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Capital Markets Union: The objectives

  • develop a more diversified financial system complementing bank financing with deep and developed capital markets

  • unlock the capital around Europe which is currently frozen and put it to work for the economy, giving savers more investment choices and offering businesses a greater choice of funding at lower costs

  • establish a genuine single capital market in the EU where investors are able to invest their funds without hindrance across borders and businesses can raise the required funds from a diverse range of sources, irrespective of their location

Source: European Commission (more explanation here)

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Capital Markets Union - 2021110 articles out of 110.

Capital Markets Union - 2020116 articles out of 116.

Capital Markets Union - 2019138 articles out of 138.

Capital Markets Union - 2018128 articles out of 128.

Capital Markets Union - 201792 articles out of 92.

Capital Markets Union - 201675 articles out of 75.

2015 Capital Markets Union
2015-12-22 ICMA ERCC Ops Group publishes overview on SFT reporting regulations and impact analysis
2015-12-16 EBA defines harmonised prudential requirements for Central Securities Depositories (CSDs)
2015-12-14 TheCityUK: IRSG responds to the Commission’s Action Plan on ‘Building a Capital Markets Union’
2015-12-11 European IPO Task Force achieved its objective of offering solutions to Europe's IPO challenges
2015-12-09 EU Associations support Increased Equity Market Financing
2015-11-30 The Commission proposes to overhaul prospectus rules to improve access to finance for companies and simplify information for investors
2015-11-30 EuropeanIssuers welcomes proposed new EU Prospectus rules
2015-11-30 CPMI and the IOSCO published the report on assessment and review of application of responsibilities for authorities
2015-11-25 Financial benchmarks: Commission welcomes agreement on new rules to prevent manipulation
2015-11-24 FEE/ESBG/UEAPME: EU associations trio strongly involved with SMEs forge common CMU position
2015-11-18 FSB publishes Standards and Processes for Global Securities Financing Data Collection and Aggregation
2015-11-18 ICMA: Post crisis regulation is driving radical change in the European repo market
2015-11-11 Council Conclusions on the Commission Action Plan on building a Capital Markets Union
2015-11-02 ISDA Publishes 2015 Section 871(m) Protocol
2015-10-29 ISDA: Cross-border fragmentation of global interest rate derivatives - The new normal?
2015-10-29 Hedgeweek: Interest rate derivatives trading going electronic, but investors still value sell-side relationships
2015-10-28 EurActiv: Europe’s Capital Markets Union needs to be climate proofed
2015-10-22 ESMA prepares for entering into force of amended Transparency Directive
2015-10-20 European Commission: Commissioner Hill at the ECMI Annual Conference
2015-10-19 CFS: Financial industry considers Capital Markets Union useful
2015-10-16 FeBAF and TheCityUK: increased European competitiveness relies on a Capital Markets Union
2015-10-14 Bloomberg: It's Quantitative Easing, Europe, But Not as We've Known It
2015-10-14 ECB: The future of Europe’s financial market infrastructure - the Eurosystem’s Vision 2020
2015-10-09 ECB: Euro area economic outlook, the ECB’s monetary policy and current policy challenges
2015-10-08 EurActive / AFME's Lewis: Will a CMU deliver vital funding for Europe’s SMEs?
2015-10-08 The AMF launches a new public consultation on the changes to its General Regulation
2015-10-02 FESE welcomes CMU Action Plan as vital step to more equity capital financing
2015-10-02 FEE: European accountants for more integrated EU Capital markets
2015-10-01 TheCityUK responds to the European Commission’s Action Plan on Capital Markets Union
2015-10-01 FSB releases progress report on FX benchmark reforms
2015-10-01 EFAMA reiterates support to a capital markets union which will deepen the single market and investor protection
2015-10-01 AIMA welcomes Capital Markets Union proposals
2015-10-01 EVCA:Venture capital to play central role in Capital Markets Union
2015-09-30 European Commission: Capital Markets Union - an Action Plan to boost business funding and investment financing
2015-09-30 EBF: CMU Action Plan puts Europe on track towards growth
2015-09-29 ICMA: Growth in the European repo market is stalled
