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Capital Markets Union: The objectives

  • develop a more diversified financial system complementing bank financing with deep and developed capital markets

  • unlock the capital around Europe which is currently frozen and put it to work for the economy, giving savers more investment choices and offering businesses a greater choice of funding at lower costs

  • establish a genuine single capital market in the EU where investors are able to invest their funds without hindrance across borders and businesses can raise the required funds from a diverse range of sources, irrespective of their location

Source: European Commission (more explanation here)

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Capital Markets Union - 2022116 articles out of 116.

2021 Capital Markets Union
2021-12-10 ISDA: Contractual Standards for Digital Asset Derivatives
2021-12-09 ICMA proposal for a new post-trade transparency regime for the EU corporate bond market
2021-12-07 EuropeanIssuers: European listed companies discussed the EU regulatory environment at the EuropeanIssuers Capital Markets Webinar Series
2021-12-03 ESMA publishes latest edition of its newsletter
2021-12-02 MEPs assessed the Commission’s plans to boost capital markets in the EU
2021-12-01 EBF: CMU - How to foster investors’ participation in EU Capital Markets in a changing environment?
2021-12-01 AFME: The importance of private securitisation markets to the real economy & demonstrates high standards of disclosure by marke
2021-12-01 Capital Markets Union: Commission proposes new measures to boost Europe's capital markets
2021-11-29 ICMA publishes preliminary thoughts on EC's CMU package
2021-11-26 EFAMA welcomes proposal on affordable consolidated tape - The association continues to urge action on market data costs
2021-11-25 Bloomberg: Europe Pushes Ahead on Long-Awaited Capital Markets Union
2021-11-22 AFME: Understanding EU Bond Market Structure and Dynamics
2021-11-22 ESMA publishes draft commodity derivative technical standards under MiFID II Recovery Package
2021-11-22 EBA publishes its final revised Guidelines on internal governance for investment firms under the Investment Firms Directive
2021-11-17 BIS: Non-bank financial institutions and the functioning of government bond markets
2021-11-05 AFME: Guiding Principles for Data Sharing - A Perspective for European Capital Markets
2021-10-28 IOSCO updates its outsourcing principles to ensure operational resilience
2021-10-26 BIS: Review of margining practices
2021-10-21 AFME report tracks European capital markets performance in 2021
2021-10-20 FT: Brussels vows ‘no cliff edge’ over EU banks’ access to UK clearing
2021-10-15 Invest Europe considers implications for the EU financing ecosystem of changes to EU State Aid rules
2021-10-13 Bloomberg: EU in Talks to Delay Reforms for $61 Trillion Securities Market
2021-10-12 EBF paper on the review of the EU securitisation framework
2021-10-12 ICMA Quarterly Report Fourth Quarter 2021
2021-10-08 Reuters: Better data needed for reform of EU trading rules-official
2021-10-08 AFME says Consolidated Tape must strike right balance
2021-10-05 FESE: New analysis of consolidated tape models recommends balanced approach
2021-10-04 ISDA: Landmark Change in Interest Rate Derivatives Market as New Definitions Take Effect
2021-09-29 ICMA publishes overview of the European commercial paper market and recommendations for future market development
2021-09-28 Insurance Europe: Insurers call for refinements to facilitate more securitisation investment to underpin EU economic growth
2021-09-27 ALFI responds to the EC consultation on the functioning of the EU securitisation framework
2021-09-22 ICMA AMIC responds to EC consultation to review the EU securitisation regulation (SECR)
2021-09-07 IOSCO publishes results of examination of ETF behavior during COVID-19 induced market stresses
2021-08-05 Insurance Europe: EU Retail Investment Strategy chance to address disclosure flaws, information overload and facilitate more retail investme
2021-08-04 EFAMA: EU retail investments: comprehensive strategy to increase retail investor participation required
2021-08-03 BETTER FINANCE response to the European Commission’s Public Consultation on the EU Strategy for Retail Investors
2021-08-03 Commission: Calls for advice to the European Supervisory Authorities on the protection of retail investors
2021-07-30 European Commission consultation on retail investment strategy: EBF Response
2021-07-30 AFME calls for action on mandatory buy-in rules
2021-07-16 AFME: Industry calls for clarity on mandatory buy-in rules
2021-07-14 ESMA publishes methodology for assessing third country CCPs systemic importance
2021-07-14 The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the EU’s securities markets regulator, today launched seven public consultations to ga
2021-07-09 European Crowdfunding Service Providers for Business(Regulation (EU) 2020/1503)
2021-07-09 The International Capital Market Association's Assessment of Market Practice and Regulatory Policy
2021-07-02 EFAMA urges changes to Mandatory Buy In (MBI) implementation timetable
2021-06-30 EBA consults on technical standards on risk retention requirements under the Securitisation Regulation
2021-06-24 The European Commission, ECB Banking Supervision, EBA and ESMA encourage market participants to cease all LIBOR settings.
