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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Payments - 202028 articles out of 28.

Payments - 201937 articles out of 37.

Payments - 201860 articles out of 60.

Payments - 201760 articles out of 60.

Payments - 201655 articles out of 55.

Payments - 201550 articles out of 50.

Payments - 201439 articles out of 39.

Payments - 201346 articles out of 46.

Payments - 201262 articles out of 62.

2011 Payments
2011-12-31 ESBG Working Paper: SEPA or payments innovation - a policy and business dilemma
2011-12-21 EPC: 1 February 2014 deadline for compliance of Euro Credit Transfers and Direct Debits with forthcoming SEPA Regulation
2011-12-20 FAQs on the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Migration
2011-12-20 Commissioner Barnier welcomes agreement by Council and Parliament establishing SEPA migration end-dates
2011-12-20 ECON Committee: Cheaper, faster and safer cross-border payment services
2011-12-13 EPC: The 2012 Euro Payments Outlook
2011-11-30 EPC: SEPA for all - what customers want
2011-11-22 EPC publishes Mobile Contactless SEPA Card Payments Interoperability Implementation Guidelines
2011-11-17 EPC publishes new versions of the SEPA Credit Transfer and SEPA Direct Debit Rulebooks
2011-11-14 ECB: EURO1 complies with CPSS core principles
2011-11-02 EPC: SEPA Governance - setting the record straight: SEPA is European integration in action; this process allows any party to engage
2011-10-27 EPC Newsletter Issue 12 - October 2011
2011-10-26 EPC calls on European lawmakers to align forthcoming SEPA regulation with bank customer requirements
2011-10-12 Commissioner Almunia: Europe's future payments market
2011-10-04 EPC survey on existing direct debit schemes confirms: SEPA direct debit (SDD) model preferred by almost 75% of direct debit users today
2011-09-26 ABBL: Commission opens investigation into e-payment market
2011-08-31 SEPA from the perspective of ECB Executive Board Member, Peter Praet
2011-07-11 ESBG: EU Parliament Committee does not challenge European Commission’s proposal on SEPA Migration Regulation
2011-07-11 ECON Committee adopted report on SEPA Migration Regulation
2011-06-15 Bank of England working paper: Exploring central banks’ role in the payment system
2011-05-19 ECB published TARGET Annual Report 2010. The system functioned smoothly and registered a higher turnover
2011-05-09 ESBG published paper explaining a key amendment to the draft SEPA migration regulation
2011-05-05 EPC sets out SEPA mobile payments guidelines
2011-03-30 ECON committee: Draft report on SEPA
2011-03-11 Consultations open for more demanding standards for payments, clearing and settlement systems

Prior Years Reports

Payments - 201013 articles out of 13.

Payments - 200923 articles out of 23.

Payments - 200827 articles out of 27.

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Payments - 20018 articles out of 8.