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The European asset management industry plays a vital role in Europe’s economy. Taken together, investment funds, life insurance and occupational pension funds manage over €10 trillion. The asset management industry is also important as a driver for the integrity and efficiency of the European financial market. It accounts for a significant share of trading in equities, bonds and derivative instruments in Europe. Moreover, the asset management industry has taken full advantage of the elimination of currency risk (within the euro area) and regulatory restrictions to rebalance portfolios on a pan-European basis.

Regulation on European venture capital funds

Regulation on European long-term investment funds

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2013 Pension Funds
2013-12-13 IOSCO issues final report on the impact of trading fee models on trading behaviour
2013-12-11 Hedgeweek: Are hedge funds living up to investors’ expectations?
2013-12-09 IMA: Industry issues outsourcing principles to address regulator's concerns
2013-12-09 Bloomberg: Bankers see reprieve from Basel clampdown on asset-backed bonds
2013-12-08 FT: Hedge funds clash with banks over securitisation rules
2013-12-06 Bloomberg: Regulators seek pro-business recipe for asset-backed bond market
2013-12-05 ECBC supports inclusion of covered bonds in LCR Level 1
2013-12-05 Canadian securities regulators seek comment on proposed changes to registration rules for dealers, advisers and investment fund managers
2013-12-04 Commissioner Barnier: Long-term investment is key for renewed sustainable growth in Europe
2013-12-02 Deutsche Bank study shows hedge funds launching traditional long-only strategies in direct competition with asset managers
2013-11-23 Responses to FSB's 'Assessment Methodology' consultation: BBA, Deutsche Bank, ISDA et al
2013-11-20 Fitch: Alternative asset managers targeting retail investors
2013-11-19 Bloomberg: Money market funds face push for tougher rules by EU lawmaker
2013-11-18 FSB releases Guidance for More Effective Supervision of Risk Appetite (consultation) / Risk Culture at Financial Institutions
2013-11-14 Finance Watch/Hache: Evidence at EPP Group Hearing on ELTIFs
2013-11-13 Hedgeweek: Static allocations may foil growth ambitions of hedge funds
2013-11-11 FN: Euro regulations face delays as election looms
2013-11-07 FN: PRIPs fallout weighs heavy on fund firms
2013-11-06 ECB: Results of the Euro Money Market survey 2013
2013-11-05 FN: Why it's make-or-break time for European fund body
2013-11-04 UK Government Response to the Kay Review of UK Equity Markets and Long–term Decision Making
2013-11-04 FN: Funds of funds to change their game
2013-11-04 FCA: Outsourcing in the asset management industry
2013-11-01 Hedgeweek: Luxembourg's answer to PE regulatory reform
2013-10-30 Reuters: British watchdog to crack down on fund manager fees
2013-10-29 EACT Position on the EU's proposed Money Market Funds Regulation
2013-10-28 FN: Asset managers face tax hike
2013-10-28 IOSCO letter to FSB/Carney on long-term investment
2013-10-25 FSB: Responses to consultation on resolution regimes to non-bank financial institutions: AGB, AIMA/MFA, EBF, EIOPA, Insurance Europe
2013-10-25 FOW: Does CCP recovery fall unfairly on asset managers?