2021-06-24 ISDA: A Big Jump to the Digital Age
2021-06-24 IA: nvestors say collective efforts must be intensified as final stage of LIBOR-linked bond transition approaches
2021-06-18 European Commisssion: Targeted consultation on improving transparency and efficiency in secondary markets for non-performing loans (NPLs)
2021-06-18 Insurance Europe: Insurers welcome EC supervisory data strategy for EU financial system, but say benefits must outweigh costs
2021-06-16 ESMA publishes its 2020 Annual Report
2021-06-15 AFME calls for renewed efforts towards Banking Union and Capital Markets Union to deepen Europe’s financial integration
2021-06-09 ESMA Risk Dashboard No. 1 2021
2021-06-08 GBIC comments on the European Commission's consultation on supervisory convergence and the single rulebook (ESA review 2021)
2021-06-07 Insurance Europe: No need for new initiatives regarding further powers for EIOPA
2021-06-07 DG FISMA: Staff working document – Monitoring progress towards a capital markets union: a toolkit of indicators
2021-06-07 Banque de France Beau: Denis Beau: The Euro area sovereign debt markets in the crisis - role and impact on financial stability perspectives
2021-06-02 ISCO Board: Statement on Benchmarks Transition
2021-06-01 FESE:Europe must foster transparent markets to remain competitive
2021-05-28 ISAD: News Lessons Learned from Crisis
2021-05-28 ESMA Newsletter May 2021
2021-05-26 ESMA responds to European Commission consultation on the ESAs
2021-05-26 ESMA letter to EC regarding the Review of the CSDR
2021-05-21 ALFI responds to the European Commission consultation on supervisory convergence and the single rulebook
2021-05-19 New ICMA industry guide to definitions and best practice for bond pricing distribution
2021-05-14 ECB Banking Supervision to supervise securitisation requirements for banks
2021-05-13 BDB: Comments of the Association of German Banks on the new capital markets union action plan
2021-05-12 ESMA: Guidelines on outsourcing to cloud service providers
2021-05-05 SUERF: How the Capital Markets Union can help Europe avoid a liquidity trap
2021-05-05 BCBS, CPMI and IOSCO survey clients and non-bank intermediaries on margin calls
2021-05-01 ESMA makes new bond liquidity data available
2021-04-23 CEPS: Study on the Non-Financial Reporting Directive
2021-04-21 ISDA Margin Survey Year-End 2020
2021-04-14 ICMA Quarterly Report Second Quarter 2021
2021-04-01 FT: Archegos debacle reveals hidden risk of banks’ lucrative swaps business
2021-03-30 ICMA updates repo best practices to support post-trade efficiency
2021-03-26 ESMA advises on framework for data reporting service providers
2021-03-26 PCS: European Parliament votes the new securitisation rules
2021-03-25 Better Finance: Capital Markets Union at Risk as European “Retail” Investors have less and less access to Equity Market Data
2021-03-24 ICMA publishes landmark 40th survey of the European repo market
2021-03-24 ISAD: Creating a Better Test for Capital
2021-03-23 CEPS: Can responsible investing encourage retail investors to invest in equities?
2021-03-23 Vox: ‘Dash for cash’ versus ‘dash for collateral’: Market liquidity of European sovereign bonds during the Covid-19 crisis
2021-03-19 Insurance Europe: European Single Access Point should prioritise ESG data required to fulfil EU sustainability requirements
2021-03-17 ESMA Report on Trends, Risks and Vulnerabilities
2021-03-15 AFME: Securitisation can be a key driver for a post-pandemic sustainable recovery
2021-03-05 IOSCO Reviews Implementation of Liquidity Risk Management Recommendations and Market Participants´ Responses to COVID-19 Induced Market Stre
2021-03-05 ISDA Statement on UK FCA LIBOR Announcement
2021-03-05 EFAMA responds to IOSCO Consultation on Market Data in Secondary Equity Market
2021-03-05 ALFI responds to European Commission targeted consultation on the establishment of an ESAP
2021-03-02 EuropeanIssuers welcomes the Capital Markets Union New Action Plan but emphasises its lack of ambition for issuers
2021-03-01 ICMA responds to IOSCO survey on bond ETF in the context of March/April 2020 market meltdown
2021-02-26 IOSCO publishes work program for 2021-2022
2021-02-22 FT: Bond trading finally dragged into the digital age
2021-02-22 ALFI provides feedback regarding the draft EC’s implementing decision on the equivalence with the US to exchange collateral
2021-02-17 ISDA's O`Malia: Time to Digitize Trade Reporting
2021-02-17 ESMA highlights risks to retail investors of social media driven share trading
2021-02-15 Capital Market Union Action Plan: EBF High-Level Position
2021-02-03 The Incvestment Association: Investors call on companies to take urgent action and transition their LIBOR-linked bonds
2021-02-02 Financial benchmarks: Council adopts new rules addressing LIBOR cessation
2021-01-27 ISDA: A Big Milestone for Benchmark Reform
2021-01-26 EFAMA Transforming ELTIFs into a product of choice for investors
2021-01-26 Insurance Europe: European Long-Term Investment Funds review must make the funds more attractive to long-term investors, like insurers
2021-01-22 Invest Europe: Let’s just… not build a wall
2021-01-20 AFME: Equity and hybrid markets hold solution to European COVID-19 corporate recapitalisation
2021-01-11 FCA: The final countdown: Completing sterling LIBOR transition by end-2021
2021-01-07 ICMA Quarterly Report First Quarter 2021

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