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The unfolding impact of Brexit on the UK financial services industry - my articles and videos, as well as specific general articles.

NOTE: Pre-pandemic articles from 2020 and earlier relate to general EU politics. Relevant articles are now included in "General Financial Policy"

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Brexit and the City - 202030 articles out of 30.

Brexit and the City - 2019150 articles out of 150.

Brexit and the City - 201844 articles out of 44.

2017 Brexit and the City
2017-12-12 Council approves the EU's legislative priorities for 2018-2019
2017-12-02 POLITICO: Dutch prime minister says more EU integration ‘not the answer’
2017-11-07 Charles Grant: Fast forward to two-speed Europe
2017-11-03 Simon Jenkins: Catalonia isn’t just Spain’s nightmare – it is Europe’s
2017-10-30 Financial Times: Spain’s crisis is the next challenge for the EU
2017-10-24 European Commission Work Programme 2018
2017-10-23 Paul N. Goldschmidt: The Catalonia Crisis - What are the European Union’s options?
2017-10-10 Address by President Donald Tusk to the European Committee of the Regions
2017-10-06 Tony Barber: The Catalan crisis poses a threat to the European order
2017-10-02 European Commission statement on the events in Catalonia
2017-09-29 Bruegel: A Jamaican Germany is good for Europe
2017-09-24 The Guardian: German election: Merkel wins fourth term but far-right AfD surges to third
2017-09-13 President Jean-Claude Juncker's State of the Union Address 2017
2017-09-12 Andrew Duff: Is the European Parliament missing its constitutional moment? The asymmetric bet of Europe
2017-09-08 Open Europe: How the German elections may affect Brexit
2017-09-07 POLITICO: MEPs propose cut in their ranks after Brexit
2017-09-07 LSE: Germany’s election: Behind consensus politics lie conflicting ideas of Europe
2017-09-06 Bertelsmann Stiftung: Germans are more optimistic about their future than their European neighbours
2017-09-05 Bloomberg: Poland to EU: No second-class members (and mind your own business)
2017-09-05 Financial Times: Macron backs proposal for cohort of pan-EU MEPs
2017-09-01 Project Syndicate: How to Renew the European Project
2017-07-07 Capital markets union: Council agrees on action plan adjustments
2017-06-30 Egmont Institute: Integration vs Contestation? Belgian perspectives on the future of Europe
2017-06-23 European Council conclusions
2017-06-20 ECB: European CCPs after Brexit
2017-06-19 City A.M.: Financial watchdog sets deadline for compliance with new EU securities rules, despite huge predicted costs
2017-06-07 Looking to the future - Steven Maijoor addresses FIA IDX Conference
2017-06-01 George Soros: Standing up for Europe
2017-05-25 Remarks by President Donald Tusk after meeting with President Donald Trump
2017-05-22 POLITICO: Germany and France join forces to boost eurozone
2017-05-15 Paul Goldschmidt: The European Union “On the Road”!
2017-05-12 Financial Times: The vision of a closer Europe is retreating to the core
2017-05-11 Andrew Duff: The rise of post-national democracy: Macron, Brexit and the electoral reform of the European Parliament
2017-05-08 The Economist: Angela Merkel should seize this chance to remake Europe
2017-04-27 The Telegraph: European Union may create new class of 'supranational' MEPs after Brexit
2017-04-25 LSE: Emmanuel Macron may win the presidential election, but turbulent waters lie ahead
2017-04-24 Paul Goldschmidt: Europe after the French vote: a unique opportunity not to be squandered!
2017-04-05 LSE: Creating a ‘multi-speed Europe’ would divide the EU and diminish it as a foreign policy actor
2017-04-04 POLITICO: Brexit and Trump encouraged Eastern Europe populism
2017-03-30 EurActiv: As the UK prepares to leave, is Europe disintegrating after 60 years?
