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The unfolding impact of Brexit on the UK financial services industry - my articles and videos, as well as specific general articles.

NOTE: Pre-pandemic articles from 2020 and earlier relate to general EU politics. Relevant articles are now included in "General Financial Policy"

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Brexit and the City - 202030 articles out of 30.

2019 Brexit and the City
2019-12-20 Paul Goldschmidt: Quo Vadis Europa ?
2019-12-11 Financial Times: The EU needs new relationship models for non-members to prosper
2019-12-09 POLITICO: Borrell urges EU to be foreign policy ‘player, not the playground’
2019-12-07 Vox EU: The geography of EU discontent
2019-12-03 Fondation Robert Schuman: With Ursula von der Leyen, the Commission of “new opportunity”
2019-12-01 POLITICO: 4 presidents kick off EU’s new leadership cycle
2019-11-28 New Europe: Franco-German drive for EU institutional overhaul by 2022
2019-11-27 EurActiv: Parliament backs von der Leyen’s ‘fresh start for Europe’ Commission
2019-11-27 Remaining united: The European Council July 2018 to November 2019, report by President Donald Tusk
2019-11-18 Commercial Risk Europe: EU under threat without reform: Verhofstadt
2019-11-13 Financial Times: European politics rewards those who want to get things done
2019-11-13 Financial Times: Spain has a new coalition but the deadlock is not yet broken
2019-11-13 Keynote speech by President Donald Tusk at the opening ceremony of the 2019/2020 academic year at the College of Europe
2019-11-12 Institute for Government: The UK’s refusal to appoint a commissioner is a risk for the EU
2019-11-07 The Economist: Emmanuel Macron on Europe’s fragile place in a hostile world
2019-11-06 Carnegie Europe: Six ideas for rejuvenating European democracy
2019-11-01 Outgoing Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker: 'I kissed Putin ... It certainly didn't hurt Europe'
2019-10-29 POLITICO: Von der Leyen nominates French and Hungarian commissioners
2019-10-27 Wolfgang Münchau: Europe needs to solve its collective action problem
2019-10-22 MEPs assess Juncker Commission
2019-10-16 POLITICO: Start of new European Commission likely delayed to December 1
2019-10-10 POLITICO: Von der Leyen Commission faces delay after French nominee’s rejection
2019-10-10 Main results - Eurogroup
2019-10-07 The Guardian: Portugal election result cements modest gains for Europe's centre-left
2019-09-29 The New York Times: Kurz wins Austria election. Will he turn to far right or Greens to govern?
2019-09-12 Andrew Duff: How the new Commission will treat EU constitutional reform
2019-09-12 Paul Goldschmidt: European Union
2019-09-12 POLITICO: New Commission bows to the populists
2019-09-10 Bruegel: Economic priorities for new EU leadership
2019-09-04 Jacques Delors Institute: New Beginnings: Eurozone Reform
2019-08-30 POLITICO: Von der Leyen looks to overhaul Commission power structure
2019-08-26 G7 Leaders’ Declaration
2019-08-25 POLITICO: EU officials float €100bn boost for European companies
2019-07-23 Fondation Robert Schuman: The 9th European legislature, a new political landscape
2019-07-22 SPIEGEL: Von Der Leyen's plan for Europe: 'We need to overcome this division'
2019-07-16 POLITICO Ursula von der Leyen elected European Commission president
2019-07-04 Report by President Donald Tusk to the European Parliament on the last European Council meetings
2019-07-03 David Sassoli elected President of the European Parliament
2019-07-02 European Council appoints new EU leaders
2019-07-01 Paul Goldschmidt: The contempt of the EU and the UK for their public opinions has become unbearable!
