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Brexit: The politics seen from both UK and Europe; the economic impacts and financial sector implications. During the pandemic, we are only updating the overall Brexit category. However, as the impact of Brexit on the City of London (and UK financial services industry generally) becomes ever-more apparent, we now provide a separate category with my articles and videos: Brexit and the City

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Brexit - 2021184 articles out of 184.

2020 Brexit
2020-12-31 FCA: Regulatory change for firms as Brexit transition period ends
2020-12-29 Bloomberg: The Key Issues Weighing on the City of London After Brexit Deal
2020-12-29 CEPS: John Bruton - The Brexit trade deal is no frictionless uncoupling
2020-12-24 FT Shrimsley:The Brexit deal is just the end of the beginning
2020-12-24 The Guardian: Brexit deal: Boris Johnson says EU trade agreement resolves 'question that has bedevilled politics for decades' – live
2020-12-24 European Council President Charles Michel on the agreement on the future EU-UK relationship
2020-12-24 EP President Sassoli: Deal on EU-UK future relations brings clarity for EU citizens and workers
2020-12-24 EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement: protecting European interests, ensuring fair competition, and continued cooperation in areas of mutua
2020-12-24 BusinessEurope:EU-UK: a deal is most welcome
2020-12-24 National Interest: Brexit Deal: Will it Make the UK Stronger?
2020-12-24 Investment Association: Brexit deal is good news
2020-12-16 Federal Trust:Are we ignoring the services sector at our peril in the current Brexit negotiations?
2020-12-16 FT: EU cannot be ‘captured’ by City of London, warns financial services chief
2020-12-14 EURACTIV: ‘Turning the tide’: Frankfurt attracts London banks
2020-12-11 Bank of England: The provision of financial services after the end of the transition period
2020-12-10 BBC Brexit: Trade deal now looking remote
2020-12-09 PCS: A new ESAs statement and Brexit – Chronicles of a Death Foretold
2020-12-08 EBA informs customers of UK financial institutions about the end of the Brexit transition period
2020-12-08 Federal Trust: Brexit and the decline of democracy
2020-12-03 NatWest's Green: A note on the implications of Brexit for the delivery of financial services to corporates across Europe
2020-12-03 LSE: A peculiar definition of sovereignty is the root cause of a failed Brexit
2020-12-02 Bloomberg: The City of London's Supremacy Goes Very Deep
2020-12-02 Bloomberg: France Floats Veto Threat Over Brexit Deal as EU Feels Strains
2020-12-01 1 month to go: FCA reminds firms to be ready for end of transition period
2020-12-01 EURACTIV: Members worry EU will bend as Brexit talks run out of road
2020-12-01 FT: Friction hampers EU drive to switch clearing from the UK
2020-12-01 Federal Trust: Starmer stymied? Labour and the future of UK-EU relations
2020-11-30 Bloomberg: London ‘Thrown to the Lions’ as Brexit Finance Deal Unlikely
2020-11-30 Accountancy Europe: Brexit, VAT and customs duty – prepare now
2020-11-26 FT: Europe’s finance sector hits ‘peak uncertainty’ over Brexit
2020-11-26 Julian King: A UK/EU deal is needed for Northern Ireland
2020-11-25 ESMA sets out its final view on the derivatives trading obligation (DTO)
2020-11-25 Federal Trust: Johnson’s Brexit Dilemma: No good outcome in sight
2020-11-24 Federal Trust:Brexit, the City and equivalence
2020-11-18 SSM: Brexit: banks should prepare for year-end and beyond
2020-11-18 LSE blog: Does Joe Biden’s election victory change the dynamic of Brexit?
2020-11-17 CER: Perfect sovereignty under Brexit will come at an economic cost
2020-11-16 IPE: Top governance group warns against ‘race to the bottom’
2020-11-16 Federal Trust: Ireland: A shared island – Brexit and a Celtic future ?
