again
2012-03-27 FT Analysis: European finance - The leaning tower of perils
2012-03-27 Olli Rehn: The second programme of economic adjustment for Greece - Greek commitment, European solidarity
2012-03-26 Mario Draghi: Remarks at the Annual Reception of the Association of German Banks
2012-03-25 Wolfgang Münchau: Europe’s bailout bazooka is proving to be a toy gun
2012-03-23 BoE Michael Cohrs: Crisis and crash - lessons for regulation
2012-03-21 Jacob Funk Kirkegaard: Greece’s new bonds - is another default coming?
2012-03-21 Fed Chairman Bernanke: Testimony before the Committee on Government Oversight and Reform, US House of Representatives
2012-03-20 Richard Barley: Portugal may need a Plan B
2012-03-20 Europe faces 'long, hard road' to recovery, US treasury secretary says
2012-03-19 Paul N Goldschmidt: François Hollande and Europe - An unconvincing presentation Saturday in Paris!
2012-03-18 Miranda Xafa: Greece's exit from the eurozone would be all pain, no gain
2012-03-18 Wolfgang Münchau: There is no Spanish siesta for the eurozone
2012-03-18 Jean-Dominique Giuliani: A European Treaty without France?
2012-03-15 Lorenzo Bini Smaghi: Has Europe learnt from the mistakes made in Greek debt crisis?
2012-03-15 De Crombrugghe/De Keuleneer: 'Reconstruction bonds' could give the Greek people a stake in their country's finances
2012-03-14 ECOFIN: Hungary is given incentive to pursue more responsible fiscal policy
2012-03-14 Statement by the President of the Eurogroup, Jean-Claude Juncker, on the second adjustment programme for Greece
2012-03-14 Paul N Goldschmidt: The French election - The EU emerges as a campaign issue: at last!
2012-03-13 Greece: Decision paves way for next disbursement
2012-03-13 Simon Nixon: Spain's sovereign indecision
2012-03-12 EU Member States to discuss the Tobin tax with Minister Vestager chairing the ECOFIN meeting
2012-03-12 ECOFIN: Terms of reference on Spain
2012-03-12 Lars Calmfors: What can Europe learn from Sweden? Four lessons for fiscal discipline
2012-03-12 Paul de Grauwe: ECB intervention is the only way to end the crisis
2012-03-12 Yannos Papantoniou: Greece’s crisis - Testing the viability of the euro project
2012-03-11 Wolfgang Münchau: Bravo Merkel on campaigning for Sarko
2012-03-10 Hans-Werner Sinn: Fed versus ECB - How Target debts can be repaid
2012-03-09 Martin Callanan: Germany must make its choice
2012-03-08 John Wyles: New rules, old problems
2012-03-06 Martin Wolf: The pain in Spain will test the euro
2012-03-05 Graham Bishop's blog on the Treaty/EU financial regulation
2012-03-04 Wolfgang Münchau: The Bundesbank has no right at all to be baffled
2012-03-04 Simon Nixon: The bad times roll on for Europe's bears
2012-03-02 Treaty: Speech by President Herman Van Rompuy during the signing ceremony
2012-03-01 Stewart Fleming: Every crisis has a silver lining
2012-03-01 IMF working paper: Narrowing vertical fiscal imbalances (VFIs) in four EU countries
2012-02-29 Eurogroup chief Juncker: Nominate an EU Commissioner to help return Greece to growth
2012-02-28 President Barroso responds to last week’s letter from 12 EU Leaders on EU growth
2012-02-28 Llewellyn Consulting: Italy’s fiscal position - A surmountable challenge
2012-02-27 Statement by the President of the Eurogroup on S&P lowering Greek ratings to SD
2012-02-27 Paul N Goldschmidt: A Federal Europe (EMU) and a fully-empowered ECB - “Two interdependent facets of European solidarity”
2012-02-27 Othmar Karas: Parliaments must be involved in G20 decision-making
2012-02-27 Simon Nixon: The ECB power base grows ever stronger
2012-02-27 James Mackintosh: Europe's banks receive long-term money
2012-02-27 Jean-Dominique Giuliani: Europe needs continuity
2012-02-26 Statement by IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, on G20 Ministerial Meeting in Mexico City
2012-02-26 G20 communiqué: Meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors
2012-02-26 Wolfgang Münchau: Greece really needs a year to prepare for total default
2012-02-25 Karl Whelan: Golden rule or golden straightjacket?
2012-02-24 Bloomberg: Europe faces pressure as G20 mulls IMF role
2012-02-24 OECD says structural reforms can make the difference as countries rebound from crisis
2012-02-23 De Haan/Mink: Contagion during the Greek sovereign debt crisis
2012-02-23 John Wyles: French lessons for Merkel
2012-02-23 Commission published interim forecast: Euro area in mild recession with signs of stabilisation
2012-02-21 ECOFIN: Adoption of the new rules for short selling and certain aspects of credit default swaps
2012-02-21 Eurogroup statement on the agreement with Greece
2012-02-21 Gregorz Kolodko: ECB must rescue Greece – or pay more later
2012-02-20 VoxEU: Has austerity gone too far?
