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Capital Markets Union: The objectives

  • develop a more diversified financial system complementing bank financing with deep and developed capital markets

  • unlock the capital around Europe which is currently frozen and put it to work for the economy, giving savers more investment choices and offering businesses a greater choice of funding at lower costs

  • establish a genuine single capital market in the EU where investors are able to invest their funds without hindrance across borders and businesses can raise the required funds from a diverse range of sources, irrespective of their location

Source: European Commission (more explanation here)

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Capital Markets Union - 2022116 articles out of 116.

Capital Markets Union - 2021110 articles out of 110.

Capital Markets Union - 2020116 articles out of 116.

2019 Capital Markets Union
2019-12-20 ICMA: European bond markets still facing challenges in 2nd year of MiFID II/R implementation
2019-12-20 Joint position paper from the ESA stakeholder groups on the ESA review
2019-12-20 ESMA: further action needed on fees for credit ratings and Trade Repository services
2019-12-18 BIS: Central counterparty exposure in stressed markets
2019-12-18 ESMA proposes strengthened rules to address undue short-termism in securities markets
2019-12-17 Recent Developments in European Capital Markets: Key findings from the 2018 ECMI Statistical Package
2019-12-17 FSB sets out 2020 work programme
2019-12-16 IOSCO consults on measures to reduce conflict of interests in debt capital raising
2019-12-13 ESMA: Procedural rules for penalties imposed on Third-Country CCPs, TRs and CRAs
2019-12-10 ESMA publishes report on the responses received to its consultation on the ELTIF regulation
2019-12-09 ESMA values EU derivatives markets at €735tn
2019-12-05 ESMA publishes proposals on CRAs internal control functions
2019-12-05 BIS - Claudia Buch: Capital Markets Union - a central banking perspective on the way forward
2019-12-05 IPE: Dutch pension fund body sets out stall on CMU agenda
2019-12-04 Clearing houses: Council adopts position on recovery and resolution
2019-12-04 The AMF publishes a review of its thematic inspections on securities financing transactions
2019-11-29 ESMA sees continued high market risk amid deteriorating economic fundamentals
2019-11-28 ESMA's Maijoor: Assessing the role of IFRS in building stronger European Capital Markets
2019-11-28 EBF: Paris hears call for urgent action to develop EU capital markets
2019-11-27 ICMA: New market buy-in regime threatens European bond market liquidity
2019-11-27 ESMA publishes responses to consultation on aligning MiFIR to the changes introduced by EMIR Refit
2019-11-25 AFME: Europe’s unfinished business – what is left to do on CMU?
2019-11-22 Bank of France's Beau: What policy framework to help building innovation and growth into Europe's capital market?
2019-11-21 EBA consults on specific supervisory reporting requirements for market risk
2019-11-18 BIS: Revisions to market risk disclosure requirements
2019-11-18 Commission announces the composition of a High-Level Forum to take forward the Capital Markets Union
2019-11-15 ISDA publishes results of consultation on final parameters for benchmark fallback adjustments
2019-11-15 Financial Times: EU to extend temporary access to UK clearing houses
2019-11-14 FSB report highlights need to address remaining resolution gaps
2019-11-08 Capital Markets Union: Council adopts legislative reforms
2019-11-07 Remarks of Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis at Bloomberg Event “Rebooting the Capital Markets Union”
2019-11-04 Opening Statement by ESMA Chair Steven Maijoor at ECON Hearing
2019-11-04 Financial Times: Can the EU’s failed Capital Markets Union be revived?
2019-10-31 ESMA report sees decrease in prospectus activity for 2018
2019-10-29 ECA: Auditors to look at the action taken by the Commission to foster an EU Capital Markets Union
2019-10-21 FCA: Regulation in a changing world
2019-10-21 ISDA publishes report summarizing results of benchmark fallbacks consultation on pre-cessation issues
2019-10-17 ESMA sees significant room for improvement in national regulators’ supervision of derivatives data
2019-10-16 AFME: Capital Markets Union – Key Performance Indicators