2020-11-16 Joint statement on the implementation of prudential reforms in the Financial Services Bill
2020-11-13 FT: City regulator warns on three Brexit ‘cliff-edge’ risks
2020-11-13 FCA: Towards end of the transition period: getting ready for a new environment
2020-11-10 ESMA updates Brexit statements for the end of UK transition period
2020-11-10 FT: Brussels holds out on post-Brexit financial services access for UK
2020-11-09 Reuters: Sunak says no longer waiting for EU on post-Brexit finance rules
2020-11-09 The EBA reminds financial institutions of the need for readiness in view of the Brexit transition period ending on 31 December 2020
2020-11-09 FCA responds to Treasury announcement on equivalence
2020-11-09 Chancellor sets out ambition for future of UK financial services
2020-11-09 UK Finance responds to the Chancellor's ambition for future of UK financial services
2020-11-06 Bloomberg:EU, U.K. Warn of Big Disagreements After Intensive Brexit Talks
2020-11-05 European Payments Council: Brexit reminder: how to get ready for the end of the transition period
2020-11-04 FT: UK fires warning shot at Brussels over post-transition share trading
2020-11-04 EBA: EBA sets out how prudential supervisors should take money laundering and terrorist financing risks into account in the Supervisory Revi
2020-11-03 Institute for Government: Preparing Brexit: how ready is the UK?
2020-10-29 EPC: The implications of a no-deal Brexit for the EU
2020-10-28 ESMA: Endorsement of credit ratings elaborated in the United Kingdom after end of transition period
2020-10-28 ESMA: Brexit: Impact of the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020 on the trading obligation for shares (Article 23 of MiFIR)
2020-10-28 PCS: Chances of new synthetic STS and NPL rules applying to the United Kingdom recede
2020-10-27 Bloomberg: EU Rolls Brexit Tanks Onto U.K. Hedge Fund Lawn
2020-10-26 UK Finance: UK and Japan trade deal lays foundation
2020-10-23 FT: EU explores tougher curbs on City hedge fund managers
2020-10-23 Federal Trust: A Difficult Choice for Johnson: A Brexit deal or no deal
2020-10-23 CRE: EU clients face Brexit disruption, warn UK regulators
2020-10-22 FT: Stock exchanges prepare to activate their Brexit contingency plans
2020-10-22 FT: Ireland fires warning shot to asset managers on delegation
2020-10-22 POLITICO: Three phone calls that unlocked Brexit
2020-10-21 Bloomberg: U.K. Finance Remains Downbeat on EU Access Without a Brexit Deal
2020-10-19 UK in a Changing Europe: Australia style - a model for relations with Europe?
2020-10-16 Federal Trust: Brexit: removing the connective tissue of the United Kingdom?
2020-10-16 Reuters: Moody's downgrades UK as COVID-19 and Brexit hit debt outlook
2020-10-15 FT: European businesses urge UK trade deal to avoid ‘brutal split’
2020-10-13 Der Spiegel@ A Looming Disaster - Brexit Threatens to Become the Messiest of Messy Divorces
2020-10-13 FT: UK lawyers and accountants risk losing in EU deal, warns report
2020-10-12 EIOPA calls on insurance sector to complete preparations for the end of the UK transition period
2020-10-09 CRE: UK mitigates ‘most’ risks for post-Brexit financial services but some gaps for EU clients
2020-10-08 Bloomberg: London’s Days as Europe’s Stock Trading Hub Are Numbered
2020-10-07 FT: Barnier and Frost hint at space for compromises in Brexit trade talks
2020-10-02 ESMA updates statements on the impact of Brexit on MiFID II/MiFIR and the Benchmarks Regulation
2020-10-01 FT: The City must not be forgotten in Brexit talks
2020-10-01 Bloomberg: Brexit Prompts 7,500 Finance Jobs, $1.6 Trillion to Leave U.K.
