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The European asset management industry plays a vital role in Europe’s economy. Taken together, investment funds, life insurance and occupational pension funds manage over €10 trillion. The asset management industry is also important as a driver for the integrity and efficiency of the European financial market. It accounts for a significant share of trading in equities, bonds and derivative instruments in Europe. Moreover, the asset management industry has taken full advantage of the elimination of currency risk (within the euro area) and regulatory restrictions to rebalance portfolios on a pan-European basis.

Regulation on European venture capital funds

Regulation on European long-term investment funds

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Pension Funds - 20228 articles out of 8.

Pension Funds - 202117 articles out of 17.

Pension Funds - 20209 articles out of 9.

2019 Pension Funds
2019-12-19 EIOPA: Advice on potential undue short-term pressures from financial markets
2019-12-18 IPE: EIOPA eyes combining DB and DC in future pension fund stress tests
2019-12-17 EIOPA publishes the results of the 2019 Occupational Pensions Stress Test
2019-11-19 IPE: ECJ ruling could further erode EU dividend tax obstacles
2019-11-19 EIOPA: Gabriel Bernardino’s keynote speech at the opening of EIOPA’s ninth annual conference
2019-11-18 IPE: No UK input to IORP stress test as EIOPA flags ‘insufficient coverage’
2019-10-01 City A.M.: New rules force pension funds to consider environmental and social factors
2019-07-10 EIOPA issues opinions on governance and risk management of pension funds
2019-07-03 EFAMA publishes the 17th Edition of its Fact Book, a comprehensive record of European investment trends
2019-06-26 IA lays out vision for the future of the investment management industry
2019-06-14 Capital markets union: Council adopts new rules facilitating access to pension products and investment funds
2019-05-29 Investment & Pensions Europe: Cost transparency poses threat to asset managers, says Moody’s
2019-05-28 EIOPA: European Commission's reply to the ESAs call to clarify the scope of the PRIIPs regulation
2019-05-23 EIOPA: ESAs propose performance scenarios options for consumer testing
2019-05-11 Better Finance: Fund managers frequently pocket large portions of the revenues of securities lending
2019-05-07 Invest Europe: Private equity investment in Europe hits new record
2019-05-06 EFAMA comments on JRC technical report on EU Ecolabel
2019-05-03 ESMA submits technical advice on Sustainable Finance to the European Commission
2019-05-03 EIOPA submits advice on Sustainable Finance to the European Commission
2019-05-02 Investment & Pensions Europe: Hedge funds warn regulators over ineffective ESG regulation
2019-04-30 Investment & Pensions Europe: EIOPA to prioritise IORP II ‘supervisory convergence'
2019-04-18 ALFI: Cross-border distribution of investment funds: a trade-off between removing distribution barriers and adequate investor protection
2019-04-17 EFAMA welcomes the final agreement on legislation to facilitate the cross-border distribution of funds
2019-04-16 Investment & Pensions Europe: Commission launches infringement action against 17 states over IORP II
2019-04-16 Investment & Pensions Europe: Moody’s: PEPP rollout to boost insurers and ESG-focused managers
2019-04-08 ESMA publishes responses to its consultation on liquidity stress test guidelines for investment funds
2019-04-04 Investment Association: New stewardship code sets the right path but falls short on several key areas
2019-03-28 ICMA AMIC responds to ESMA consultation on liquidity stress testing guidelines
2019-03-27 Investment & Pensions Europe: EIOPA industry levy scrapped from EU regulatory review
2019-03-27 EFAMA: A global 5.7 percent decrease across worldwide investment fund assets in final quarter of 2018
2019-03-15 Investment & Pensions Europe: Moody's: EU disclosure rules could benefit asset manager ESG leaders
2019-03-12 EFAMA calls for legal certainty and a compatible approach between the provisions of the new regime for investment firms
2019-03-07 ESMA report values EU Alternative Investment Funds at €4.9 trillion
2019-03-06 Keynote by ESMA Chair Maijoor at ALFI 2019 Conference
2019-03-04 UK Finance: EU rules for investment firms: what will it mean for access to non-EU investment?
2019-03-01 Investment & Pensions Europe: UK regulator demands improvement on ‘misleading’ fee disclosure
2019-02-25 EFAMA publishes its first report on the ownership of investment funds in Europe
2019-02-19 ECB: Euro area investment fund statistics: fourth quarter of 2018
2019-02-19 ALFI’s comments on ESMA’s consultation paper on integrating sustainability risks and factors in the UCITS Directive and AIFMD
2019-02-12 EFAMA response to IOSCO consultation on Leverage
2019-02-06 EFAMA statement on preliminary trilogue agreement on cross-border distribution of funds
2019-02-05 European Commission: Capital Markets Union: Agreement reached on measures to improve the EU's investment fund market
2019-02-04 FCA publishes its second set of rules following its Asset Management Market Study
2019-02-01 ICMA AMIC Response to IOSCO report: Leverage consultation paper
2019-01-30 PLSA welcomes Financial Reporting Council’s Stewardship Code consultation
2019-01-30 ALFI: Growth under pressure in a volatile environment
2019-01-17 Investment & Pensions Europe: Eurosif launches strategy review in light of ESG regulatory changes
2019-01-12 Financial Times: Fund groups gain reprieve from EU money market rules
2019-01-11 Investment & Pensions Europe: FCA warns on 'technology-led' asset management decisions
2019-01-10 Investment & Pensions Europe: EU aims to boost investment in small cap, CEE with new indices
2019-01-08 EFAMA and AMIC publish joint report on liquidity stress tests in investment funds
2019-01-07 Investment firms: Council agrees position on new regulatory and supervision framework

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