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The unfolding impact of Brexit on the UK financial services industry. (NOTE: My articles and videos are posted separately in Graham's articles)

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Brexit and the City - 202155 articles out of 55.

2020 Brexit and the City
2020-04-15 European Commission - coordinating a common European response
2020-04-15 President Charles Michel at the press conference on the EU response to the coronavirus crisis
2020-04-15 Politico: The Brussels effect as global companies globalise EU rules
2020-03-06 A Union that strives for more: the first 100 days
2020-03-05 LSE: Brexit will affect, but not determine, the EU’s roles in a changing world arena
2020-03-05 UK in a Changing Europe: Populist radical right parties across Europe not eager to leave the EU
2020-03-05 EurActiv: Von der Leyen sees ‘momentum’ for improving EU-US relations
2020-03-02 The Guardian: Support for Eurosceptic parties doubles in two decades across EU
2020-02-27 UK in a Changing Europe: Germany: its struggling centre-right and what it means for Europe and Brexit
2020-02-25 Carnegie Europe: How the EU can survive in a geopolitical age
2020-02-25 General Affairs Council
2020-02-20 Financial Times: Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron: Europe’s missed chance
2020-02-15 The Guardian: Macron sets out 10-year vision for EU with call for more integration
2020-02-13 Reuters: Exclusive: Ireland's Fianna Fail to seek to form government without Sinn Fein
2020-02-11 Financial Times: Germany and Europe need a revitalised CDU
2020-02-01 Verfassungsblog: The Conference on the Future of Europe: an Open Letter
2020-01-29 European Commission 2020 Work Programme: An ambitious roadmap for a Union that strives for more
2020-01-28 Main results - General Affairs Council
2020-01-23 Vote Watch: European Parliament: current and future dynamics
2020-01-22 EurActiv: EU must step up Single Market enforcement, states tell Commission
2020-01-22 EurActiv: Von der Leyen vows a green, digital, geopolitical EU in Davos
2020-01-22 Financial Times: Imminent UK Brexit unleashes new EU dynamics
2020-01-22 Shaping the Conference on the Future of Europe
2020-01-21 Project Syndicate: Finding Europe’s way in the world
2020-01-17 Carnegie Europe: Can Europe be a catalyst for democratic innovation?
2020-01-16 Financial Times: Angela Merkel warns EU: ‘Brexit is a wake-up call’
2020-01-16 POLITICO: Parliament picks Verhofstadt for new president role
2020-01-16 POLITICO: After Brexit, populists set to outnumber Greens in European Parliament
2020-01-07 The New York Times: Pedro Sánchez will lead modern Spain’s first coalition government
2020-01-02 EurActiv: Austrian conservatives and Greens strike New Year’s coalition deal

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