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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Payments - 20227 articles out of 7.

Payments - 202113 articles out of 13.

Payments - 202028 articles out of 28.

Payments - 201937 articles out of 37.

Payments - 201860 articles out of 60.

Payments - 201760 articles out of 60.

Payments - 201655 articles out of 55.

Payments - 201550 articles out of 50.

2014 Payments
2014-12-19 EBA issued guidelines to strengthen requirements for the security of internet payments across the EU
2014-12-12 EPC published the second edition of the overview of mobile payments initiatives in SEPA and beyond
2014-12-09 ECB: ERPB to address instant payments in euro and remaining SEPA issues
2014-11-25 EPC published updated version of the document ‘Clarification Paper: SEPA Credit Transfer and SEPA Direct Debit’
2014-11-25 EPC published updated versions of the SEPA Credit Transfer and SEPA Direct Debit Rulebooks
2014-11-18 ECB: Guide for the assessment of credit transfer schemes against oversight standards
2014-11-18 ECB: Guide for the assessment of direct debit schemes against the oversight standards
2014-11-07 EPC: Next steps to create the digital single market: e-invoicing continues to grow
2014-10-31 European Payments Council launched public consultation on draft revised Scheme Management Internal Rules
2014-10-31 EPC Newsletter - SEPA process going forward
2014-10-17 EPC publishes ‘Guidance for SDD B2B scheme mandate confirmations’
2014-09-18 EPC Blog: Next steps in the area of online payments – is Europe ready for e-identity?
2014-09-09 BIS: Non-banks in retail payments
2014-08-28 European Payments Council Blog - SCT and SDD
2014-08-07 European Payments Council Blog
2014-07-29 European Payments Council Newsletter July 2014
2014-07-17 EPC Blog: 1 August 2014 does not mark the end of the SEPA migration process
2014-07-10 EPC publishes guidance on SEPA Direct Debit transactions.
2014-07-01 EPC new poll on Regulation
2014-06-12 European Payments Council calls on EU lawmakers to maintain the firewall protecting consumers making internet payments
2014-06-05 ECB Working Paper: Paying for payments, free payments and optimal interchange fees
2014-05-22 ECB: Annual report shows TARGET2 processed most payments in 2013
2014-05-12 ECB: Final recommendations for the security of payment account access services
2014-05-06 EPC Blog: Evolution of the SEPA credit transfer and SEPA Direct Debit Schemes
2014-04-29 EPC: SEPA 2014 and beyond
2014-04-29 ECB: SEPA for cards - Efforts to create truly European payments area
2014-04-15 EPC Blog: Commission's PSD2 risks undermining consumers' refund right under SEPA
2014-04-03 MEPs push for card payment fee caps and online payment safeguards
2014-03-25 EPC: Considerable scope for amendment on PSD2
2014-03-21 EPC: SEPA migration regulation published in TJEU
2014-03-17 ECB/Eurosystem: Public note on security of payment account access services
2014-02-20 ECON Committee backs plan to update online payment rules, cap on card payment fees
2014-02-04 ECB endorses new guide to help assess security of internet payments
2014-02-04 Commissioner Barnier welcomes EP vote on additional six-month transition period for non-SEPA payments
2014-01-30 EPC Newsletter: Focus on legal and regulatory developments impacting the euro payments market
2014-01-22 Extension of deadline for SEPA migration: Council confirms deal with EP
2014-01-21 EPC publishes updated mobile wallet payments white paper following stakeholder review
2014-01-09 SEPA: Commission introduces an additional transition period of six months
2014-01-07 EPC & Cards Stakeholders Group publish SEPA Cards Standardisation Volume ready for market implementation

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Payments - 201346 articles out of 46.

Payments - 201262 articles out of 62.

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