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The European asset management industry plays a vital role in Europe’s economy. Taken together, investment funds, life insurance and occupational pension funds manage over €10 trillion. The asset management industry is also important as a driver for the integrity and efficiency of the European financial market. It accounts for a significant share of trading in equities, bonds and derivative instruments in Europe. Moreover, the asset management industry has taken full advantage of the elimination of currency risk (within the euro area) and regulatory restrictions to rebalance portfolios on a pan-European basis.

Regulation on European venture capital funds

Regulation on European long-term investment funds

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2014 Pension Funds
2014-12-19 Alfi: New legislation of the EP and of the Council on specific requirements regarding statutory audit of public interest entities
2014-12-11 IPE: IORP II compromise highlights cross-border provision in talks with MEPs
2014-12-11 ALFI's response to ESMA on the implementing measures of the Regulations on European Social Entrepreneurship Funds
2014-12-08 IPE: OECD calls for standardisation to create tradable longevity market
2014-12-05 The AMF published a guide for Midcaps to draft registration documents
2014-12-02 EFAMA welcomes Trilogue agreement on European long-term investment funds
2014-12-01 Hedgeweek: What will happen to the hedge fund industry if we experience a 2008-type market decline?
2014-11-25 Hedgeweek: Commission pool for European equities remains challenged while electronic trading continues to grow
2014-11-17 ESAs shared initial views on consumer-friendly Key Information Documents on investment products across the EU
2014-11-17 Hedgeweek: Battle for retail alternatives to intensify for investment managers in 2015, says Fitch
2014-10-17 EDHEC-RISK: The role of hedge funds in institutional portfolios
2014-10-15 FSB publishes guidance on resolution of non-bank financial institutions
2014-10-14 ESMA announces open hearing on implementation of EuSEF regulation
2014-10-13 FESE publishes a Blueprint for European Capital Markets
2014-10-10 IOSCO consults on principles regarding the custody of CIS assets
2014-10-10 Bruegel: The ECB’s ABC of ABS is missing a few letters
2014-10-07 Hedgeweek: Regulation puts US hedge funds firmly in the spotlight
2014-10-03 IOSCO issues report on market-based financing for SMEs and infrastructure
2014-10-01 PensionsEurope Position Paper on the proposal for a Shareholder Rights Directive
2014-09-29 ESMA publishes draft RTS on major shareholder disclosures
2014-09-26 ESMA consults on implementing measures for European Regulations on Social Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Funds
2014-09-19 IPE: European Commission's Lueder sets out strategy for asset management
2014-09-16 Bloomberg News: Draghi’s ABS-market revival set for boost from regulators
2014-09-16 IPE: Brussels to limit prescription in Shareholder Rights Directive
2014-09-09 IMA: Strong growth and increasing internationalisation in UK asset management industry
2014-09-03 AIMA updates its flagship Due Diligence Questionnaire for hedge fund managers
2014-08-22 ISDA response on IM segregation requirements
2014-08-21 AIMA publishes ‘The Case for Hedge Funds’
2014-08-21 Private equity exits in Central and Eastern Europe achieve third highest activity on record
2014-08-19 ISDA and AFME issue recommendations on EBA’s final draft on the materiality of extensions
2014-08-01 ESMA issued Statement on Potential Risks Associated with Investing in CoCos
2014-07-31 ESMA: Joint Committee of ESAs reminds financial institutions of their responsibilities when placing own financial products with consumers
2014-07-04 The AMF publishes its 2014 mapping of risk and trends in the financial markets and savings
2014-07-04 Hedgeweek: Confidence among asset managers will drive greater industry consolidation, says Moody’s
2014-07-01 AIMA launches OTC derivatives clearing guidelines
2014-06-30 Consob and Banca d’Italia: Consultation on hedge-fund directive
2014-06-25 AIMA Japan and Eurekahedge survey: Japanese investors planning to maintain hedge fund allocations
2014-06-24 AIMA-Barclays survey: Increased partnership between investors and hedge funds
2014-06-13 EFAMA underlines industry challenges and achievements at AGM in Bucharest
2014-06-10 ESMA/Maijoor on the globalisation of investment funds
2014-06-05 IOSCO consults on good practices on reducing reliance on CRAs in asset management
2014-05-22 FT: Asset managers seek to deflect new rules
