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Brexit: The politics seen from both UK and Europe; the economic impacts and financial sector implications. During the pandemic, we are only updating the overall Brexit category. However, as the impact of Brexit on the City of London (and UK financial services industry generally) becomes ever-more apparent, we now provide a separate category with my articles and videos: Brexit and the City

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Brexit - 2020273 articles out of 273.

Brexit - 2019463 articles out of 463.

Brexit - 2018454 articles out of 454.

Brexit - 2017594 articles out of 594.

Brexit - 2016682 articles out of 682.

Brexit - 2015168 articles out of 168.

Brexit - 201423 articles out of 23.

Brexit - 201347 articles out of 47.

2012 Brexit
2012-12-23 Telegraph: Germany wants Britain in the EU, says Wolfgang Schäuble
2012-12-20 Graham Bishop's Blog: UK and Banking Union – is Cameron "delusional"?
2012-11-07 DW: Chancellor Merkel prepares to charm London
2012-11-01 Nick Clegg speech on his vision for the UK in Europe
2012-11-01 WSJ: Clegg attacks Cameron over EU
2012-10-30 Telegraph: Britain 'sorely needed' in EU, says German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble
2012-10-22 Prime Minister Cameon's statement on European Council
2012-10-21 FT: Merkel to warn UK on Europe budget veto
2012-10-10 DW: UK should 'make up its mind' on Europe
2012-10-07 FT: UK austerity squeeze set to run until 2018
2012-10-01 Telegraph: Europe blames UK for the eurozone debt crisis, says MEP Sharon Bowles
2012-09-24 Sharon Bowles: Europe negativity risks marginalising UK
2012-07-25 House of Lords EU Committee: Is UK exit from EU inevitable?
2012-05-28 FT: Cameron in eurozone contingency talks
2012-04-20 Statement by IMF MD Christine Lagarde on pledges by Australia, Korea, Singapore and the UK to increase IMF resources by about $41 billion

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