2019-06-26 POLITICO: In fight for EU top jobs, conservatives down but not out
2019-06-21 European Council conclusions
2019-06-21 POLITICO: EU leaders fail to choose EU leaders
2019-06-20 ECA: Focus on performance in EU cohesion spending should be strengthened
2019-06-20 POLITICO: EU top jobs: It’s gonna get ugly
2019-06-14 Delegated and implementing acts: EU adopts a significant number of legislative acts to the Lisbon Treaty
2019-06-12 POLITICO: Macron ‘would support’ Merkel for Commission president
2019-06-06 Open Europe: The Social Democrats have won Denmark’s general election – now for the hard part
2019-06-06 POLITICO: EU conservatives see path to power, pressurizing Macron and Liberals
2019-06-01 Bloomberg: Spain will fill EU vacuum left by UK, Italy, Sanchez says
2019-05-29 OMFIF: Weidmann ECB countdown
2019-05-29 New Europe: Merkel and Macron disagree over choices for EU top jobs
2019-05-28 Paul Goldschmidt: European Elections: first lessons for the EU and the UK
2019-05-28 Remarks by President Donald Tusk at the press conference of the informal dinner of EU heads of state or government
2019-05-28 IN Facts: Pro-Europeans beat Brexiters 55% to 43% in EU vote
2019-05-27 POLITICO: After election, EU turns to fight over top jobs
2019-05-27 POLITICO: Populist tide rises but fails to flood EU
2019-05-27 Financial Times: The centre has held, but EU reform will be tricky
2019-05-27 Fondation Robert Schuman: European Parliament: a new balance … but not Eurosceptic
2019-05-27 Bloomberg: Brexit tears up British politics as Farage tops EU election poll
2019-05-27 POLITICO: European election’s winners and losers
2019-05-24 SPIEGEL: The Right-Wing Populist Plan to Destroy Europe
2019-05-24 EU-Rope: The EU election: Remain blew it
2019-05-22 Financial Times: EU parliament will seek to dictate priorities for Brussels after election
2019-05-22 POLITICO: Fear will save the EU
2019-05-21 Michel Barnier: In Defense of Europe
2019-05-21 Fondation Robert Schuman: Far right: its conversion to Europe!
2019-05-19 POLITICO: Barnier: UK has the ‘right’ to a European commissioner
2019-05-18 POLITICO: Austrian government collapses over Russia scandal
2019-05-16 POLITICO: Timmermans lays ground for left coalition against EPP
2019-05-15 Financial Times: Emmanuel Macron struggles to contain far-right in EU election race
2019-05-14 Fondation Robert Schuman: Between China and the USA, Europe seeks its future
2019-05-09 Project Syndicate: More or Less Europe?
2019-05-09 CEPS: Representative Democracy in the EU: Recovering Legitimacy
2019-05-09 The Sibiu Declaration
2019-05-09 Financial Times: EU leaders on collision course over choosing successor to Juncker
2019-05-08 Open Europe: The Netherlands looks set to send a strong Eurosceptic contingent to the European Parliament
2019-05-07 UK in a Changing Europe: The European elections and Brexit
2019-05-07 Paul Goldschmidt: Has the Juncker Commission been up to the JOB?
2019-05-07 European Commission: Strength in unity: EU leaders to look ahead to common future at Sibiu summit
2019-05-07 Fondation Robert Schuman: European issues at stake in 2019
2019-05-06 Scottish Centre on European Relations: The Future of Europe: Disruption, Continuity and Change
2019-05-05 POLITICO: Marine Le Pen plugs Eurosceptic supergroup in Brussels
2019-05-05 POLITICO: EU needs new treaty and ‘generational change’ in Brussels, says Kurz
2019-05-03 EurActiv: Pro-European candidates for EU election identify Council as the ‘common enemy’
2019-05-03 EurActiv: Juncker points the finger at Germany, Austria, Netherlands for impeding eurozone reform
2019-05-02 Financial Times: EU to prepare for post-Brexit era with pledge to speak with ‘one voice’
2019-04-30 Strength in unity: Commission makes recommendations for the EU's next strategic agenda 2019-2024
2019-04-30 Fondation Robert Schuman: The electoral context 2019: new and increasingly European issues
2019-04-29 Paul Goldschmidt: European Elections: The overlooked importance of the €!
