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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Payments - 202113 articles out of 13.

Payments - 202028 articles out of 28.

Payments - 201937 articles out of 37.

Payments - 201860 articles out of 60.

2017 Payments
2017-12-19 EBA publishes Opinion on the transition from PSD1 to PSD2
2017-12-13 EBA publishes final draft technical standards on the future EBA register under the Payment Services Directive
2017-12-12 EPC: Guidelines on cryptographic algorithms usage and key management
2017-12-12 EBA publishes final Guidelines on security measures under PSD2
2017-12-11 EBA publishes final draft technical standards on central contact points under PSD2
2017-12-07 ECB approves major projects in field of large-value payments and collateral management
2017-12-04 European Payments Council: 2017 Payment threats and fraud trends report
2017-11-30 ECB: Digital transformation of the retail payments ecosystem
2017-11-27 EBF: Online payment standards still face obstacles
2017-11-23 PSD2/RTS on strong customer authentication and secure communication, IFR/RTS on separation of payment card schemes and processing entities
2017-11-21 European Payments Council: Instant credit transfers are now a reality in eight European countries
2017-10-30 ESBG to European Commission: Don’t expand EU cross-border payments rule to non-euro transactions
2017-10-30 ECB: Impact of digital innovation on the processing of electronic payments and contracting: an overview of legal risks
2017-10-27 EBA consults on requirements for home-host cooperation under PSD2
2017-10-18 European Payments Council: Publication of updated 2017 rulebooks for all SEPA payment schemes, with no operational impact
2017-10-16 European Payments Council: Nearly 600 payment service providers from eight countries will be ready for the launch of SCT Inst in November
2017-10-16 City A.M: IBM launches blockchain offering to consolidate cross-border payments
2017-10-13 EBA publishes final Guidelines on procedures for complaints of alleged infringements of PSD2
2017-10-03 European Payments Council: The Danish payment landscape: When instant becomes the new normal
2017-09-28 BIS: Central banks propose strategy to improve the security of wholesale payments
2017-09-26 Financial Times: Japan’s big banks plan digital currency launch
2017-09-19 FCA finalises revised Payment Services Directive requirements
2017-09-06 ECB: Payment systems: liquidity saving mechanisms in a distributed ledger environment
2017-09-06 Financial Times: The penny drops for central banks on cryptocurrencies
2017-08-30 BIS: Enhanced statistics on cashless payments and financial market infrastructures
2017-08-03 European Payment Council: Blockchain: Applications in payments
2017-08-02 EBA consults on fraud reporting requirements under PSD2
2017-07-27 EBA publishes Final Guidelines on major incident reporting under PSD2
2017-07-24 EBA consults on the future EBA register under the Payment Services Directive
2017-07-19 European Payments Council: SEPA Instant Credit Transfer scheme inter-bank implementation guidelines 2017 version 1.1
2017-07-19 Bank of England extends direct access to RTGS accounts to non-bank payment service providers
2017-07-11 EBA publishes final Guidelines on authorisation and registration under PSD2
2017-07-11 EPC: An update on the implementation of the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer scheme
2017-07-07 EBA publishes Final Guidelines on Professional Indemnity Insurance under PSD2
2017-06-29 EBA publishes its opinion in response to the Commission intention to amend the EBA TS for open and secure electronic payments under the PSD2
2017-06-29 EBA consults on central contact points under the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2)
2017-06-22 ECB to develop a service for the settlement of instant payments
2017-06-22 Insurance Europe: Concerns raised on services e-card proposal at European Parliament hearing
2017-06-13 Bloomberg: Morgan Stanley says Bitcoin needs regulation to keep rising
2017-06-08 EPC: 18 months on – Impact of the Interchange Fee Regulation on the European Union cards market
2017-06-02 EBF: Banks support ecosystem of interoperable APIs in EU
2017-05-16 EBF asks Commission to support ban on screen scraping
2017-05-11 ECB: Harmonised statistics on payment services in the Single Euro Payments Area
2017-05-05 EBA publishes final draft RTS under the Payment Accounts Directive to enhance transparency and comparison of payment account fees
2017-05-05 EBA consults on Guidelines on security measures for operational and security risks under the PSD2
2017-04-26 Bloomberg: One third happy to ditch cash as Europe looks to digital future
2017-04-16 The Telegraph: Regulating Bitcoin: how new frameworks could be a catalyst for cryptocurrencies
2017-04-05 EBA: ESAs consult on draft Guidelines to prevent terrorist financing and money laundering in electronic fund transfers
2017-03-23 European Payments Council: 2016 payment threats trends report
2017-03-21 European Payments Council: SCT Inst and CSMs: an interview with José M Beltrán of STET
2017-03-14 The EPC publishes an updated version of the White paper on mobile payments
2017-02-27 Benoît Coeuré: Blockchain for banks is a "long way off"
2017-02-23 EBA paves the way for open and secure electronic payments for consumers under the PSD2
2017-02-18 EBA consults on procedures for complaints of alleged infringements of the PSD2
2017-02-16 EBA expresses dissent over the EU Commission proposed amendments to technical standards under the IFR
2017-02-13 Hedgeweek: Blockchain to become mainstream in financial post trade market within a few years
2017-01-25 VOX: Electronic money versus money: An assessment of regulation
2017-01-19 Bank for International Settlements: De Galhau: Technological innovations in payments and beyond
2017-01-06 ECB: 2017 – a decisive year for innovative retail payment services
2017-01-01 European Banking Federation: European Interbank Compensation Guidelines – Revision 2017

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