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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Payments - 20227 articles out of 7.

Payments - 202113 articles out of 13.

Payments - 202028 articles out of 28.

2019 Payments
2019-12-16 European Commission: Consumers and businesses to save money thanks to new EU cross-border payments rules
2019-12-09 EPC: 2019 Payment threats and fraud trends report
2019-11-29 EPC: The Mobile initiated SEPA (Instant) Credit Transfer interoperability guidance is published
2019-11-04 BIS: Shaping the future of payments
2019-10-24 EPC: We need a roadmap for the cashless society
2019-10-18 BIS: Investigating the impact of global stablecoins
2019-10-16 EBA publishes Opinion on the deadline and process for completing the migration to SCA for e-commerce card-based payment transactions
2019-09-20 EBF: Card payments ecosystem requires 18 extra months for SCA
2019-09-13 European Commission: Strong customer authentication requirement of PSD2 comes into force
2019-08-14 EBF: Counting down towards full PSD2 implementation in the EU
2019-07-26 EBF: Banks and third party providers agree on joint efforts regarding the transition to new payment rules
2019-07-01 ECB: Implications of digitalisation in retail payments for the Eurosystem’s catalyst role
2019-06-27 Project Syndicate: Why policymakers should fear Libra
2019-06-14 ECB: Sabine Lautenschläger: Transformation of the retail and wholesale payments landscape in Europe
2019-06-12 Financial Times: Banks warn EU rules will scupper a quarter of online payments
2019-06-07 EPC: White paper: Non-NFC based Mobile SEPA card proximity payments
2019-05-27 BIS: CPMI publishes new data on correspondent banking networks showing 20% reduction in relationships over seven years
2019-05-27 EPC: Clarification papers on SCT and SCT Inst, SDD Core and SDD B2B rulebooks
2019-05-27 ECB's Cœuré: Payments for the people
2019-05-24 EPC: The SEPA Proxy Lookup (SPL) scheme rulebook 2019 change request public consultation
2019-04-26 EBA publishes clarifications to a third set of issues raised by its Working Group on APIs under PSD2
2019-04-17 ECB: Card payments in Europe
2019-04-01 EBA publishes clarifications to the second set of issues raised by its Working Group on APIs under PSD2
2019-03-22 BIS: The future of money and payments
2019-03-18 EBA goes live with its central register of payment and electronic money institutions under PSD2
2019-03-11 EBA publishes clarifications to the first set of issues raised by its Working Group on APIs under PSD2
2019-03-07 European Payments Council's decision paper on Brexit and UK PSPs’ participation in SEPA schemes
2019-03-06 Bank of England welcomes Access to Cash Review
2019-03-04 ECB: Payments in the EU: reform on reducing charges and increasing transparency adopted
2019-02-28 ECB: SEPA migration - Impact assessment
2019-02-19 EPC: Publication of clarification paper on SCT and SCT Inst rulebooks and adherence pack to the SCT ERI option
2019-02-14 EPC: Call for change requests to the SEPA proxy lookup (SPL) scheme rulebook
2019-02-07 BIS: Distributed ledger technology and large value payments: a global game approach
2019-02-07 ECB: Promoting innovation and integration in retail payments to achieve tangible benefits for people and businesses
2019-01-30 EPC: Call for experts for Multi-Stakeholder Group on Request-To-Pay
2019-01-21 BIS: Beyond the doomsday economics of "proof-of-work" in cryptocurrencies
2019-01-18 EPC: Guidelines on cryptographic algorithms usage and key management

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Payments - 201860 articles out of 60.

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