2017-03-30 Speech by President Donald Tusk at the EPP Malta congress
2017-03-30 Hedgeweek: EU blocks merger of Deutsche Boerse and London Stock Exchange
2017-03-25 Speech by President Donald Tusk at the ceremony of the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome
2017-03-25 The Rome Declaration
2017-03-24 Guy Verhofstadt: Those who believe in a united Europe must stand up and be counted
2017-03-24 Bruegel: European spring – Trust in the EU and democracy is recovering
2017-03-21 EurActiv: Study: Frexit chaos would be ‘worse than collapse of Lehman Brothers’
2017-03-20 Remarks by J. Dijsselbloem following the Eurogroup meeting
2017-03-18 Bloomberg: G-20 drops anti-protectionist pledge as price of US assent
2017-03-18 The Economist: What Geert Wilders poor showing means for Marine Le Pen
2017-03-16 Bruegel: Europe should lead the way with multilateralism
2017-03-16 Bruegel: What future for Europe?
2017-03-12 Financial Times: The multi-speed Europe idea returns out of necessity
2017-03-12 Verfassungsblog: The Asymmetric Bet of Europe
2017-03-10 Bruegel: Debunking 5 myths about Frexit
2017-03-10 Yannis Stournaras: Recent economic and financial developments in Greece
2017-03-09 Tajani: “Europe needs to be changed not weakened”
2017-03-07 POLITICO: In Versailles, EU’s big 4 back multispeed Europe
2017-03-06 Bruegel: European identity and the economic crisis
2017-03-02 Carnegie Europe: The EU’s Loss of Direction
2017-03-01 Financial Times: Trump threatens to tear up the trade rule book
2017-03-01 Commission presents White Paper on the future of Europe: Avenues for unity for the EU at 27
2017-02-27 Bloomberg: Brexit may feed Eastern unrest in two-speed Europe, Hungary says
2017-02-26 City AM: German deputy finance minister insists Greece will not receive debt haircut
2017-02-23 Guy Verhofstadt: Europe’s critical elections
2017-02-23 Peter Praet: Creating stability in an uncertain world
2017-02-22 Financial Times: Former UK top diplomat warns EU will oppose specific Brexit deals
2017-02-22 Bloomberg: Brexit to hit jobs, wealth and output for years to come, economists say
2017-02-22 Jean-Claude Juncker: UK faces hefty Brexit bill
2017-02-21 The Guardian: Losing banking jobs to EU 'threatens financial stability across Europe'
2017-02-21 PIIE: To make the best of Brexit, the European Union needs to beef up ESMA
2017-02-21 CEPS: Regroup and Reform: Ideas for a more responsive and effective European Union
2017-02-21 Financial Times: BoE deputy hits back at EU threats over euro clearing
2017-02-21 Financial Times: Brexit casts doubt over rating agencies’ future in London
2017-02-21 Bloomberg: Norway pleads to be included in EU-U.K. market 'arrangements'
2017-02-20 The Guardian: Divide and rule tactics could leave UK without deal, say EU politicians
2017-02-20 Remarks by President Donald Tusk after his meeting with Vice President of the United States Mike Pence
2017-02-20 IRSG Paper on CCPs post-Brexit
2017-02-20 The Guardian: 'No deal' Brexit would mean £6bn in extra costs for UK exporters
2017-02-19 Financial Times: Brussels focuses on UK’s €60bn exit bill before trade talks
2017-02-19 Peter Mandelson: The entire British public, not just the Brexiteers, deserve a vote on the terms of Brexit
2017-02-19 Financial Times: Insurers warned of risks to not completing Brexit plans
2017-02-18 The Guardian: EU citizens living in the UK could face legal limbo after Brexit
2017-02-17 Bruegel: The Brexit bill: uncertainties in the estimate of EU pension and sickness insurance liabilities
2017-02-17 Bruegel: Europe in a new world order
2017-02-17 Bloomberg: Blair urges Brexit opponents to rise up and fight to stay in EU
2017-02-17 CEPS: Brexit and the Asset Management Industry
2017-02-16 Bloomberg: UK said to plan Brexit trigger close to EU summit in early March
2017-02-16 Financial Times: Turkey border gridlock hints at pain to come for Brexit Britain
2017-02-16 ACCA: Accountants will be in demand during Brexit process
2017-02-16 Bloomberg: Italy forms task force to lure financial firms after Brexit
2017-02-16 The Guardian: French senate report says UK must not be better off after Brexit
2017-02-16 Hedgeweek: AIFMD passport no longer seen as the ‘silver lining’
2017-02-15 OMFIF: Target-2 and Germany’s election dilemmas
2017-02-14 Bruegel: The UK’s Brexit bill: could EU assets partially offset liabilities?
