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The unfolding impact of Brexit on the UK financial services industry - my articles and videos, as well as specific general articles.

NOTE: Pre-pandemic articles from 2020 and earlier relate to general EU politics. Relevant articles are now included in "General Financial Policy"

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Brexit and the City - 202030 articles out of 30.

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Brexit and the City - 2017225 articles out of 225.

Brexit and the City - 2016792 articles out of 792.

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2011 Brexit and the City
2011-12-28 Wolfgang Münchau: Grim lessons from the 30 years war
2011-12-26 Paul N Goldschmidt: "Winter Blues"! A plea for more European solidarity.
2011-12-21 Stewart Fleming: ECB at the centre of the euro storm
2011-12-20 Ronald Janssen: It takes a (European) Central Banker to understand one
2011-12-20 ECON Committee: Eurozone crisis will not be solved by rolling back the EU
2011-12-19 FT: Strauss-Kahn sees 'growth crisis' in Europe
2011-12-18 Wolfgang Münchau: UK will fare better in this Anglo-French spat
2011-12-16 WSJ: Lagarde says all countries must help Europe
2011-12-15 Wim Boonstra: The continent is isolated
2011-12-15 John Wyles: From one crisis to another
2011-12-15 FED CEO William Dudley: What the euro crisis means for taxpayers and the US economy
2011-12-14 Schoenmaker/Goodhart: The political endgame for the euro crisis
2011-12-13 Saving the euro: MEPs debate latest European Council deal
2011-12-13 Barroso: We cannot build our economic union just on discipline and on sanctions
2011-12-12 Simon Nixon: Needed - another EU Crisis Summit
2011-12-12 The Council increases co-financing rates for EU funds to counter crisis
2011-12-12 Gideon Rachman: The summit will prove a footnote
2011-12-11 Wolfgang Münchau: Snags, diversions – and the crisis goes on
2011-12-09 Remarks from Herman Van Rompuy following the meeting of the European Council
2011-12-09 Euro area agreement supported by European business
2011-12-09 Paul N Goldschmidt: Rule Britannia?
2011-12-08 Philip Stephens: Now the Franco-German question
2011-12-08 Monopolistic behaviour from rating agencies: S&D Schulz calls for action from Barroso
2011-12-07 WSJ: UK adds wild-card risk to euro deal
2011-12-06 Joseph Stiglitz: What can save the euro?
2011-12-06 Tornell/Westermann: Eurozone Crisis, Act Two - has the Bundesbank reached its limit?
2011-12-06 Bloomberg: Geithner backs French-German plan for tighter EU
2011-12-06 Heinrich Winkler: The fall of the Berlin Wall to a US of Europe
2011-12-05 MEPs urge EU leaders to adopt bold measures to quell crisis
2011-12-05 Charles Wyplosz: Do eurozone leaders finally ‘get it’? Not quite yet
2011-12-04 Statement from VP Rehn on the adoption by the Italian Government of extraordinary fiscal and economic measures
2011-12-04 Wolfgang Münchau: France and Germany look set to fudge it yet again
2011-12-02 Telegraph: Jacques Delors interview - euro would still be strong if it had been built to my plan
2011-12-01 Parliament asks ECB to keep up its euro-saving work
2011-12-01 EU regional funding: MEPs back better terms for crisis-stricken countries
2011-12-01 Christopher Lord: Democratic rebalancing needed
2011-12-01 John Wyles: Merkel's great gamble
2011-12-01 Wim Boonstra: A huge embarrassment
2011-11-30 ECOFIN Council: Annual growth survey
2011-11-30 ECOFIN Council: Euro Plus Pact - coordination of tax policies
2011-11-28 OECD calls for urgent action to boost ailing global economy
2011-11-28 Remarks by Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, following the EU-US Summit
2011-11-28 EU-US Summit joint statement
2011-11-28 Paul De Grauwe: Why the ECB refuses to be a lender of last resort