2012-02-20 Simon Nixon: Greek rescue is not the end of the story
2012-02-20 David Cameron and 11 other European leaders suggest priority areas for growth in Europe
2012-02-20 Statement by IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, on the meeting of the Eurogroup
2012-02-19 Wolfgang Münchau: Greece must default if it wants democracy
2012-02-16 Stewart Fleming: The ruin of Greece?
2012-02-15 EP Plenary: Beyond the cuts - MEPs debate growth for Greece and wider EU
2012-02-15 Philippe Legrain: A new European growth agenda
2012-02-14 Statement by the President of the Eurogroup
2012-02-14 Martin Wolf: Much too much ado about Greece
2012-02-13 Charles Wyplosz: The ECB’s trillion euro bet
2012-02-13 Stefan Collignon: The end of the Franco-German axis
2012-02-13 Shahin Vallée: The Greek deal - Lagarde and Draghi’s moment
2012-02-12 Wolfgang Münchau: Why Greece and Portugal ought to go bankrupt
2012-02-09 Quentin Peel: Germany and Europe - a very federal formula
2012-02-09 John Wyles: Living in a German Europe
2012-02-06 Jacob Funk Kirkegaard: Europe’s new fiscal compact treaty does not outlaw Keynesianism and is a stepping stone to more progress
2012-02-06 FT: Europe cannot make bank risk go away
2012-02-05 Wolfgang Münchau: Germany - a Bric, or just stuck in a hard place?
2012-02-03 Bruegel: Don’t let the euro area crisis go east
2012-02-02 European Council Plenary Session: An improved treaty but more needed on growth
2012-02-02 Statement by President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, on the signature of the European Stability Mechanism Treaty
2012-02-02 Tim King: Emerging from the doldrums?
2012-02-01 VoxEU: Understanding past and future financial crises
2012-02-01 Barroso and Van Rompuy urged to put growth and jobs first in summit debate
2012-01-31 Martin Wolf: Europe is stuck on life support
2012-01-30 European Council: European leaders commit to strengthen EU growth and competitiveness
2012-01-30 European Council: Agreement on strengthening fiscal discipline and convergence
2012-01-30 Press remarks by European Council President, Herman Van Rompuy, following the informal meeting of members of the European Council
2012-01-30 President Schulz's intervention at his first European Council: "Fiscal union without parliamentary control is unacceptable"
2012-01-29 Wolfgang Münchau: Fiscal treaty could trigger a debt explosion
2012-01-28 Davos: Eurozone must show “colour of money” before world helps with financial rescue
2012-01-27 Barroso: Proposal to Member States to redeploy structural funds in order to boost growth
2012-01-26 Bergsten/Kirkegaard: The coming resolution of the European crisis
2012-01-26 Stefan Collignon: Merkel’s autobahn to disaster
2012-01-26 Jean-Dominique Giuliani: Europe, brighter skies ahead
2012-01-25 Andrew Watt: To be or not to be - The state of the euro in 2012
2012-01-24 Paul N Goldschmidt: Should the financial sector be branded as Public Enemy N° 1?
2012-01-24 IMF marks down global growth forecast, sees risk on rise
2012-01-24 Robert Zoellick: A blueprint for Germany to save the eurozone
2012-01-23 Lagarde: Global Challenges in 2012
2012-01-23 Simon Nixon: UK leaders appear to have no answer on City's future role
2012-01-19 Quentin Peel: Triple A judgement is mixed blessing for Berlin
2012-01-18 ALDE Verhofstadt: The solution to the crisis is common bonds
2012-01-18 WSJ: IMF seeks boost of up to $600 billion
2012-01-18 Paul De Grauwe: Mispricing of sovereign risk and multiple equilibria in the eurozone
2012-01-18 EP: Conclusions of the European Council meeting (8-9 December 2011) on a draft international agreement on a Fiscal Stability Union
2012-01-17 Martin Wolf: Why the super-Marios need help
2012-01-16 Commissioner Barnier: The solution to the sovereign debt crisis is not less Europe but more integration
2012-01-16 Statement by the President of the Eurogroup on EFSF rating
2012-01-16 Press remarks by European Council President, Herman Van Rompuy, following meeting with Mario Monti
2012-01-16 Sebastian Dullien: The ‘Fiscal Compact’ - Much ado about nothing
2012-01-15 Wolfgang Münchau: After the downgrades comes the downward spiral
2012-01-13 Paul N Goldschmidt: Controversy surrounding the ECB - Should the central bank lend to eurozone governments?
2012-01-13 Olli Rehn statement on the decision by S&P concerning the rating of several euro area Member States
2012-01-12 Jens Nordvig: Planning for the worst is the best way to save the eurozone
2012-01-12 John Wyles: A living will for the euro?
2012-01-11 VoxEU: Is a European Tobin tax likely to be efficient?
2012-01-07 VoxEU: Cross-border banking and national supervision – is there a conflict?
2012-01-04 Charles Grant: Nothing to celebrate
2012-01-03 Charles Wyplosz: Happy 2012?
2012-01-02 Simon Nixon: 2012 - Taking a look on the bright side

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