2020-09-30 IPE: Pension funds rush to move UK derivatives contracts to EU
2020-09-30 Bloomberg: U.K. Warned of ‘Consequences’ of Splitting From EU Finance Rules
2020-09-30 FT: EU won’t grant preferential trade terms to UK car industry, admits Frost
2020-09-29 Federal Trust: Brexit and Northern Ireland – a Different United Kingdom
2020-09-29 POLITICO: Brexit: UK’s Internal Market Bill passes with ease
2020-09-28 BusinessEurope: EU-UK: time is running out, a deal is needed urgently
2020-09-23 Bloomberg: JPMorgan to Move $230 Billion Assets to Germany Under Brexit
2020-09-23 CRE: London market brokers choose Belgium as top EU base for post-Brexit business
2020-09-17 Bloomberg: Biden Warns of Brexit Impact on Chances of U.K.-U.S. Trade Deal
2020-09-17 FT: Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan will break the UK union
2020-09-15 Fedearl Trust: Brexit: The choices become clearer
2020-09-13 FT: Japan trade deal commits UK to stricter state aid curbs than in EU talks
2020-09-11 Statement of the UK Coordination Group and the leaders of the political groups of the EP
2020-09-10 FT: Micheál Martin says controversial UK move risks forfeiting trust of EU
2020-09-10 Bloomberg: Why Boris Johnson’s Britain Is Turning ‘Rogue State’ Over Brexit
2020-09-10 Bloomberg: ECB Keeps Up Pressure on Banks to Deliver on Brexit Preparation
2020-09-09 Federal Trust: Brexit: Little lies have long legs
2020-09-09 FT ECB supervisors turn the screw on banks’ Brexit plans
2020-09-09 POLITICO: Pelosi: ‘Absolutely no’ US trade deal if UK breaks Brexit pact
2020-09-08 European Policy Centre: Brexit: Endgame
2020-09-07 FT: UK bid to circumvent Brexit deal risks far-reaching consequences
2020-09-02 Reuters: Britain must move now to bag new EU deal this year, EU Brexit negotiator says
2020-08-28 POLITICO: Pessimism mounts in Brussels over Brexit talks ‘disaster’
2020-08-19 POLITICO: EU banking on UK urgency to unlock Brexit talks
2020-08-18 FT: Brexit trade talks set to stall again over British truckers’ EU access
2020-08-18 CER: Five reasons why even a basic EU-UK trade deal is better than nothing
2020-08-17 City of London: Promoting global recognition of the UK’s world-leading financial and professional services offer
2020-08-17 FT: EU warns City it faces longer wait for market access after Brexit
2020-08-06 Federal Trust: Brexit: Eurosceptics don’t like what they voted for
2020-07-31 ISDA: The Impact of a Cliff-edge Brexit on OTC Derivatives
2020-07-30 EBA calls on financial institutions to finalise preparations for the end of the transitional arrangements between the EU and UK
2020-07-30 UKTPO: The Japan-UK Free Trade Agreement – Continuity or no continuity? How can it be still “ambitious”?
2020-07-24 BDI: Collapse in the negotiations on a partnership agreement is now all but inevitable
2020-07-08 FT: Hardline Brexit stance threatens City market access, UK warned
2020-07-07 Federal Trust: In a mad Brexit world, “no deal” makes some kind of sense
2020-07-06 FT: Brexit shutout looms for UK funds as market access talks falter
2020-07-04 EPC - Liddle: Heading for disaster
2020-07-02 EPC: Vox, bank capital, drawdown
2020-07-01 FCA: Building a financial regulatory system suitable for the UK in the new era
2020-06-30 Eurofi: Barnier Update on EU-UK financial services relations in the post Brexit context
2020-06-29 FT: Recriminations fly between EU and UK over financial services
2020-06-24 Financial Services Update:Written statement by Chancellor Sunak
2020-06-24 EPC: The UK’s decision to leave the EU poses a long-term threat to the European project.
