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The European asset management industry plays a vital role in Europe’s economy. Taken together, investment funds, life insurance and occupational pension funds manage over €10 trillion. The asset management industry is also important as a driver for the integrity and efficiency of the European financial market. It accounts for a significant share of trading in equities, bonds and derivative instruments in Europe. Moreover, the asset management industry has taken full advantage of the elimination of currency risk (within the euro area) and regulatory restrictions to rebalance portfolios on a pan-European basis.

Regulation on European venture capital funds

Regulation on European long-term investment funds

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2015 Pension Funds
2015-12-22 IOSCO reports on business continuity plans for trading venues and intermediaries
2015-12-18 ESMA publishes report on proxy advisors’ best practice principles
2015-12-14 AIMA: Almost 50% of hedge fund firms plan to launch a new hedge fund by the end of 2016
2015-12-14 Financial Times: UK regulator to name and shame asset managers
2015-12-11 IOSCO publishes third Hedge Funds Survey report
2015-12-10 Financial Times: Asset managers pour billions into direct lending
2015-12-09 ALFI: Luxembourg ready for ELTIF
2015-12-02 AFME calls for better functioning equity markets in Europe
2015-11-30 EFAMA supports COP21 aims: Asset management industry is committed to helping investors achieve their green investment goals
2015-11-24 New report from EFAMA and SWIFT confirms total industry standardisation and automation rates continue to progress
2015-11-19 TheCityUK: UK funds under management at record £6.8trillion
2015-11-16 Financial Times: Pressure mounts on fund managers to disclose hidden fees
2015-11-16 Hedge fund diversification highlighted by AIMA, CAIA Association report
2015-11-10 IOSCO publishes final report on Standards for the Custody of CIS Assets
2015-11-10 Hedgeweek: Hedge funds confront impact of financial market regulations and challenges of evolving prime broker relationships
2015-11-09 ECB: Increase in PSPP issue share limit enlarges purchasable universe
2015-10-29 ESMA publishes responses to the consultation on Guidelines on sound remuneration policies under the UCITS Directive and AIFMD
2015-10-23 ALFI response to ESMA’s consultation on the draft regulatory technical standards under the ELTIF Regulation
2015-10-22 AMF consultation on loan origination by investment funds
2015-10-20 ESMA publishes responses to the Consultation on draft RTS under the ELTIF Regulation
2015-10-19 AIMA publishes Guide to Liquid Alternative Funds
2015-10-16 SEC staff publishes private funds statistics report
2015-10-15 EFAMA’s reply to ESMA’s CP on Draft RTS under the ELTIF regulation
2015-10-08 AFME releases first pan-EU guide on raising finance for Europe’s SMEs
2015-10-01 EVCA becomes Invest Europe: The Voice of Private Capital
2015-09-29 MFA updates equity market structure recommendations
2015-09-25 IOSCO Research reports on Corporate Bond Markets in Emerging Markets
2015-09-17 SIFMA Asset Management Group joins symbology project
2015-09-17 Hedgeweek: TeamCo Advisers releases white paper on special situations funds
2015-09-14 ALFI: Compendium of investment fund laws and regulations
2015-09-10 ALFI: Strong growth in ETFs in Luxembourg
2015-09-07 EBA updates on remuneration practices and high earners data for 2013 across the EU
2015-09-07 AFME-ICMA comments on EIOPA CP on the identification and calibration of infrastructure investment risk categories
2015-09-03 IPE: Institutions launch initiative to standardise private equity reporting
2015-08-25 AFME: Investors and brokers agree landmark share dealing code
2015-08-13 AIMA: Impact of Basel III on hedge funds and asset managers
2015-08-05 VoxEU: Are asset managers systemically important?
2015-07-31 ESMA launches consultation on draft RTS under the ELTIF Regulation
2015-07-30 FSB: Next steps on the NBNI G-SIFI assessment methodologies
