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The European asset management industry plays a vital role in Europe’s economy. Taken together, investment funds, life insurance and occupational pension funds manage over €10 trillion. The asset management industry is also important as a driver for the integrity and efficiency of the European financial market. It accounts for a significant share of trading in equities, bonds and derivative instruments in Europe. Moreover, the asset management industry has taken full advantage of the elimination of currency risk (within the euro area) and regulatory restrictions to rebalance portfolios on a pan-European basis.

Regulation on European venture capital funds

Regulation on European long-term investment funds

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2018 Pension Funds
2018-12-12 PLSA comments on Competition and Markets Authority report
2018-12-12 FCA response to the CMA’s final report on its investigation of investment consultancy and fiduciary management services
2018-12-07 ALFI response to ESA consultation on targeted amendments to the PRIIPs KID
2018-11-29 EFAMA: Industry automation rates for cross-border fund orders reached 89.4%
2018-11-12 Bloomberg: ECB's Guindos calls for tighter oversight of asset managers
2018-11-07 FCA statement on the launch of the Cost Transparency Initiative (CTI)
2018-11-06 Investment Association calls for increased transparency in the fixed income market
2018-11-05 Invest Europe: Innovation boosts Europe's lead as global investment destination
2018-10-23 Financial Times: How passive fund managers can shape the corporate landscape
2018-10-19 Financial Times: Mark Carney sounds warning over open-ended funds
2018-10-16 EFAMA launches new industry initiative to extend the European Fund Classification (EFC)
2018-10-15 EFAMA updates its recommendations for fund processing with its latest report
2018-10-11 Financial Times: Property fund managers criticise FCA proposals
2018-10-02 Investment Association calls for consumer focused approach to reform PRIIPs regulation
2018-10-01 ESAs highlight the relevance of legislative changes for the Key Information Document for PRIIPs
2018-09-24 EFAMA: Assets under Management in Europe rose to EUR 25 trillion in 2017
2018-09-20 EFAMA appoints Tanguy van de Werve as its new Director General
2018-09-05 EFAMA publishes position papers on sustainable finance package expressing support for European Commission package
2018-08-28 PLSA comments on corporate governance guidelines
2018-08-07 Investment & Pensions Europe: EC fires starting gun on development of ESG integration rules
2018-07-18 Investment & Pensions Europe: Advisers, fiduciaries respond to ‘softer stance’ from competition regulator
2018-07-13 Financial Times: Regulator urged again to act over commercial property funds
2018-07-05 Investment & Pensions Europe: UK regulator backs voluntary cost disclosure templates
2018-07-02 EFAMA publishes the 16th edition of its Fact Book
2018-06-28 EFAMA “Evidence Paper” on PRIIPs rules confirms shortcomings of the regulation for investors
2018-06-28 ESMA hosts workshop for national supervisors on closet indexing
2018-06-26 ALFI response to the European Commission consultation on depositary safekeeping duties
2018-06-26 EFAMA AGM reflects on the asset management industry’s record growth in 2017 and discusses regulatory priorities for the year ahead
2018-06-19 ALFI: Ambition remains the driver in milestone year for ALFI
2018-06-11 Investment & Pensions Europe: EU advisers approve controversial DB changes
2018-06-06 EFAMA: European investment fund net assets recorded small decline in first quarter
2018-06-04 Financial Times: Big equity funds accused of breaching EU disclosure rules
2018-05-27 Financial Times: Wealth management most fragmented in global finance
2018-05-21 Investment & Pensions Europe: European institutional investors expanding ETF usage
2018-05-15 AIMA publishes paper on omnibus cross-border distribution proposals
2018-05-09 Financial Times: ‘Alarming deficiencies’ in new European investment rules — German fund group
2018-05-09 Financial Times: The SEC’s plan to protect retail investors is short on detail
2018-05-09 ECMI: More fundamental changes in sight for the asset management industry
2018-05-01 Investment & Pensions Europe: Asset managers urged to collaborate on cybersecurity
2018-04-26 Financial Times: FCA’s Bailey slams EU’s post-Brexit plans for asset managers
2018-04-25 European Commission: Study on the distribution systems of retail investment products
2018-04-16 AIMA publishes paper on the new prudential regime for investment firms
2018-04-10 VentureEU: €2.1 billion to boost venture capital investment in Europe's innovative start-ups
2018-04-09 Investment & Pensions Europe: Fund manager rules ‘will hurt margins and boost passives’
2018-04-05 FCA sets out next steps to improve competition in the UK’s asset management industry
2018-04-04 ESMA finds high degree of asset concentration in EU alternative fund industry
2018-03-21 PLSA comments on The Purpose of Asset Management paper
2018-03-13 Financial Times: European fund sales reforms criticised by trade bodies
2018-03-12 EFAMA warns a legislative proposal at this stage can act as an additional barrier rather than facilitating cross border fund distribution
2018-03-12 Invest Europe: New private equity rules risk future funding for European companies, warns Invest Europe
2018-02-27 AIMA: HLEG on Sustainable Finance’s recommendations for asset managers
2018-02-26 EFAMA: An exceptional year for the European fund industry, with net assets of UCITS and AIF surpassing the EUR 15 trillion mark
2018-02-23 Investment & Pensions Europe: ‘Green’ asset classification system gets go-ahead from EU finance ministers
2018-02-22 Financial Times: Blockchain ‘could save asset managers $2.7bn a year’
2018-02-16 Hedgeweek: Investors have renewed optimism for hedge funds in 2018, says Deutsche Bank survey
2018-02-16 European Commission: Study on EU markets for private placements
2018-02-15 AIMA: ESRB publishes recommendation on liquidity and leverage risks in investment funds
2018-02-09 Financial Times: FCA’s Andrew Bailey: Why regulators have fund managers in their sights
2018-02-06 Hedgeweek: Blockchain is driving asset management forward, says Linedata report
2018-01-20 Financial Times: Regulators meet over ‘absurd’ performance forecasts
2018-01-10 Investment & Pensions Europe: BNP Paribas experiments with blockchain for fund trading
2018-01-08 Hedgeweek: Hedge funds are optimistic about 2018

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