2020-06-24 ICMA statement on decision of UK government not to implement CSDR-SD measures
2020-06-23 Spiegel: The UK Steers Towards a No-Deal Brexit in the Middle of the Pandemic
2020-06-17 EPC: Towards an ambitious, broad, deep and flexible EU-UK partnership? (New book)
2020-06-17 Federal Trust: UK-EU Summit: Fishy
2020-06-17 POLITICO: Brexit deal’s last hope: Germany
2020-06-17 Speech by President von der Leyen at the European Parliament Plenary on the preparations for the European Council of 19 June 2020, and the n
2020-06-17 EU-UK debate: MEPs will not back a deal at any cost
2020-06-15 Senior European Exerts: Brexit: Extending the transition period: Arguments for and against
2020-06-13 CER: EU-UK negotiations: No need to panic (yet)
2020-06-12 UKTPO: Foreign Investment as a Stepping Stone for Services Trade
2020-06-11 FT: Barnier ‘ready’ to compromise with UK in trade talks
2020-06-10 Bloomberg: Brexit Impasse Grows as EU Resists Changing Barnier Mandate
2020-06-10 FT: EU states warn Brussels of hard Brexit risk to coronavirus plans
2020-06-10 Federal Trust: Constitutional options for Northern Ireland: a discussion
2020-06-10 UK-US trade negotiations - new Lords committee seeks evidence
2020-06-10 CER: EU-UK negotiations: No need to panic (yet)
2020-06-05 Federal Trust: Brexit: How “No Deal” became the bookies’ favourite
2020-06-04 UK in a Changing Europe: Worrying services sector is so absent in UK-EU negotiations, new academic report finds
2020-06-02 The Times: We’ll compromise if you do too, Britain tells EU
2020-06-01 House of Lords: Time running out to provide certainty for Northern Ireland, Ireland/Northern Ireland Protocol report finds
2020-05-29 FT: Michel Barnier says EU remains ‘open’ to transition period extension
2020-05-29 Brexit: EBF view on the use of equivalence regimes
2020-05-22 FT's Martin Wolf: A no-deal Brexit amid the pandemic would be disgraceful
2020-05-22 Paul Goldschmid: Disappointments
2020-05-22 EPC: Why Boris Johnson won’t agree to a Brexit extension
2020-05-21 Brexit Policy Panel: May 2020
2020-05-20 The UK’s approach to the Northern Ireland Protocol
2020-05-20 FT: EU expected to balk at proposals for ‘absolute minimum’ checks on trade across Irish Sea
2020-05-20 Federal Trust's Blick: Weaponising the Exit Agreement: the ongoing Irish dimension of Brexit
2020-05-20 Institute for Government: The UK must get better at selling its deal to the EU
2020-05-20 BBC: Michel Barnier: 'Dynamism needed to avoid UK-EU talks stalemate
2020-05-19 HM Government: Our approach to the Future Relationship with the EU
2020-05-18 Bloomberg: Europe’s Next Big Gamble: That Boris Johnson Will Blink First
2020-05-15 UK negotiator Frost:
2020-05-15 Remarks by Michel Barnier following Round 3 of negotiations for a new partnership between the European Union and the United Kingdom
2020-05-15 Why Brexit divorce deal still hangs over EU-UK future-relationship talks
2020-05-13 Bruegel: The European Union’s post-Brexit reckoning with financial markets
2020-05-12 Federal Trust's Donnelly: Brexit, Transition and Ireland
2020-05-12 FT: EU increases pressure on Britain over Irish Sea customs border
2020-05-12 FT: Balls - The UK is on the horns of a dilemma in US trade talks
2020-05-01 Federal Trust/Blick: Moving beyond the Brexit divide? Options for the new Labour leadership
2020-05-01 FT Trade secrets: Brexit’s back, and this time it’s terminal
2020-04-29 European Policy Centre: The next phase of Brexit negotiations
2020-04-28 LSE's Ryan: A Joe Biden Presidency and Congress May Block US-UK Post-Brexit Trade Deal
2020-04-28 FT: Boris Johnson tells EU to shift Brexit stance
2020-04-24 UK Finance: Current State of Play: The UK’s Departure from the EU
2020-04-24 Press statement by Michel Barnier following the second round of future relationship negotiations with the United Kingdom
2020-04-21 UK will refuse any EU offer to extend Brexit transition
2020-04-15 Politico: Will the coronavirus kill the Brexit negotiations?