2017-02-13 Reuters: Lloyds Bank closes in on Berlin as post-Brexit EU hub
2017-02-13 City AM: Frexit will cost France €30bn, says bank governor
2017-02-13 Financial Times: UK must wake up to risks of LSE/Deutsche Börse exchange deal
2017-02-13 Tajani: The ‘UK will always be a European country’
2017-02-13 Oettinger: Brexit could cost Germany €1 billion
2017-02-13 The Telegraph: Finance firms keen to keep staff in Britain post-Brexit
2017-02-11 The Economist: The multi-billion-euro exit charge that could sink Brexit talks
2017-02-11 The Economist: Remaking American financial regulation
2017-02-11 The Guardian: Theresa May faces public backlash over hard Brexit, poll finds
2017-02-11 RTE: Juncker fears Britain could divide EU over Brexit talks
2017-02-10 Brexit transitional deal will lock UK into EU court, says Verhofstadt
2017-02-10 Bloomberg: UK can only cut EU migration by 50,000 a year, study suggests
2017-02-10 POLITICO: 3 ‘Grexit’ battlelines emerge
2017-02-10 BBC: Germany warns the City over Brexit risk
2017-02-09 Andrew Duff: Brexit: the launch of Article 50
2017-02-09 Bruegel: Brexit and the European financial system
2017-02-09 Bruegel: The border adjustment tax: a dangerous proposal
2017-02-09 City AM: "Our aim certainly is not to punish the UK," insists Brussels' financial services commissioner
2017-02-09 BBC News: Bank warns 'lax financial rules' are a route to failure
2017-02-08 Financial Times: Central bankers face off over impact of a disorderly Brexit
2017-02-08 Bruegel: Making the best of Brexit for the EU27 financial system
2017-02-06 BBC: Local voting figures shed new light on EU referendum
2017-02-06 Sky News: Draghi backs bank rules as Trump seeks deregulation
2017-02-04 The Economist: Norway’s deal with the EU still holds lessons for Britain
2017-02-03 Financial Times: Trump prepares to take axe to Wall St regulation
2017-02-03 CEPS: A well-managed Brexit is a priority for the entire EU
2017-02-02 ACCA: Bank of England forecasts - good news but economic problems remain
2017-02-02 Reuters: EU court might make changes to any Brexit deal, chief justice says
2017-02-02 CER: The €60 billion Brexit bill: How to disentangle Britain from the EU budget
2017-02-02 Minneapolis Fed Research: The Impact of Brexit on Foreign Investment and Production
2017-02-02 Commercial Risk Europe: Lloyd's sees Brexit as opportunity in France
2017-02-02 Bruegel: Border adjustment tax could help Europe find common voice on Trump
2017-02-02 Bruegel: Making the best of the European single market
2017-02-02 The United Kingdom’s exit from and new partnership with the European Union White Paper
2017-02-02 Financial Times: EU leaders urged ‘not to punish Brits’ over Brexit
2017-02-02 Financial Times: Banks study loopholes to enable UK branches to sell to EU clients
2017-02-02 UCL European Institute: The Process of Brexit: What Comes Next?
2017-02-02 Bloomberg: Frankfurt lobby group sees 10,000 U.K. bankers moving on Brexit
2017-02-01 Policy Exchange: What should a US-UK trade deal be based on?
