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Brexit: The politics seen from both UK and Europe; the economic impacts and financial sector implications. During the pandemic, we are only updating the overall Brexit category. However, as the impact of Brexit on the City of London (and UK financial services industry generally) becomes ever-more apparent, we now provide a separate category with my articles and videos: Brexit and the City

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Brexit - 2020273 articles out of 273.

Brexit - 2019463 articles out of 463.

Brexit - 2018454 articles out of 454.

Brexit - 2017594 articles out of 594.

Brexit - 2016682 articles out of 682.

Brexit - 2015168 articles out of 168.

2014 Brexit
2014-11-26 Policy Network: Brexit: The sleepwalking nightmare is upon us
2014-09-19 Council President commented upon Scottish referendum
2014-07-17 UK: Lord Hill is nominated as EU Commissioner
2014-05-13 FT: Olli Rehn tries to allay fears of eurozone threat to London
2014-05-11 FT: David Cameron gives guarantee on EU referendum
2014-05-01 New pro-Europe British Conservatives party to stand in EP elections
2014-03-27 GOV.UK: CfE for the balance of competences report on economic and monetary policy
2014-03-26 Richard Branson: Don't let Great Britain become Little Britain - Stay in the EU
2014-03-25 Hugo Dixon: 'The In/Out Question - Why Britain should stay in the EU and fight to make it better'
2014-03-15 Telegraph: David Cameron - My seven targets for a new EU
2014-03-13 George Soros: It is time to stand up for the European Union
2014-03-03 Simon Nixon: UK problem out of Merkel's hands
2014-03-01 Tim Oliver: The dangers of a passive expulsion of Britain from the EU
2014-02-17 VP Reding: The UK and the EU – inevitably drifting apart?
2014-02-14 President Barroso: Reforming Europe in a changing world
2014-02-13 Balance of Competences: UK Government publishes second set of reports
2014-02-10 VP Reding: The EU is stronger with the UK; the UK is stronger within the EU
2014-01-24 FT editorial: The City and the European Union
2014-01-15 'Norway model not for you', PM Solberg warns UK; Finland slams Britain's EU opt-out agenda
2014-01-13 UK House of Lords debates European Union (Referendum) Bill
2014-01-11 Telegraph: 95 UK Tory MPs call for EU law veto
2014-01-07 BBC: UK Government to 'make the case' for EU membership
2014-01-06 Guardian: Cameron's plan to rewrite EU treaties is wishful thinking, says EP president

Prior Years Reports

Brexit - 201347 articles out of 47.

Brexit - 201215 articles out of 15.