2019-10-15 FSB reports on implementation of OTC derivative reforms
2019-10-15 Capital markets union: Council adopts new clearing house rules
2019-10-14 Steven Maijoor addresses EU-Asia Financial Dialogue at ASIFMA Annual Conference 2019, Tokyo
2019-10-10 The European Commission launches a public consultation on the review of the EU benchmark regulation
2019-10-10 European Commission: High-Level Forum on capital markets union
2019-10-09 BIS: Report sets out governance of key OTC derivatives data elements
2019-10-08 ESMA adopts MAR standards on supervisory cooperation
2019-10-08 ESMA publishes final report on CSDR Guidelines on standardised procedures and messaging protocols
2019-10-04 ESMA consults on MiFIR alignment following the introduction of EMIR Refit
2019-10-03 ESMA consults on MAR review
2019-10-01 ESMA prepares for new responsibilities in 2020
2019-09-30 IOSCO publishes updates to peer reviews of regulation of MMFs and securitisation
2019-09-26 Markets4Europe campaign presents recommendations for building a truly integrated capital markets union in the EU
2019-09-25 Steven Maijoor - introductory remarks to the 2nd Roundtable on Euro Risk Free Rate
2019-09-24 ESMA publishes study on the exposure of the EU fund industry to CLOs
2019-09-19 AFME Annual Review 2019 - Europe’s Capital Markets: The next phase and new challenges
2019-09-16 AFME: Introduction to CSDR settlement discipline
2019-09-16 Financial Times: London strengthens grip on currencies market, BIS survey shows
2019-09-10 IMF - A Capital Market Union for Europe: Why it’s needed and how to get there
2019-09-10 ESMA – Investors face increasing risks amid renewed market volatility
2019-09-09 ECB's De Guindos: Growth and competitiveness in the euro area
2019-07-31 IOSCO issues Statement on Benchmarks Transition
2019-07-30 ISDA publishes preliminary results of supplemental benchmark fallbacks consultation
2019-07-29 ICMA publishes briefing on the importance of integrated capital markets and CMU
2019-07-25 ISDA's O’Malia: Trade local, manage global
2019-07-15 CER: The Capital Markets Union: Should the EU shut out The City of London?
2019-07-10 AFME: Finance for Europe – Building competitive, resilient and integrated financial markets
2019-07-09 CFTC and SEC invite comments on a proposal to align margin requirements for security futures with requirements for similar financial product
2019-07-03 FCA proposes ban on sale of crypto-derivatives to retail consumers
2019-07-01 ESMA ceases renewal of product intervention measure relating to binary options
2019-06-28 AFME: CMU - Recommendations for increasing the success of utilities projects
2019-06-27 EBA publishes its roadmap for the new market and counterparty credit risk approaches
2019-06-25 CEPS: A market finance action plan to revitalise Capital Markets Union
2019-06-25 ECB's Cœuré: European capital markets: priorities and challenges
2019-06-24 ESMA consults on short-termism in financial markets
2019-06-24 CEPS-ECMI Task Force: Rebranding Capital Markets Union: A market finance action plan
2019-06-21 IOSCO examines liquidity in corporate bond markets under stressed conditions
2019-06-20 ISDA: Regulatory certainty is crucial
2019-06-17 ISDA: Implementation of margin requirements and market fragmentation
2019-06-10 ISDA's O’Malia: Benchmarks and accounting
2019-06-06 EBF: Markets4Europe to push for reforms of EU financial markets for the benefit of companies and investors
2019-06-05 ISDA: Trade life cycle events guide for non-cleared margin
2019-06-04 FSB publishes report on market fragmentation
2019-06-04 FSB publicly consults on resolution-related disclosures and on the operationalisation of bank recovery and resolution
2019-06-04 IOSCO examines regulatory-driven market fragmentation and considers how to enhance cross-border cooperation
2019-06-04 Steven Maijoor addresses FESE 2019 Convention Opening Dinner
2019-06-04 Financial Times: EU urges London to reveal no-deal Brexit plans for share trading
2019-06-02 Financial Times: The EU needs to pick up the pace on capital markets union
2019-05-29 Proposed amendments to 2014 ISDA credit derivatives definitions for NTCEs – outstanding principal balance
2019-05-29 ISDA: Another step to benchmark fallbacks
2019-05-28 PCS: Long awaited homogeneity RTS is out
2019-05-28 FSB publishes peer review of implementation of the Legal Entity Identifier