2011-11-27 Wolfgang Münchau: The eurozone really has only days to avoid collapse
2011-11-26 Guy Verhofstadt: Without solidarity and discipline, the monetary union is not sustainable
2011-11-25 Charles A E Goodhart: Europe - after the crisis
2011-11-25 Marco Annunziata: Brinkmanship, reform pressure and the endgame
2011-11-24 José Manuel González-Páramo: The sovereign debt crisis and the future of European integration
2011-11-23 Mody/Sandri: The interplay of sovereign spreads and banks' fragility in the eurozone
2011-11-23 Manfred Schepers: A three-pillar plan to underpin a new fiscal union
2011-11-22 Schoenmaker et al: How much capital do European banks need? Some estimates
2011-11-22 Simon Nixon: Debt crisis is a symptom of wider failings
2011-11-22 Michiel van Hulten: To get out of this crisis we need to rebuild Europe from scratch
2011-11-21 Ben Patterson: 'Understanding the EU Budget'
2011-11-20 Wolfgang Münchau: Austerity alone can’t save the euro
2011-11-17 Guido Westerwelle: Germany is not for turning on how to save the euro
2011-11-17 Stewart Fleming: Draghi starts his journey into the unknown
2011-11-15 Parliament and Commission must be key players in getting EU out of the crisis
2011-11-15 Martin Wolf: Europe must not allow Rome to burn
2011-11-15 Nicolas Véron: Europe needs institutional creativity
2011-11-15 Paul N Goldschmidt: Why British Eurosceptics are about to drive the last nail into the coffin of the City!
2011-11-14 Simon Nixon: So far, so good—now the ECB must take action
2011-11-14 FT: ADB urges Asia to help rescue eurozone
2011-11-14 Erik Berglof: Cross-border banking in the balance
2011-11-13 Wolfgang Münchau: The only way to save the eurozone from collapse
2011-11-10 Statement by President Van Rompuy and President Barroso on the designation of Lucas Papademos as Prime Minister of Greece
2011-11-10 European Voice: A two-speed Europe where the 'slow' outrun the 'fast'
2011-11-09 Simon Nixon: Don't bank on ECB rescuing Italy
2011-11-09 Tony Barber: Europeans clutch at technocratic fixes
2011-11-09 Douglas J Elliott: Italy - definitely too big to fail, maybe too big to bail
2011-11-08 Barroso: Further European economic integration will be needed
2011-11-08 ECOFIN Council conclusions on the Financial Transaction Tax
2011-11-08 Klaus C Engelen: Jean-Claude Trichet - saviour or villain?
2011-11-08 ECOFIN Council conclusions on macro-economic imbalances
2011-11-08 Paul N Goldschmidt: The financial crisis - the moment of truth is fast approaching!
2011-11-07 Simon Nixon: Merkel and Sarkozy have lost credibility
2011-11-07 Debate: Should we feel sorry for Greece?
2011-11-06 Wolfgang Münchau: Summitry again proves its own irrelevance
2011-11-04 Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on the G20 Cannes Summit
2011-11-04 Jan-Werner Mueller: What does Germany want?
2011-11-03 Stefan Collignon: European catharsis
2011-11-03 John Wyles: In uncharted territory
2011-11-03 Jean-Claude Piris: An EU architect calls for two-speed union
2011-11-03 Gillian Tett: Subprime moment looms for ‘risk-free’ sovereign debt - Pillar of the regulatory structure looks wobbly
2011-11-03 Stewart Fleming: In search of salvation
2011-11-02 Project Syndicate: The ECB's Risky Business
2011-11-01 Joint statement by European Council President Van Rompuy and European Commission President Barroso on latest developments in the eurozone
2011-10-31 J Bradford DeLong: The ECB’s battle against central banking
2011-10-31 Simon Nixon: Big euro crisis question has still to be answered
2011-10-31 OECD's Gurría says that bold G20 action is needed to rebuild confidence amid weak economic growth
2011-10-31 FT Opinion: Why it’s worth keeping the EU dream alive
2011-10-30 Joint letter from Van Rompuy and Barroso to the G20 leaders
2011-10-30 Wolfgang Münchau: What saves the euro will kill the union
