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The European asset management industry plays a vital role in Europe’s economy. Taken together, investment funds, life insurance and occupational pension funds manage over €10 trillion. The asset management industry is also important as a driver for the integrity and efficiency of the European financial market. It accounts for a significant share of trading in equities, bonds and derivative instruments in Europe. Moreover, the asset management industry has taken full advantage of the elimination of currency risk (within the euro area) and regulatory restrictions to rebalance portfolios on a pan-European basis.

Regulation on European venture capital funds

Regulation on European long-term investment funds

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2016 Pension Funds
2016-12-22 Hedgeweek: Regulations drive increased competition
2016-12-21 IOSCO monitors growing use of automated advice tools to protect investors
2016-12-20 European Commission: Central clearing requirements: pension funds to benefit from further exemption
2016-12-19 EFAMA: Worldwide regulated open-ended fund assets continue to experience steady growth in Q3 2016
2016-12-16 Capital markets union: Venture capital rules agreed by Council
2016-12-16 Investment & Pensions Europe: Investment Association 'committed' to transparency after FCA report
2016-12-15 New report from EFAMA and SWIFT confirms total industry automation rates at nearly 85% of fund orders
2016-12-15 ECB: Eurosystem adjusts purchase process in ABS purchase programme (ABSPP)
2016-12-14 Hedgeweek: Institutional investors turning to active management in 2017, says Natixis
2016-12-07 Key takeaways from the ALFI European Alternative Investment Funds conference
2016-11-30 Hedgeweek: Irish Funds welcomes proposals to amend loan fund rules
2016-11-21 Hedgeweek: MiFID II is top concern for asset managers, says State Street research
2016-11-18 FCA finds weak price competition in some areas of the asset management sector
2016-11-18 Investment Association issues initial response to Asset Management Market Study Interim Report
2016-11-18 Investment Association issues second response to Asset Management Market Study Interim Report
2016-11-18 Investment & Pensions Europe: Sweden urged to equalise protection offered to pension savers
2016-11-14 Financial Times: Asset managers face corporate governance crackdown
2016-11-10 Hedgeweek: Quant hedge funds at forefront of creating alpha from alternative data, says TABB
2016-11-07 Hedgeweek: The virtues of good data governance
2016-10-28 Hedgeweek: It all comes down to style in managed futures
2016-10-27 AMF/ AFG: Measures to promote the international development of the French AM industry and turn Paris into a leading financial centre
2016-10-25 AIMA/CAIA study: Adding leverage to a fund does not always increase risk
2016-10-24 ALFI's response to the EU Commission consultation “Review of the EU macroprudential framework”
2016-10-20 KPMG/AIMA/MFA survey finds innovation to play critical role in managing hedge funds
2016-10-18 Investment & Pensions Europe: Dutch pensions industry seeks talks over cost of regulatory surveys
2016-10-18 Hedgeweek: Brexit tops list of DFM concerns
2016-10-18 Investment & Pensions Europe: Industry experts welcome proposals for German pension reform
2016-10-17 Investment & Pensions Europe: Brussels calls for debate over pan-European pension product
2016-10-17 Reuters: How EU fund rules leave gaps in investor protection
2016-10-14 ISDA: GDP-linked bonds - a new design for sovereign debt markets
2016-10-14 Investment & Pensions Europe: UK FRC flags Brexit, dividends as year-end accounting issues
2016-10-14 Better Finance and EFAMA release a joint letter on Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products
2016-10-13 EFAMA publishes 2016 report on responsible investment
2016-10-13 ALFI response to the European Commission consultation on cross-borders distribution
2016-10-11 Investment & Pensions Europe: Brussels looks to tax reform to boost Juncker Plan
2016-10-11 Hedgeweek: Anti-money laundering regulation tops compliance concern for banking execs
2016-10-04 IPE: TPR regulatory policy lead rejects notion of UK DB affordability crisis
2016-09-30 ICMA submits response to the IOSCO Consultation Report: Examination of Liquidity of the Secondary Corporate Bond Markets
2016-09-27 AIMA announces new Chair and Board of Directors
2016-09-27 Hedgeweek: Asset managers prioritising process automation and regulatory reporting
2016-09-23 Hedgeweek: Investors increase pressure on hedge funds to lower fees
2016-09-23 ALFI response to FSB consultation on alleged structural vulnerabilities from asset management
2016-09-22 ICMA AMIC: Proposed policy recommendations to address structural vulnerabilities from Asset Management activities