2015-09-29 Financial Times/Hill: A stronger capital markets union for Europe
2015-09-25 ESMA publishes draft RTS on European Electronic Access Point
2015-09-25 ESMA consults on the European Single Electronic Format
2015-09-25 POLITICO: Coming soon, to a capital market near you…
2015-09-24 AFME’s new model clause creates harmonisation for implementing contractual recognition of bail-in
2015-09-22 Recent FSB reports to G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors
2015-09-21 ICMA-NAFMII Working Group issues report on Practices and Procedures in the Chinese and International Primary Debt Capital Markets
2015-09-18 Hedgeweek: CFTC settles charges against Bitcoin options trading platform operator Coinflip and CEO
2015-09-17 ISDA launches new industry initiative for a Derivatives Product Identification Standard
2015-09-15 EMF-ECBC responds to BCBS consultation on interest rate risk in the banking book
2015-09-14 Open Markets: Europe's search for capital
2015-09-10 ECB: Medium to long-term priorities of CMU for the ECB/Eurosystem
2015-09-10 Hedgeweek: Guernsey extends market access to EU countries under AIFMD
2015-09-04 EurActiv: Capital Markets Union another obstacle for FTT
2015-09-03 CEPS: Sixth year of contraction in European private credit markets, despite a stabilisation on the housing market
2015-08-28 ECON: Draft report on stocktaking and challenges of the EU Financial Services Regulation
2015-07-30 IOSCO publishes Thematic Review of Implementation Progress in Regulation of DMI
2015-07-30 AMF is strengthening its policy on the obligations of discretionary portfolio management with respect to retail clients
2015-07-30 IOSCO publishes review of the timeliness and frequency of disclosure to investors
2015-07-27 ICMA ERC Guide to best practice in the European Repo Market
2015-07-23 Bank of England: Extending the CHAPS/CREST settlement day
2015-07-23 BIS / Weidmann: Financial market integration from a central banking perspective
2015-07-22 EurActiv: Ten tips for a successful CMU
2015-07-16 BIS / Dombret: Monetary union, banking union, capital markets union - financial integration in Europe
2015-07-16 TheCityUK: improving Europe’s listings regime and unlocking growth
2015-07-15 CEPS: Keep capital markets union simple
2015-07-09 BIS / Noyer: Views on the Capital Markets Union project
2015-07-07 ECB: Results of SESFOD Survey 2015
2015-06-30 EurActiv: Cameron should not ignore EU CMU reforms
2015-06-30 ECB's Praet: The APP impact on the economy and bond markets
2015-06-26 Reuters: EU aims to boost growth with cut in cost of selling pooled debt
2015-06-19 European Council conclusions on a CMU
2015-06-17 IOSCO publishes report on credible deterrence approaches in securities market regulation
2015-06-16 European Parliament: CMU - more investment across the EU and more funds for SMEs
2015-06-16 ECB’s Mersch delivers introductory statement on TARGET2-Securities before ECON
2015-06-16 ECB: Banking and currency crises - differential diagnostics for developed countries
2015-06-16 Reuters: ECB's Noyer warns regulations triggering retreat from market making
2015-06-15 PCS publishes paper on the operationalisation of STS rules
2015-06-12 ECB Yves Mersch: CMU - Optimising investment and financing conditions, increasing resilience
2015-06-10 British Influence: Capital Markets Union
2015-06-08 BIS / Knot: How Capital Markets Union can bolster Monetary Union
2015-06-08 European Commission's Hill: Next Steps to Build a Capital Markets Union
2015-06-05 ESMA issues Q1 risk dashboard for securities markets
2015-06-04 FCA: Capital Markets Union – a regulator’s perspective
2015-06-02 CEPS: Building a Capital Markets Union… or designing a financial system for the euro area?
2015-05-28 TheCityUK submits its response to the Capital Markets Union Consultation
2015-05-28 25 Investing and Financing recommendations for the forthcoming Capital Markets Union
2015-05-27 ACCA: Maximising the Capital Market opportunity for SMEs and Start-ups
2015-05-26 EurActiv: France wants EU's Capital Markets Union to back 'European champions'
2015-05-26 New Financial: Decoding capital markets union - report on the potential growth in European capital markets
2015-05-21 ECB: Building a Capital Markets Union – Eurosystem contribution to the European Commission’s Green Paper
2015-05-21 Bridging the financial gap for European SMEs
2015-05-21 ESMA publishes response to Capital Markets Union Green Paper