2013-10-24 Fitch: EU asset managers face growing margin pressure in 2014
2013-10-24 Alessandro Beber: What If OTC derivatives were banned? A look at the potential impact on asset managers
2013-10-22 ECON Committee reports on recovery and resolution framework for non-bank institutions
2013-10-22 FT: Regulation changes the way hedge funds grow
2013-10-22 Hedgeweek: Hedge funds delaying the inevitable by not embracing AIFMD, says Helvetic
2013-10-21 Responses to the ELTIF proposal: FESE, Insurance Europe, PensionsEurope
2013-10-21 IOSCO publishes second hedge fund survey report
2013-10-11 SMSG: Response to the Consultation Paper ESMA Guidelines on enforcement of financial information
2013-10-10 European regulation could trigger fund manager consolidation - study
2013-10-09 AIMA publishes updated Guide to Sound Practices for Hedge Fund Valuation
2013-10-07 IPE: Ills of derivatives largely overstated
2013-10-03 FT: Hedge funds step into the shadows
2013-09-25 Evening Standard: Bank of England puts hedge funds' 'threat to stability' under microscope
2013-09-23 FN: The risk of playing wait and see
2013-09-15 FT: London hedge funds secure victory over pay
2013-09-10 Plenary Session: Tougher sanctions for financial markets manipulation
2013-09-09 CFTC publishes Concept Release on risk controls and system safeguards for automated trading environments
2013-09-09 Hedgeweek: Hedge funds see institutional credibility as key element for profitability and growth
2013-09-06 OECD: Leaders endorse new G20/OECD principles on long-term investment financing
2013-09-05 AIMA publishes enhanced statement of principles
2013-09-04 FT: EU clamps down on money market funds
2013-08-30 Bundesbank/Dombret: Regulatory reforms between ambitions and reality
2013-08-29 Hedgeweek: Hedge funds and private equity funds must be ready for partnership changes
2013-07-26 The Kay Review of UK Equity Markets and Long-Term Decision-Making
2013-07-19 SEC/European regulators establish supervisory cooperation arrangements related to the asset management industry
2013-07-18 ECB further reviews its risk control framework allowing for a new treatment of asset-backed securities
2013-07-18 Peter Montagnon: Our shrinking equity markets
2013-07-15 FT: US outstrips Europe in post-crisis securities deals
2013-07-15 Deutsche Bank: Private equity in times of monetary normalisation
2013-07-12 FCA: Review of the client assets regime for investment business
2013-07-10 EFAMA publishes Annual Asset Management Report
2013-07-04 EIOPA - Discussion Paper on sponsor support technical specifications
2013-07-02 EFAMA: Long-term funds attract highest ever net inflows of during Q1 2013
2013-07-01 EY Eurozone Forecast: Summer 2013 - Outlook for financial services
2013-07-01 Deloitte: Investment platform market to consolidate as fees start to fall
2013-06-26 Insurance Europe's response to EC consultation: Effects of regulation on long-term investment must be assessed
2013-06-26 Council sets out its position on transparency rules for investment products
2013-06-26 ACCA calls for more long-term focus in planning and investment
2013-06-26 European Commission: New funds to make long-term investment easier [Proposal]
2013-06-25 Meeting of the Financial Stability Board in Basel
2013-06-25 Hedgeweek: US institutional investors favouring alternative mutual funds over hedge funds
2013-06-25 EBF: Europe's banks committed to long-term financing
2013-06-24 IMA: Investors are engaging on issues beyond governance
2013-06-24 Reuters: Coeuré - ECB holds €50 billion in SME-tied assets
2013-06-23 Hedgeweek: Are US hedge funds more attractive? A tale of two markets
2013-06-21 EFAMA: Industry voices concern over lack of progress for PRIPs
2013-06-17 AEIP publishes contribution to OECD's draft High-Level Principles of Long-Term Investment Financing by Institutional Investors
2013-06-12 Reuters: Ireland calls on EU and US to align money market rules
2013-06-11 ESMA clarifies pay rules applicable to investment firms
2013-06-10 IPE: Key influencers at pension funds 'sceptical' of private equity
2013-06-06 IMA chairman urges asset managers to take action and rebuild investors' trust
2013-06-06 WSJ: Asset managers in bid to delay swaps rules