2016-09-20 EFAMA: Investment fund assets worldwide see 4% increase in Q2 2016
2016-09-19 Autorité des Marchés Financiers: Cross-border distribution of funds in Europe
2016-09-19 Hedgeweek: More banks join Sentinel as initiative prepares for MiFID II
2016-09-16 Financial Times: Asset managers told to hold more capital
2016-09-12 EIOPA: Report on Good Practices on communication tools and channels for communicating to occupational pension scheme members
2016-09-12 Hedgeweek: Alternative asset managers looking to deepen ‘partnerships’ with investors
2016-09-01 ECON committee unanimously rejects Commission’s investor protection proposals
2016-08-31 Private equity investment into Central and Eastern European companies highest amount since 2009, 2015 Invest Europe data shows
2016-08-19 IPE: Negative rates confound pension fund prudent asset allocation
2016-07-28 Global private credit market growing rapidly, according to ACC/Deloitte survey
2016-07-20 ACCA: CMU delivering new opportunities for SMEs through venture capital
2016-07-14 Financial Times: Lord Hill plans EU cross-border investment legacy
2016-07-14 Capital Markets Union: new rules to support investment in venture capital and social enterprises
2016-07-06 ICMA publishes second study on the state, and future evolution of, the corporate market
2016-07-01 EFAMA response to the ESMA Consultation Paper on Draft Technical Advice under the Benchmarks Regulation
2016-06-23 FSB publishes Proposed Policy Recommendations to Address Structural Vulnerabilities from Asset Management Activities
2016-06-22 IOSCO outlines its priorities regarding data gaps in the asset management industry
2016-06-21 EDHEC: Factor investing and risk allocation: from traditional to alternative risk premia harvesting
2016-06-17 EFAMA's Annual General Meeting in Malta discusses regulatory and market activity within the funds industry
2016-06-08 ESMA issues Technical Standards for European Long-Term Investment Funds
2016-06-02 Investment Association responds to EU Commission’s consultation on cross border investment funds
2016-06-02 AIMA calls for removal of cross-border barriers to fund marketing
2016-05-31 ESMA publishes updated EuSEF and EuVECA Q&A
2016-05-26 AIC: SEC enforcement proceedings driving changes in the private equity fund industry
2016-05-23 AIC:Private equity boosts growth in specific industries in Q1 2016
2016-05-23 Hedgeweek: Asset management industry must adapt to cope with ‘triple whammy’ of threats in 2016
2016-05-13 EFAMA: Fund Processing Standardisation - Annual Report 2015
2016-05-10 InvestEurope: European private equity investment increased, fundraising and exits remain high
2016-05-06 FSB Regional Consultative Group for Europe
2016-05-03 ALFI: Asset management industry key to future growth and innovation
2016-04-29 PEGCC: Private equity growth in perspective
2016-04-26 IPE: European Commission should pursue EU-wide fiduciary duty definition
2016-04-24 Financial Times: Asset managers discount fees for big investors by a third
2016-04-22 EFAMA response on Treaty Entitlement of non-CIVs
2016-04-20 PensionsEurope quantitative assessment exercise
2016-04-17 Financial Times: EU fires ‘starting gun’ on direct lending
2016-04-12 ESMA publishes Opinion on EU framework for loan origination by investment funds
2016-04-01 FRC response to the EU consultation on long-term and sustainable investment
2016-04-01 PensionsEurope response to the Commission consultation on long term and sustainable investments
2016-03-29 MFA and AIMA file comment letter on SEC Derivatives rule
2016-03-29 SIFMA Asset Management Group recommends improvements to the SEC proposed rule regulating fund use of derivatives
2016-03-25 Financial Times: EU rules set to hurt City and asset managers
2016-03-24 ALFI responds to the EC consultation on long-term and sustainable investment
2016-03-10 TABB: European asset managers are using MiFID II as a weapon in the battle for global asset flows
2016-03-09 AIMA publishes new guide to operational risk management
2016-03-09 PEGCC: Fund managers face new pressure to specialize
2016-02-16 EFAMA: The PRIIP KID Regulation must be delayed to allow for proper implementation
2016-02-11 AIMA publishes new guide to operational risk management
2016-02-09 AIMA publishes new guide to operational risk management
2016-02-09 Financial Times: Asset managers step into the funding frame
2016-02-02 ESMA updates on supervisory work on closet indexing
2016-01-29 Insurance Europe: Proposed ESAs' key information document will not allow consumers to make meaningful comparison of investment products
2016-01-21 BIS: International central bank committees release reports on fixed income markets
2016-01-21 ELTIF Regulation takes effect: the AMF helps management firms through the authorisation, management and marketing of this new type of fund

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