2017-02-01 Sadiq Khan: London urgently needs a new devolution deal to protect our city's economy from Brexit risks
2017-01-31 "United we stand, divided we fall": letter by President Donald Tusk to the 27 EU heads of state or government on the future of the EU
2017-01-31 Anneliese Dodds MEP: Brexit: A new deal for financial services
2017-01-31 CEP: "Ukraine Plus" as a Model for Brexit
2017-01-31 POLITICO: Germany rated best for business post-Brexit
2017-01-31 TheCityUK hails opportunity for trade and investment policy reset
2017-01-31 The Times: May will trigger Brexit on March 9
2017-01-31 The Telegraph: Warning that 'land grab' for London's financial services could backfire on EU
2017-01-31 The Guardian view on Trump and Brexit: Britain faces the worst of both worlds
2017-01-31 LSE: How international regulatory cooperation can ease a ‘hard’ Brexit
2017-01-30 POLITICO: Theresa May’s Brexit speech was contradictory
2017-01-30 The Guardian: UK and EU heading for economic cold war, says Italian foreign minister
2017-01-30 BCC International Trade Survey: Europe to remain key export market despite Brexit vote
2017-01-30 OMFIF: Benefits of a Weidmann-Draghi move
2017-01-30 NIESR: No free lunch for global Britain
2017-01-30 Financial Times: Germany will not ease rules to lure bankers after Brexit, warns BaFin
2017-01-30 Financial Times: Donald Trump is a disaster for Brexit
2017-01-29 Wolfgang Münchau: How Europe can avoid falling into Trump’s trap
2017-01-29 Financial Times: Post-Brexit Britain cannot just copy out EU laws
2017-01-29 Financial Times: Goldman presses May to protect City post-Brexit
2017-01-29 Irish Independent: Bank of China in post-Brexit talks to swap UK for Dublin
2017-01-28 POLITICO: US, Britain to begin preliminary trade talks
2017-01-28 The Economist: America, China and the risk of a trade war
2017-01-27 Bruegel: Is Brexit an opportunity to reform the European Parliament?
2017-01-27 NIESR: Will new trade deals soften the blow of hard Brexit?
2017-01-27 Oliver Wyman: Implications of the Trump Administration for Financial Regulation
2017-01-27 Remarks by J.Dijsselbloem following the Eurogroup meeting
2017-01-26 Department for Exiting the European Union: Article 50 Bill process begins
2017-01-26 Bruegel: Europe needs to react to Trump’s trade agenda – four urgent questions
2017-01-26 CER: Britain's economy: enjoy the calm before the storm
2017-01-26 UK Government response to Brexit: parliamentary scrutiny report
2017-01-26 Commercial Risk Europe: UK insurers’ financial strength ratings likely to survive Brexit: AM Best
2017-01-25 Andrew Duff: How does Europe now see Brexit?
2017-01-25 Financial Times: Private equity looks to Luxembourg for access to single market
2017-01-25 Bloomberg: EU says UK Banks must retain its standards to keep access
2017-01-24 City AM: London must lose clearing crown after hard Brexit, warns BlackRock boss
2017-01-24 Financial Times: Take the US president’s protectionism seriously
2017-01-24 Financial Times: Supreme Court rules MPs must vote on triggering Brexit
2017-01-24 Speech by the President of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, at The Future of Europe event
2017-01-23 Bloomberg: EU courting of London banks may derail 5-year Tobin tax push
2017-01-23 The Guardian: Financial firms in talks with Amsterdam over relocation from London
2017-01-23 Bloomberg: May set to defy EU by opening pre-Brexit global trade talks
2017-01-23 UK economy set for a ‘hard rebalancing’ says EY ITEM Club
2017-01-23 TheCityUK: The EU's Third Country Regimes and Alternatives to Passporting
2017-01-22 Paul Goldschmidt: What answer to Trump's inaugural address?