2020-04-08 Guardian --Brexit: UK plan to agree trade deal by December is fantasy, says EU
2020-04-01 ECB will never authorise empty shells in the euro area
2020-03-20 UK in a Changing Europe: Covid-19 and the need for a longer transition
2020-03-20 LSE: A Brexit extension will help stop this crisis becoming a disaster
2020-03-19 Future EU-UK relations: EU is offering ‘cooperation of an unprecedented nature’
2020-03-17 Financial Times: Brexit transition deadline in doubt as talks called off
2020-03-13 POLITICO: EU wants zero-tariff Brexit deal, but will fine anticompetitive behavior
2020-03-12 The Guardian: UK and EU agree to 'dial down rhetoric' in Brexit talks
2020-03-11 EurActiv: Coronavirus set to derail Brexit talks, UK minister admits
2020-03-09 BBC: Brexit: UK 'must consider deal trade-offs', says von der Leyen
2020-03-09 Financial Times: UK and EU set to table competing draft trade deals
2020-03-05 The Guardian: Barnier warns of grave differences between EU and UK in trade talks
2020-03-03 POLITICO: UK trade secretary blasts protectionism in ‘Britain is back’ WTO address
2020-03-03 Financial Times: Waiting for the golden age of Brexit trade deals
2020-03-02 The Atlantic: The unreality of the next stage of Brexit
2020-03-01 Financial Times: European companies warned over lack of Brexit planning
2020-02-28 BBC: France warns UK against 'artificial deadlines'
2020-02-27 The Guardian: UK says it will consider walking away from Brexit talks in June
2020-02-25 Vox EU: Brexit uncertainty has fallen since the UK general election
2020-02-25 EU-UK relations: Council gives go-ahead for talks to start and adopts negotiating directives
2020-02-25 EurActiv: Brexit deal will be ‘difficult’, Barnier says as ministers agree mandate
2020-02-24 City AM: French minister warns against London 'blackmail' as second stage of Brexit talks near
2020-02-24 The Independent: No-deal Brexit threat ramped up as No 10 says Boris Johnson will prioritise a clean break from EU
2020-02-22 The Guardian: Emmanuel Macron 'not sure' trade deal possible by end of year
2020-02-21 Project Syndicate: Brexit’s stealthy rationality
2020-02-20 Project Syndicate: The end of the EU’s Brexit bounce
2020-02-18 BBC: Michel Barnier: UK can't have Canada trade deal with EU
2020-02-17 The Telegraph: Britain and EU will 'rip each other apart' in trade talks, says French foreign minister
2020-02-17 Financial Times: UK Brexit chief rejects EU’s ‘level playing field’ approach
2020-02-17 The Independent: Boris Johnson could still strike Brexit deal with close EU alignment, says former minister
2020-02-13 New Statesman: Sajid Javid’s resignation is the end of an era in British politics
2020-02-13 LSE: Britain needs friends in the post-Brexit era. Alienating EU allies would be counter-productive
2020-02-12 European Parliament: EU-UK future relations: “level playing field” crucial to ensure fair competition
2020-02-11 Bloomberg: UK must agree to common rules to get deal, EU warns Johnson
2020-02-10 Paul Goldschmidt: The “Future Relationship” between the European Union and the United Kingdom
2020-02-10 Bloomberg: Boris Johnson wants to be a free trade grandmaster
2020-02-10 Bloomberg: EU toughens negotiating demands before Brexit trade talks start
2020-02-10 Financial Times: Sinn Féin success adds a post-Brexit twist
2020-02-09 Financial Times: Britain and the EU are negotiating at cross purposes
2020-02-05 Financial Times: The UK is about to shoot itself in both feet
2020-02-04 Reuters: London's financial district sees few signs of Brexodus
2020-02-04 EurActiv: UK to diverge from EU data protection rules, Johnson confirms
2020-02-04 UK in a Changing Europe: Government faces a number of tough choices in next stage of Brexit, new academic report finds
2020-02-03 EurActiv: MPs call for an Anglo-German post-Brexit ‘friendship treaty’
2020-02-03 Financial Times: The challenges facing UK-US trade talks
2020-02-03 Financial Times: Boris Johnson ready to spurn EU trade deal over rule-setting
2020-02-03 Paul Goldschmidt: The “Brexit” tree hides the forest of the challenges of globalization!