2019-05-24 ESMA launches call for evidence on position limits in commodity derivatives
2019-05-23 ECB's De Guindos - Building the EU’s capital markets: what remains to be done
2019-05-17 Financial Times: EU trio tries to quicken drive to more integrated capital markets
2019-05-16 Keynote speech by Verena Ross at the ICMA Conference 2019
2019-05-16 EurActiv: Capital markets need to start making sustainability mainstream
2019-05-15 ESMA says market risk remains high but stable
2019-05-13 ESMA issues two positive opinions on national product intervention measures
2019-05-10 SEC proposes actions to improve cross-border application of security-based swap requirements
2019-05-07 The Autorité des marches financiers publishes its 2018 annual report
2019-05-03 ISDA: Focus IM rules on risk and readiness
2019-04-30 ECB: Results of the March 2019 survey on credit terms and conditions in euro-denominated securities financing and OTC derivatives markets
2019-04-18 Capital Markets Union: European Parliament backs key measures to boost jobs and growth
2019-04-15 Bank of England: Fees regime for financial market infrastructure supervision 2019/20 and other related policy changes
2019-04-11 AFME: The new Financial Global Capital Markets Growth Index
2019-04-09 ICMA publishes 2019 legal opinions on global master repo agreement
2019-04-08 Joint trade associations letter on the equivalence of EEA trading venues
2019-04-08 Report on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on sovereign bond-backed securities
2019-04-05 Remarks by Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis at the informal ECOFIN press conference in Bucharest
2019-04-04 Speech by Vice-President Dombrovskis at the Eurofi High-level Seminar 2019 - Bucharest, Romania
2019-03-29 BIS: 2019 Triennial central bank survey of foreign exchange and OTC derivatives markets
2019-03-28 ESMA consults on draft ELTIF technical standards
2019-03-25 IOSCO publishes first annual work program to enhance the efficacy of its work
2019-03-20 Capital Markets Union: Council confirms final agreement on easier access to financial markets for SMEs
2019-03-19 ISDA, SIFMA, ABA, BPI and FIA comment on proposed standardized approach for calculating exposure amount of derivatives
2019-03-15 Capital Markets Union: Commission reports on progress achieved ahead of European Council
2019-03-15 FSB letter to ISDA about derivative contract robustness to risks of interest rate benchmark discontinuation
2019-03-12 Remarks by Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis at the ECOFIN press conference
2019-03-07 Capital Markets Union: Commission welcomes agreement on sustainable investment disclosure rules
2019-03-06 Capital Markets Union: Commission welcomes agreement on new rules to further improve access to capital markets for smaller businesses
2019-02-27 Capital markets union: political agreement reached on EU framework for covered bonds
2019-02-26 Joint statement by UK and US authorities on continuity of derivatives trading and clearing post-Brexit
2019-02-26 Capital Markets Union: Agreement simplifies rules for investment firms to support open and vibrant capital markets
2019-02-18 ESMA renews binary options prohibition for a further three months from 2 April 2019
2019-02-15 EU and global securities regulators welcome agreement on data transfer
2019-02-15 ECB: Working paper: The anatomy of the euro area interest rate swap market
2019-02-14 The Bank of England's supervision of financial market infrastructures - Annual Report 2019
2019-02-12 FSB publishes its 2019 work programme
2019-02-06 ISDA: A solution for the IM big bang
2019-02-04 FSB publishes Global Monitoring Report on Non-Bank Financial Intermediation 2018
2019-02-01 ESMA and EU securities regulators agree no-deal Brexit MoUs with FCA
2019-01-30 ESMA updates plan for systematic internaliser regime calculations and publications
2019-01-30 ESMA updates Q&A on Benchmark Regulation
2019-01-17 BIS: Committee on the Global Financial System report outlines ways to boost domestic capital markets
2019-01-17 Bruegel: Analysis of developments in EU capital flows in the global context
2019-01-17 Bruegel: Equity finance and capital market integration in Europe
2019-01-15 ICMA ERCC publishes a briefing note on the European repo market at 2018 year-end
2019-01-11 The Autorité des marchés financiers unveils its priorities for 2019

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