2015-07-27 Hedgeweek: Compliance costs for asset managers on the rise as regulation continues to challenge industry
2015-07-10 EFAMA’s comments on ESMA’s Consultation Paper Draft guidelines for the assessment of knowledge and competence
2015-07-09 ALFI offers guidance for due diligence information packs
2015-07-06 Hedgeweek: A new era for hedge funds?
2015-07-02 PEGCC: Wyatt - The SEC’s current views on private equity
2015-06-23 IPE: Consultants warn DB pension sponsors to pay close heed to IAS 19 changes
2015-06-12 IOSCO: Public responses to consultative document Assessment Methodologies for Identifying NBNI G-SIFIs
2015-06-01 ALFI response to FSB/IOSCO consultation on NBNI G-SIFIs
2015-05-29 ICMA AMIC’s Market Finance Working Group responds to FSB/IOSCO consultation
2015-05-29 EFAMA argues against the perceived systemic nature of the asset management industry
2015-05-21 SEC proposes rules to modernize and enhance information reported by investment companies and investment advisers
2015-05-18 Hedgeweek: Private equity liquidity pool is deepening via secondary market
2015-05-07 Hedgeweek: Asset managers in battle to improve client service amidst governance and regulatory burdens
2015-05-06 AIMA: Hedge funds step up financing of the economy
2015-05-04 ECB: Interview with Vítor Constâncio
2015-04-30 AIMA published updated guide for fund directors
2015-04-29 IOSCO: Emerging market regulators aim for deeper and more resilient capital markets
2015-04-27 EFAMA annual asset management report sees strong growth in 2014
2015-04-24 Tabb Forum: Could liquidity itself shape fair and efficient market structure?
2015-04-20 Council of the European Union: Long-term investment funds - Council adopts new rules
2015-04-16 Hedgeweek: Private equity liquidity pool is deepening via secondary market
2015-04-07 Hedgeweek: The resurgence of the European hedge fund industry
2015-04-06 Hedgeweek: How is more regulation impacting fund distribution?
2015-03-27 European Commission asks Italy and Estonia to enact EU rules on Alternative Investment Funds
2015-03-24 PEGCC Q3 2014 Performance Update: Private Equity Investments best S&P 500 over long-term
2015-03-23 European Issuers: Unlocking IPOs central to delivering a Capital Markets Union
2015-03-23 IPE Views: The impact of European QE on asset allocation
2015-03-23 Fitch Ratings: Hedge funds pose most systemic asset management risk
2015-03-12 AIMA: Hedge fund managers eagerly adapt to changing markets, investors and products
2015-03-11 IPE: Approval of ELTIF framework 'essential for sustained recovery'
2015-03-09 Tabb Forum: Commission unbundling to drive asset manager shakeout
2015-02-27 PEGCC 2014 private equity exit volume highest level on record
2015-02-24 AIMA: Activist hedge funds driving improvements in company performance
2015-02-23 ALFI response to IOSCO’s consultation on cross-border regulation
2015-02-20 The AMF launched consultation on major asset disposals of listed companies
2015-02-17 OECD warns over ‘aggressive interpretation’ of bond covenants
2015-02-16 ESMA published technical advice on implementing measures on Social Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Funds
2015-02-13 The Investment Association published paper on comprehensive disclosure of costs and charges
2015-02-11 ICMA: Trade bodies launch guide to best practice for EU corporate private placement market
2015-02-09 AFME responds to IOSCO Consultation Report: Principles regarding the Custody of Collective Investment Schemes’ Assets
2015-02-03 ALFI: Let asset management industry concentrate exclusively on investors
2015-02-03 European Commission: Pension funds should benefit from a further two year exemption from central clearing requirements
2015-01-28 AIMA and CAIA launch series of hedge fund papers for pension fund trustees
2015-01-14 IPE: European pension funds reject HBS 'undermined by its own flexibility'
2015-01-09 AMF Position on Agreements on the distribution of financial instruments
2015-01-07 IPE: Foundations criticise dropping of proposed statute from EU work agenda

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