2014-05-22 BoE and Citadel clash over SIFI status for funds
2014-05-19 FT: European securitisation - Five steps to recovery
2014-05-16 Reuters: Draft LCR poses new questions on benefits to ABS
2014-05-16 FCA/Lawton: The new market infrastructure
2014-05-12 Bloomberg: EU banks may get ABS liquidity leeway
2014-05-11 FT: Generalist asset managers wade into private debt
2014-05-08 FCA: Changes to the use of dealing commission rules
2014-05-07 SIFMA: Asset managers do not pose systemic risk
2014-05-05 MarketsMedia: EU regulators to focus on asset management
2014-05-02 Bloomberg News: Draghi's ABS plan seen helping banks, not business
2014-04-25 Reuters: ABS industry pins hopes on ECB repo criteria for rules relief
2014-04-25 FSB-IOSCO: Responses to consultation on the assessment methodology for identifying NB-NI SIFIs
2014-04-23 EFAMA: Industry welcomes European Parliament’s vote on European long-term investment funds
2014-04-22 EuropeanIssuers published its 2013 Annual Report
2014-04-22 IPE: ABP backs calls for asset manager penalty clause
2014-04-15 IOSCO research publishes paper on corporate bond markets
2014-04-14 Reuters: States say draft EU rules could undermine market benchmarks
2014-04-08 Responses to the FSB/IOSCO consultation on assessment methodologies
2014-04-07 ECB/Mersch: Banks, SMEs and securitisation
2014-04-04 BoE/Haldane: The age of asset management?
2014-04-01 Barnier: Introductory remarks at the informal ECOFIN Council
2014-03-31 SIFMA and FSR comment on dissemination of asset-level data by ABS issuers
2014-03-28 Steven Maijoor’s keynote speech at EuroFinUse conference
2014-03-27 Comments on Commission report on long-term financing: ACCA, AFME, EBF, Insurance Europe, NAPF, TheCityUK
2014-03-27 Commission roadmap to meet the long-term financing needs of the European economy
2014-03-25 Commission launches Green Paper on the long-term financing of the European economy
2014-03-24 EFAMA Investor Education report uncovers widespread financial illiteracy across Europe
2014-03-17 FESE: New industry task force to propose solutions for Europe's IPO revival
2014-03-11 IPE: Institutions ready to pour $1 trillion into European infrastructure
2014-03-09 EU abandons reform of money market funds
2014-03-03 Fitch: More blending likely for asset manager platforms
2014-02-28 Hedgeweek: Hedge fund industry performance attracts institutional investors
2014-02-28 The Trade: LEIs fail to gain traction
2014-02-27 Prop shops to rival dealer market-makers on broker SEFs
2014-02-26 Fitch: Potential EU money fund ABCP restrictions still not clear
2014-02-25 ESMA launches one-stop shop for EU regulated investment information
2014-02-24 LEIs: First part of common data format published
2014-02-18 Main results of the ECOFIN Council: Own funds / Hedge funds
2014-02-17 Reuters: EU lawmakers delay money market, benchmark rules
2014-02-14 FSB to review foreign exchange benchmarks
2014-02-12 GFMA: Legal Entity Identifiers come to life
2014-02-12 Reuters: EU executive sees personal savings used to plug long-term financing gap
2014-02-10 Hedgeweek: Regulatory change slowing growth among financial services firms, says SunGard
2014-02-10 Reuters: EU lawmakers propose pay transparency for money market funds
2014-02-07 Responses to FSB's Guidance on Supervisory Interaction with Financial Institutions: Deutsche Bank, Insurance Europe, US Chamber of Commerce
2014-02-07 ESMA tells firms to improve their selling practices for complex financial products
2014-01-29 IOSCO publishes recommendations regarding the protection of client assets
2014-01-29 Moody's: Investor shift to alternative investments is credit positive for asset managers
2014-01-28 IPE: Debate over systemic risk of asset management intensifies
2014-01-28 Hedgeweek: AIFMD - make sure you’re connected
2014-01-27 Transatlantic tug-of-war puts European hedge funds in impossible position
2014-01-27 FT: Europe asset-backed deals set for return
2014-01-24 IPE: Allocations to private equity increasing at European pension funds
2014-01-24 AFME: Securitisation report argues for broad approach to liquidity
2014-01-21 Hedgeweek: Hedge fund assets surge to record level
2014-01-16 FCA publishes finalised guidance on inducements for product providers and advisory firms
2014-01-13 Fitch updates Money Market Fund Ratings criteria
2014-01-09 EACT sends letter to EU representatives on capital market funding
2014-01-08 Fitch: New risk budgeting techniques challenged in multi-asset funds
2014-01-06 IMA launches new Global Emerging Markets Bond Sector

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