2020-02-02 BBC: 'Empathy' for independent Scotland joining the EU says Tusk
2020-02-02 BBC: Brexit: Britain 'will not be aligning with EU rules' - Raab
2020-02-01 The Independent: Trump will put US first in trade negotiations with Boris Johnson, ambassador warns
2020-02-01 The Guardian: Brexit trade talks: EU to back Spain over Gibraltar claims
2020-01-31 The Guardian: UK will not be pushover in Brexit talks with EU, says Michael Gove
2020-01-31 Remarks by President Charles Michel on the future of Europe
2020-01-30 "A new dawn for Europe" - Op-ed article by Presidents Charles Michel, David Sassoli and Ursula von der Leyen
2020-01-30 POLITICO: How Britain rejoins the EU — in a decade’s time
2020-01-30 Joint Communiqué - UK grassroots groups -Where Now for Remain? conference
2020-01-30 Brexit: Council adopts decision to conclude the withdrawal agreement
2020-01-30 Bruegel: Britain faces a triple contradiction
2020-01-29 POLITICO: European Parliament approves Brexit deal
2020-01-28 Department for Exiting the EU: UK and EEA EFTA states sign separation agreement
2020-01-28 The Guardian: EU to start talks with UK over future relationship on 3 March
2020-01-27 The Guardian: Brexit talks: UK warned it faces tough challenge against 'team EU'
2020-01-27 The Guardian: Calls for full access to EU markets without alignment 'absurd', says MEP
2020-01-27 The Guardian: Britain could lose access to EU data after series of scandals
2020-01-27 The Guardian: Barnier rejects Johnson's claims over Irish Sea trade checks
2020-01-26 The Guardian: Brexit secretary says UK will set out trade talk aims by early February
2020-01-26 The Independent: Boris Johnson’s hopes of US trade deal rest on progress in EU talks, warns Mnuchin
2020-01-24 Financial Times: EU seeks power to sanction UK over any breaches of Brexit deal
2020-01-24 EurActiv: Business leaders urge UK to loosen rules on post-Brexit migration
2020-01-24 EurActiv: Even ‘bare bones’ EU-UK deal will be complex, tough to clinch: diplomats
2020-01-24 POLITICO: Boris Johnson signs Brexit deal
2020-01-24 New Europe: Johnson’s Brexit bill becomes law
2020-01-24 Brexit: withdrawal agreement signed by the EU
2020-01-23 LSE: Membership 2.0: what the UK rejoining the EU would involve
2020-01-22 Financial Times: US threatens UK with car tariffs as digital tax row heats up
2020-01-21 The Independent: Belgian region of Wallonia vows to block another EU trade deal, in unsubtle Brexit foreshadowing
2020-01-21 The Independent: EU says Brexit trade deal needs power to fine UK if it breaks rules
2020-01-19 The Independent: Boris Johnson to impose new restrictions on EU immigration two years earlier than planned
2020-01-19 The Independent: Boris Johnson orders Trump trade talks to begin the day after UK leaves the EU
2020-01-18 City AM: UK will not automatically deport EU nationals after Brexit
2020-01-17 Financial Times: Forget staying close to EU after Brexit, chancellor tells business
2020-01-17 The Independent: UK will rejoin EU as younger voters realise Brexit is mistake, says Verhofstadt
2020-01-16 Financial Times: Boris Johnson accused of ‘brinkmanship’ by EU trade chief
2020-01-15 BBC: Brexit: EU 'won't be rushed' on trade deal, says Simon Coveney
2020-01-15 Financial Times: EU ramps up its Brexit demands
2020-01-15 Brexit: MEPs concerned about citizens' rights
2020-01-14 POLITICO: Barnier: Goods entering Northern Ireland from Britain will be checked after Brexit
2020-01-14 Financial Times: Boris Johnson admits UK might not strike EU trade deal this year
2020-01-14 BBC: Scottish independence: Johnson rejects Sturgeon's indyref2 demand
2020-01-13 Financial Times: CBI urges government to include business in post-Brexit trade talks
2020-01-09 Financial Times: Barnier sticks to firm line on Brexit talks
2020-01-09 iNews: A Brexit deal can be done by December 2020 but it won't be much of a deal at all
2020-01-09 The Guardian: UK accused of 'behaving like cowboys' over EU database copying
2020-01-09 The Guardian: Brexit 'deepening inequalities among UK nationals in France'
2020-01-08 City AM: EU chief von der Leyen: Time too short for comprehensive post-Brexit deal by 2021
2020-01-08 Financial Times: Brussels uneasy over EU citizens’ rights after Brexit
2020-01-07 Ursula von der Leyen: 'The Brexit drama is a bitter lesson for populists'
2020-01-07 POLITICO: Macron: UK must show flexibility during post-Brexit negotiation
2020-01-06 The Sydney Morning Herald: Morrison government rules out visa-free travel between Australia, UK

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