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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Payments - 20227 articles out of 7.

Payments - 202113 articles out of 13.

Payments - 202028 articles out of 28.

Payments - 201937 articles out of 37.

Payments - 201860 articles out of 60.

Payments - 201760 articles out of 60.

Payments - 201655 articles out of 55.

2015 Payments
2015-12-08 EBA seeks input on strong customer authentication and secure communication under PSD2
2015-12-08 EBA consults on separation of payment card schemes and processing entities under the IFR
2015-12-08 EPC: Publication of vs.7.1 of the SEPA cards standardisation volume - a step towards an enhanced security of remote card payments in Europe
2015-12-03 EPC Blog: The EPC is in the front line for achieving the ERPB’s objectives that stemmed from its November meeting
2015-11-27 The EPC publishes its proposal for the design of a pan-European instant credit transfer scheme
2015-11-23 CPMI report on digital currencies
2015-11-16 Council adopts updated rules on electronic payment services
2015-11-12 Reuters: Apple and banks spoil for electronic-payment fight
2015-11-10 EPC publishes updated recommendations on SEPA customer reporting
2015-11-02 Financial Times: Visa to buy back former European arm for up to €21bn
2015-10-28 October edition of the EPC newsletter
2015-10-26 Vocalink: The Clearing House to develop a national real-time payments
2015-10-26 ECB's Mersch: Challenges of retail payments innovation
2015-10-22 Financial Times: European court ruling bolsters bitcoin
2015-10-16 Financial Times: Visa deal set to deliver windfall for european banks
2015-10-08 ECON: Opening up the online payments market, so as to reduce fees and fraud risks
2015-10-01 EPC launches a public consultation on draft revised scheme management internal rules
2015-09-29 ECB's Mersch: Means of payments and SMEs: where are we heading?
2015-09-24 EPC: First meetings of the EPC Scheme End-User Forum and EPC Scheme Technical Forum
2015-09-09 BIS: New report examines payment aspects of financial inclusion
2015-08-12 VocaLink: The changing face of payments 2015
2015-08-07 EPC: Results of latest EPC poll reveal that instant payments are most likely to trigger the next wave of innovation
2015-08-06 Financial Times: Telecom watchdog says smartphones are now UK’s preferred device
2015-07-23 Bank of England: Extending the CHAPS/CREST settlement day
2015-07-10 EPC: Outcomes following the ERPB’s meeting
2015-07-07 VocaLink: Barclays Pingit set to be first bank app live with Zapp
2015-07-07 VocaLink: The changing face of payments 2015
2015-06-30 EPC Publishes report on instant payments
2015-06-18 EPC on PSD2: Almost final – a state of play
2015-06-08 ACCA: Is an end to late payment on the cards?
2015-06-08 BIS / Liikanen: Enhancing reliability and efficiency of future payments - five criteria
2015-06-05 Electronic payment services: Council confirms agreement with EP on updated rules
2015-06-04 ECB Yves Mersch: Getting the balance right - innovation, trust and regulation in retail payments
2015-06-01 ECB: TARGET2 turnover stable in 2014, according to annual report
2015-05-06 EBF statement on EU payment services agreement
2015-05-05 EPC publishes an updated version of the document ‘Guidance on reason codes for SEPA Direct Debit R-transactions’
2015-05-05 European Parliament: Updating payment service rules - MEPs do deal with the Council
2015-05-04 EPC publishes ‘Clarification paper on the use of electronic mandate solutions’
2015-04-28 EPC: Trends expected to shape the future of payments in Europe and other regions around the globe
2015-04-03 EPC: Amendment to SEPA SMIRs and SCT, and SDD Rulebooks
2015-03-20 EBA starts work to standardise fee terminology for payment accounts across the EU
2015-03-10 EPC and Cards Stakeholders Group consult on version 7.05 of the SEPA Cards Standardisation Volume
2015-02-25 ECB: Guide for the assessment of card payment schemes against the oversight standards
2015-02-24 ECB: Ninth survey on correspondent banking in euro
2015-02-24 Reuters: Visa Europe plans new security that could pave way for Apple Pay
2015-02-11 EBF response to EBA consultation on draft guidelines on product oversight and governance arrangements for retail banking products
2015-02-10 European Payments Council 2.0
2015-01-30 EPC Newsletter: The future of payments
2015-01-26 EPC published the SDD core rulebook version 9.0 and SDD Business to Business rulebook version 7.0
2015-01-12 EPC: EU regulatory initiatives impacting the security of euro payments – the 2015 outlook

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