2019-04-29 New York Times: Spain’s election gives a lift to the left and a warning to the far right
2019-04-26 EurActiv: Europe’s far-right touts ‘new European harmony’ in EU vote
2019-04-25 Bloomberg: Macron says France is having ‘fruitful confrontations’ with Germany
2019-04-25 European Commission: Closer to the Citizens, Closer to the Ballot
2019-04-24 POLITICO: UK’s unpredictable European election — and its impact on Brussels
2019-04-14 Wolfgang Münchau: We have reached the end of the Franco-German love-in
2019-04-08 POLITICO: Salvini aims high with populist alliance for Europe
2019-04-03 Bertelsmann Stiftung: Europeans are divided on the state of their society
2019-03-29 New seat projections for the next European Parliament
2019-03-25 Deutsche Welle: Germany establishes parliamentary assembly with France
2019-03-22 Project Syndicate: The Ambition Europe Needs
2019-03-21 POLITICO: Liberals launch election campaign but play by their own rules
2019-03-21 EurActiv: Europe’s democratic challenge: in search of government
2019-03-19 Alberto Alemanno: The Birth of Political Europe
2019-03-10 POLITICO: Germany’s CDU chief sets out European vision, responds to Macron
2019-03-07 POLITICO: Macron seeks support across Europe for election campaign
2019-03-05 Eurotrack: which countries do Europeans think should be in the EU?
2019-03-05 The Guardian: Donald Tusk claims anti-European forces meddled in Brexit vote
2019-03-04 Emmanuel Macron: Dear Europe, Brexit is a lesson for all of us: it’s time for renewal
2019-03-01 New Europe: EPP and S&D numbers slip according to new EU Parliamentary projections
2019-03-01 Yanis Varoufakis: Europe’s leaders are aiding Italy’s populists
2019-02-28 POLITICO: How Britain would vote in the European election
2019-02-28 CEPS: The European Court of Justice: Do all roads lead to Luxembourg?
2019-02-25 EurActiv: Italy’s far-right hopes to form new broad Conservative alliance in Europe
2019-02-25 POLITICO: French poll: Yellow Jackets down, Macron up
2019-02-25 POLITICO: Europe’s election void: Just 30 percent of MEPs are confirmed to run again
2019-02-23 POLITICO: Socialists nominate Frans Timmermans for European Commission president
2019-02-22 Financial Times: ECB’s Mario Draghi takes veiled swipe at Brexit
2019-02-22 EPC: Shaping power: A strategic imperative for Europe
2019-02-18 CEPS: What comes after the last chance Commission?
2019-02-18 POLITICO: Right wing set for big gains in European election
2019-02-16 POLITICO: Spain could get right-wing government, survey suggests
2019-02-15 Project Syndicate: Europe’s Power Deficit
2019-02-14 ABC Nyheter: EEA Crisis in Norway
2019-02-14 Bloomberg: EU Elections: Has populism peaked?
2019-02-13 POLITICO: France fears loss of influence in next European Parliament
2019-02-08 Bloomberg: EU's Tusk plans Polish comeback for 2019 ballot, paper says
2019-02-08 POLITICO: German CDU chief: Europe must adapt to survive
2019-02-05 Bloomberg: A high-stakes fight is brewing in Norway over EU relations
2019-02-04 EurActiv: Brexit dampens desires to leave EU
2019-01-31 POLITICO: Populism’s rising tide
2019-01-30 LSE: France and Germany will dominate the EU after Brexit – but they won’t go unchallenged
2019-01-26 The Guardian: Europe 'coming apart before our eyes', say 30 top intellectuals
2019-01-25 POLITICO: French, German Eurosceptics plot alliance
2019-01-25 Sigmar Gabriel: Franco-German friendship is not enough
2019-01-25 POLITICO: Dutch set out EU goals for 2019
2019-01-24 EurActiv: France’s ‘yellow vests’ to run for European elections
2019-01-23 Bloomberg: How Brexit could spill over into EU elections
2019-01-22 Speech by President Donald Tusk at the signing ceremony of the Franco-German Treaty of Aachen
2019-01-22 LSE: How the electoral success of radical right parties normalises public expressions of support for them
2019-01-21 Financial Times: Europe is an alliance, not a union of values
2019-01-13 The Guardian: AfD party votes to campaign for German exit from EU
2019-01-13 Paul N. Goldschmidt: S.O.S. : Europe rudderless!
2019-01-11 Bloomberg: French democracy not working well, 70% say in poll
2019-01-11 EurActiv: Five Star Movement unveils plan to form EU Parliament group
2019-01-10 The Guardian: Matteo Salvini says Italy and Poland could build new Europe
2019-01-08 Main results - General Affairs Council
2019-01-05 POLITICO: Michel Barnier back pushing his vision for EU’s future
2019-01-04 SPIEGEL: Europe's right wing takes aim at the EU
2019-01-01 Paul N. Goldschmidt: The “Yellow Jackets” and the European elections

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