2011-10-28 FT: Japan urges more action on euro crisis
2011-10-28 Bloomberg: Europe looks to IMF and China for aid
2011-10-28 BBC Analysis: An EU of two tiers after eurozone debt crisis
2011-10-27 Joschka Fischer: Europeanising Europe
2011-10-27 European Voice: EU should not duck collision on treaty change
2011-10-27 European Summit: "Progress but not final decisions", says Schulz (S&D)
2011-10-27 Stewart Fleming: A democratic foundation for the single currency
2011-10-27 Remarks by President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy following the meeting of the Euro Summit
2011-10-26 Paul De Grauwe: European summits in ivory towers
2011-10-26 Euro Summit statement
2011-10-26 Sir John Major: The price of the drift to fiscal union
2011-10-25 European Parliament: Global finance and its institutions need a facelift
2011-10-25 EP: Preparing the Eurozone Summit
2011-10-25 John Kay: Europe’s elite is fighting reality and will lose
2011-10-25 Martin Wolf: Be bold, Mario, put out that fire
2011-10-25 Charles Wyplosz: Resolving the current European mess
2011-10-24 Simon Nixon: Crunch time for Franco-German relations
2011-10-23 Remarks by President Herman Van Rompuy following the European Council on 23 October 2011
2011-10-23 Remarks by President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy after the Euro Summit
2011-10-23 Wolfgang Münchau: Europe is now leveraging for a catastrophe
2011-10-20 John Wyles: A change to the blueprint
2011-10-18 Martin Wolf: There is no sunlit future for the euro
2011-10-17 Presseurop: How the euro will divide Europe
2011-10-16 Andrew Watt: A weak euro area but a strong euro? Not as paradoxical as it seems!
2011-10-16 Wolfgang Münchau: Why Europe’s officials lose sight of the big picture
2011-10-14 George Soros: A path through Europe’s minefield
2011-10-13 Achleitner: Insurance, not leverage, is way to stabilise eurozone
2011-10-13 Stewart Fleming: The IMF rides to Europe's rescue?
2011-10-12 Joint statement by President Herman Van Rompuy and President José Manuel Barroso on the recent political developments in Slovakia
2011-10-12 Barroso outlines a roadmap for stability and growth
2011-10-12 Simon Nixon: Is it a euro bazooka or a damp squib?
2011-10-12 Charles Grant: Eurozone ‘outs’ must stick up for the single market
2011-10-12 European Parliament leaders unite in call for decisive plan for eurozone crisis
2011-10-11 Karel Lannoo: The European TARP Solution
2011-10-10 Van Rompuy convenes the European Council and the Eurozone Summit on 23 October 2011
2011-10-10 FT: EU sets deadline to resolve debt crisis
2011-10-09 Wolfgang Münchau: Eurozone quick-fix will create political monster
2011-10-07 Charles Grant: Resuscitating the euro
2011-10-07 Steinmeier: Solving the European crisis – Money alone is not a solution
2011-10-06 Gillian Tett: America’s six key lessons for a ‘euro TARP’
2011-10-06 European Voice: Say it louder - the EU is still a transfer union
2011-10-05 Presseurop: Beware the saviours of the euro
2011-10-04 ECOFIN Council approves the economic governance package.
2011-10-04 Martin Wolf: How to keep the euro on the road
2011-10-02 Wolfgang Münchau: Eurozone fix a con trick for the desperate
2011-09-17 Informal ECOFIN Council in Wrocław
2011-09-16 Graham Bishop's blog: ECOFIN finally sees sense
2011-07-12 ECOFIN Council: Priorities for re-launching the Single Market
2011-07-12 ECOFIN Council conclusions: Stress tests in the banking sector
2011-07-04 ECOFIN: Programme of the six-month Polish Presidency in the second half of 2011
2011-03-15 ECOFIN council conclusions: Economic governance and short selling debated
2011-02-17 ECOFIN Council discussed the economic governance legislative package
2011-02-16 Paul Goldschmidt: Flash ECOFIN Council - Another wasted opportunity

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