2013-06-04 FCA to ban the promotion of UCIS and certain close substitutes to ordinary retail investors
2013-06-04 Reuters: EU wrangling could soften rules on fund manager bonuses
2013-06-03 FT: US funds left bruised by heavy bond losses
2013-06-03 IOSCO publishes responses to Financial Benchmark Consultation
2013-06-02 FT: US hedge funds threaten to flee Europe
2013-05-29 EVCA: Research finds private equity boosts innovation, productivity and attracts investment to Europe
2013-05-29 Economic woes and regulation add to VA hedging challenge
2013-05-28 FESE members support the draft OECD long-term financing principles and make some recommendations
2013-05-23 AIMA Investor Steering Committee publishes 'Beyond 60-40'
2013-05-12 FT: Top hedge funds bet on Greek banks
2013-05-03 IOSCO publishes principles for CIS valuation
2013-05-02 Hedgeweek: Hedge Fund OPG provides blueprint for institutional-quality infrastructure using 'co-sourcing'
2013-05-02 OECD: Draft high-level principles of long-term investment financing by institutional investors
2013-05-01 SIFMA statement on SEC cross-border proposal
2013-04-28 FT: Brussels plan will 'kill off' money funds
2013-04-26 UK FCA sets out new rules for the platforms industry
2013-04-25 ECB: Signs of improved financial market integration in second half of 2012
2013-04-24 SIFMA statement on Brown-Vitter legislation
2013-04-21 PwC: The asset manager's new normal - Responding to tax risks and transparency
2013-04-18 Stewart Fleming: Funding crisis for Europe's SMEs threatens recovery
2013-04-11 PEGCC releases whitepaper highlighting the interdependence between private equity and pension funds
2013-04-11 Commissioner Barnier: Meeting the challenge of Europe's long-term financing needs - a pre-requisite for jobs and growth
2013-04-11 EDHEC-Risk Institute study illustrates that short-term risk control is not incompatible with long-term investment performance
2013-04-02 IPE: Developments in Dutch pooling
2013-04-01 Avinash Persaud: Leave risk to hedge fund and equity investors
2013-03-28 EVCA launches interactive map of private equity at work in Europe
2013-03-27 EBF publishes response to IOSCO consultation on protection of client assets
2013-03-26 EVCA and other associations begin debate on long-term investment
2013-03-26 SEI Study: Hedge fund managers face tough business climate and heightened investment expectations
2013-03-25 FSA finalises proposals for the regulation and supervision of benchmarks
2013-03-25 IMA: UK asset managers have key role to play in financing long-term projects
2013-03-25 ACCA: We need long-term thinking and an integrated approach on the road to inclusive recovery
2013-03-25 European Commission launches Green Paper on the long-term financing of the European economy
2013-03-25 Bausparkassen: EU-vote for long-term savings products
2013-03-25 EBF welcomes Long-Term Financing Green Paper
2013-03-21 European Council: New EU label for venture capital and social entrepreneurship funds
2013-03-18 EDHEC: Smart Beta 2.0 – Taking the risks of new equity benchmarks into account
2013-03-12 Barnier welcomes proposals to create European funds for venture capital and social businesses
2013-03-05 ALFI condemns Financial Transaction Tax
2013-02-28 IOSCO publishes principles of liquidity risk management for CIS
2013-02-27 Telegraph: UK leads 12-state rebellion against EC hedge fund rules
2013-02-25 IOSCO publishes Report on Investor Education Initiatives
2013-02-25 Luxembourg Exchange, Altus to develop fund market infrastructure
2013-02-22 IPE: Brussels to calibrate all Directives with long-term investing Green Paper
2013-02-21 European Equities Market: 2013 State of the Industry
2013-02-11 IPE: Swiss pensions group questions mandatory engagement
2013-02-08 IOSCO publishes recommendations regarding the protection of client assets
2013-02-06 Liikanen-light proposal exemplifies role of financial regulation in election campaign
2013-02-03 Bloomberg: Cameron demands risk UK becoming hedge fund island for Merkel
2013-01-25 EFAMA: EU asset management industry united on UK role
2013-01-14 FT: 'Dutch RDR' pressuring funds to scrap commissions
2013-01-07 SEC staff preview top hedge fund enforcement trends for 2013

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