2015-05-20 FEE responds to the EU Consultation on Capital Markets Union
2015-05-19 Wall Street Journal: Regulators point to risks from rapid-fire trading, clearing
2015-05-19 FESE responds to the EC consultation paper on the Green Paper on Capital Markets Union
2015-05-18 AMF publishes its 2014 annual report
2015-05-18 ACCA responds to the EU Consultation on Capital Markets Union
2015-05-15 ALFI responds to the EC Green Paper on the building of CMU
2015-05-14 EFAMA underlines its support for European Capital Markets Union
2015-05-14 PensionsEurope responds to the EC consultation on an EU framework for simple, transparent and standardized securitization
2015-05-13 Tabb Forum: Swaps reporting update
2015-05-13 AFME calls for the European Commission to unlock the potential of EU capital markets
2015-05-13 EVCA: Private equity industry puts forward plan to help unlock €12 trillion of investor capital for Europe’s businesses
2015-05-13 The Investment Association: Capital Markets Union can make investment better
2015-05-13 PensionsEurope: Pension funds vital to the success of Capital Markets Union
2015-05-12 BoE: Bank’s Response to EC Green Paper: Building a Capital Markets Union
2015-05-12 ESMA’s Maijoor delivers keynote address on Capital Markets Union at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange Day
2015-05-12 IASB: IFRS Foundation responds to the EC’s public consultation on Building a Capital Markets Union
2015-05-12 BIS, ECB and IMF publish the Handbook on Securities Statistics
2015-05-07 ABBL Conference on the future of the Capital Markets Union (CMU)
2015-05-06 ECBC Responds to European Commission’s Green Paper on Building a Capital Markets Union
2015-05-01 MiFID II: Meeting of the European Securities Committee
2015-05-01 ABBL views on the Capital Markets Union
2015-04-17 ICMA: Economic Importance of the Corporate Bond Markets
2015-04-11 ECB: Ensuring an adequate loss-absorbing capacity of central counterparties
2015-04-10 ECB: Results of the March 2015 SESFOD survey
2015-04-10 EDHEC-Risk: Comparing different regulatory measures to control stock market volatility
2015-04-07 IOSCO consults on business continuity plans for trading venues and intermediaries
2015-03-31 BIS: Central bank operating frameworks and collateral markets
2015-03-31 European Parliament: Economic affairs MEPs target conflicts of interest in benchmark setting
2015-03-31 Financial Times: Mifid II needs to uphold spirit of reform
2015-03-29 ECB and BoE announce measures to enhance financial stability in relation to centrally cleared markets
2015-03-25 ESMA published the 2015 Regulatory Work Programme
2015-03-20 EFAMA comments on the Joint Committee Consultation Paper on guidelines for cross‐selling practices
2015-03-18 Basel Committee/IOSCO: Revisions to implementation of margin requirements for non-centrally cleared derivatives
2015-03-18 Reuters: Regulators must remain vigilant in supervising clearinghouses
2015-03-11 ESMA sees continued tense securities market conditions
2015-03-04 ECB takes note of General Court judgment on location policy for CCPs
2015-03-04 ECJ: The General Court annuls the Eurosystem Oversight Policy Framework published by the ECB
2015-02-27 EBA consults on prudential requirements for central securities depositories
2015-02-25 IOSCO reviews implementation of financial benchmark principles
2015-02-24 IOSCO report compares, analyses prudential standards in the securities sector
2015-02-20 Reuters: EU's top court to rule on ECB challenge to UK clearing on March 4
2015-02-19 Reuters: Britain will apply EU rules on dealing commission as proposed
2015-02-18 European Commission consults on Capital Markets Union - Green Paper
2015-02-16 AMF supports listed companies in meeting their new disclosure obligations
2015-02-13 GFMA responds to BCBS/IOSCO on criteria for identifying simple, transparent and comparable securitisations
2015-02-09 AFME published “Post Trade explained: The role of post-trade services in the financial sector”
2015-01-30 AFME briefing note: Securities Financing Transaction Regulation
2015-01-23 EFAMA calls to restart negotiations on the review of IMD II
2015-01-20 Reuters: BoE's Cunliffe cautiously welcomes EU capital markets plan
2015-01-16 ICMA responds to Fair and Effective Markets Review consultation document
2015-01-12 EPRS: Covered bonds – ripe for expansion?
2015-01-09 ICMA Quarterly Report First Quarter 2015

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