2017-01-22 Wolfgang Münchau: Europe will pay unless the Brexit deal is a fair one
2017-01-22 Financial Times: ECB steps up warning on UK euro clearing after Brexit
2017-01-21 The Economist: Doing Brexit the hard way
2017-01-20 Bloomberg: Bankers worry post-Brexit transition won’t be long enough
2017-01-20 Investment & Pensions Europe: Global asset owners bracing for Brexit impact
2017-01-19 Financial Services Negotiating Forum: Euro Clearing and Brexit - The Practitioners' View
2017-01-19 The Economist: Europe gets ready for Donald Trump
2017-01-19 Commercial Risk Europe: May’s Brexit speech will not stop Lloyd’s search for new home in Europe
2017-01-19 Commercial Risk Europe: Interest rising in Malta as onshore option for UK insurers post Brexit
2017-01-19 Bloomberg: Bank execs in Davos privately say London clearing probably safe
2017-01-18 Handselblatt: Goldman Sachs Weighs Deep London Cuts amid Brexit Concerns
2017-01-18 Bloomberg: The risks of ‘Brexit means Brexit’
2017-01-17 The Guardian view on Theresa May and Brexit: a reality check tinged with fantasy
2017-01-17 ACCA: UK business confidence drops to second lowest level since 2011
2017-01-17 TheCityUK responds to PM speech
2017-01-17 The Economist: Theresa May confirms: Britain is heading for Brexit Max
2017-01-17 Bloomberg: HSBC CEO says bankers generating 20% of London revenue may move
2017-01-17 The government's negotiating objectives for exiting the EU: PM speech
2017-01-17 Open Europe responds to Theresa May’s Lancaster House speech
2017-01-17 Financial Times: Theresa May warns UK will walk away from ‘bad deal’
2017-01-17 LSE: Theresa May’s speech: The Prime Minister has set the wrong course on Brexit
2017-01-17 Antonio Tajani elected new President of the European Parliament
2017-01-16 Bloomberg: Seven Brexit strategies UK’s May could use to cut EU unity
2017-01-16 Bloomberg: IMF raises UK growth forecast for 2017, reversing previous cut
2017-01-15 Die Welt: Philip Hammond issues threat to EU partners
2017-01-15 YouGov: Poll shows Leave voters not prepared to have their family finances affected by Government prioritising immigration over the economy
2017-01-15 Reuters: Trump says Brexit to be 'a great thing', wants quick trade deal with UK
2017-01-13 The Guardian: EU negotiator wants 'special' deal over access to City post-Brexit
2017-01-12 Exiting the European Union Committee: Government urged to give Parliament vote on Brexit deal
2017-01-12 IW Köln: German firms relaxed in view of upcoming Brexit
2017-01-12 Financial Services Negotiating Forum: Examining Regulatory Equivalence
2017-01-12 TheCityUK: Brexit and UK-Based financial and related professional services
2017-01-10 Bloomberg: Paris eyes luring 20,000 bankers from London amid Brexit rupture
2017-01-10 Bloomberg: LSE CEO Sees Brexit Risking 232,000 Jobs, Market Stability
2017-01-10 ORB: UK increasingly likely to prefer control over immigration than access to free trade
2017-01-09 Bloomberg: Merkel says UK must observe four freedoms in EU unity call
2017-01-09 Civitas: Mitigating the impact of tariffs on UK-EU trade
2017-01-09 House of Commons: Statistics on UK-EU trade
2017-01-08 The Guardian: As a trade negotiator, I’m shocked at Brexiters’ ignorance
2017-01-07 The Economist: The “WTO option” for Brexit is far from straightforward
2017-01-07 Bruegel: The United States dominates global investment banking: does it matter for Europe?
2017-01-06 Financial Times: Bank of England’s Haldane admits crisis in economic forecasting
2017-01-05 CBR: The Macro-Economic Impact of Brexit: Using the CBR Macro-Economic Model of the UK Economy (UKMOD)
2017-01-05 VoxEU: The economic impact of Brexit-induced reductions in migration to the UK
2017-01-04 Open Europe: UK Ambassador to EU unexpectedly resigns and warns of short supply of negotiating experience in Whitehall
2017-01-02 City AM: London Stock Exchange poised to announce crucial sale of French clearing arm

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