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Capital Markets Union: The objectives

  • develop a more diversified financial system complementing bank financing with deep and developed capital markets

  • unlock the capital around Europe which is currently frozen and put it to work for the economy, giving savers more investment choices and offering businesses a greater choice of funding at lower costs

  • establish a genuine single capital market in the EU where investors are able to invest their funds without hindrance across borders and businesses can raise the required funds from a diverse range of sources, irrespective of their location

Source: European Commission (more explanation here)

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Capital Markets Union - 2022116 articles out of 116.

Capital Markets Union - 2021110 articles out of 110.

Capital Markets Union - 2020116 articles out of 116.

Capital Markets Union - 2019138 articles out of 138.

2018 Capital Markets Union
2018-12-19 ESMA tells firms to provide clients with information on the implications of Brexit
2018-12-19 ESMA consults on measures to promote sustainability in EU capital markets
2018-12-18 ICMA publishes primary markets technology mapping directory
2018-12-17 Recent Developments in European Capital Markets: Key findings from the 2018 ECMI Statistical Package
2018-12-14 ESMA publishes final report on the tick size regime
2018-12-10 CEPS and ECMI launch a joint Task Force on “Rebranding the Capital Markets Union”
2018-12-10 ISDA: Key trends in the size and composition of OTC derivatives markets
2018-12-07 FCA proposes permanent measures for retail CFDs and binary options
2018-12-04 EPRS: Enabling SMEs’ access to capital markets
2018-12-03 ECB publishes the cyber resilience oversight expectations
2018-11-29 ESMA sees rising market nervousness and sensitivity linked to Brexit risks
2018-11-22 ISDA - CSC statement on German bank CDS
2018-11-22 ECMI: Sustaining growth through innovation in capital markets
2018-11-19 FSB publishes reports on implementation of OTC derivatives reforms and removal of legal barriers
2018-11-19 IOSCO members found mostly compliant with Principles for Commodity Derivatives Markets
2018-11-13 ISDA: A predictable regulatory framework
2018-11-08 ESMA proposes a regulatory change to support the Brexit preparations of counterparties to uncleared OTC derivatives
2018-11-07 ESMA provides overview of NCAs’ declared compliance status with Guidelines
2018-11-07 ESMA updates its Q&As regarding the Benchmark Regulation
2018-11-06 Remarks by Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis at the ECOFIN press conference
2018-11-02 SEC adopts rules that increase information brokers must provide to investors on order handling
2018-10-31 BIS: OTC derivatives statistics at end-June 2018
2018-10-29 Financial Times: Why we could all pay the price for obscure derivatives rules
2018-10-29 ECB: Results of the September 2018 survey on credit terms and conditions in euro-denominated securities financing and OTC derivatives
2018-10-16 ISDA publishes updated Model Netting Act
2018-10-10 The FCA consults on its approach ahead of the UK’s exit from the EU
2018-10-09 ISDA: Industry groups set out impact of hard Brexit on derivatives
2018-10-03 ISDA and KWM publish practical framework for constructing smart derivatives contracts
2018-10-02 ECMI - Capital Markets, Debt Finance and the EU Capital Markets Union: A law and finance critique
2018-10-02 EBF position on legislative proposals on covered bonds
2018-10-01 Notice of ESMA’s Product Intervention Renewal Decision in relation to binary options
2018-09-29 European Parliamentary Research Service: Sovereign bond-backed securities: Risk diversification and reduction
2018-09-28 ESMA updates the Q&As on ESMA’s temporary product intervention measures
2018-09-27 ESMA updates its Q&As regarding the Benchmark Regulation
2018-09-26 ESAs’ Joint Board of Appeal decides on an individual’s appeal against a decision of ESMA in relation to binary options and contracts
2018-09-25 ESMA finds deterioration in liquidity in stressed financial markets for both sovereign and corporate bonds
2018-09-24 AFME: Trade bodies representing key capital markets participants publish KPIs to track the progress of CMU
2018-09-24 ESMA monitors volatility in financial markets
2018-09-20 ISDA and US chamber center for capital markets competitiveness publish CFTC-SEC safe harbor recommendation
2018-09-19 IOSCO issues policy measures to protect investors of OTC leveraged products
2018-09-18 ISDA: Ten years on
2018-09-17 BIS: Markets Committee analyses changes in fast-paced electronic markets
2018-09-13 AFME: Technology and Innovation in Europe’s Capital Markets
2018-09-10 ISDA response to FSB DAT report on clearing incentives
2018-09-06 ESMA: Volatility spikes underline fragilities and risks to EU securities markets and investors
2018-09-06 ESMA publishes opinion on proposed amendments to SFTR technical standards
2018-08-23 Euractiv: Time to measure progress to complete Capital Markets Union
2018-08-17 EBF comments on the draft RBA guidance for the securities sector
2018-08-16 IOSCO: Call for comments on governance of OTC derivatives data
2018-08-09 ECMI: A supervisory architecture fit for CMU: Aiming at a moving target?
2018-08-06 ECB seeks feedback on draft ECB Regulation on money market statistics
2018-08-01 ESMA updates the Questions and Answers on ESMA’s temporary product intervention measures
2018-07-27 ECB: Results of the June 2018 survey on credit terms and conditions in euro-denominated securities financing and OTC derivatives markets
2018-07-26 AFME views on priority areas in the trilogue negotiations on the Risk Reduction Measures package
2018-07-24 CFTC proposes rule update for U.S. markets in security futures products
2018-07-24 EBA publishes its assessment of European Secured Notes
2018-07-19 Capital Markets Union: Commission provides guidance on protection of cross-border EU investments
2018-07-18 FSB consults on the effects of reforms on infrastructure finance
2018-07-18 Financial Times: EU urged to ‘redouble’ capital markets union push as Brexit looms
2018-07-17 ESMA updates Q&As on Benchmarks Regulation
2018-07-16 FSB invites responses from prospective UPI service providers
2018-07-16 FCA proposes actions to improve competition in the investment platform market
2018-07-13 ESMA consults on tick size regime
2018-07-12 ISDA publishes consultation on benchmark fallbacks
2018-07-12 ESMA reminds UK-based regulated entities about timely submission of authorisation applications
2018-07-12 ESMA sets out plan for systematic internaliser regime calculations and publications
2018-07-11 ESMA statement at ECON scrutiny session on Benchmarks Regulation
2018-07-10 Marketing of financial instruments: the AMF publishes the summary of the good and bad practices observed during its inspections
2018-07-05 ICMA Quarterly Report
2018-07-04 ISDA: The steps to benchmark reform
2018-06-29 Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis: "Making the Capital Markets Union work for retail investors"
2018-06-25 ISDA, AFME, ICMA, SIFMA and SIFMA AMG publish Global benchmark report
2018-06-25 ISDA: IBOR global benchmark transition report
2018-06-20 Capital Markets Union: Commission welcomes progress on key initiatives
2018-06-08 ISDA: A big step towards efficiency
2018-06-06 ESMA 1Q18 Risk Dashboard sees complex products and volatility as key risks
2018-06-01 ESMA publishes Q&As in relation the temporary product intervention measures
2018-06-01 ESMA adopts final product intervention measures on CFDs and binary options
2018-05-31 Steven Maijoor Addresses ICMA Annual Conference on benchmark stability and integrity
2018-05-25 ISDA: Uses of Notional Amount in Derivatives Regulation
2018-05-25 Margin Rules and ISDA SIMM
2018-05-24 AFME welcomes proposal on sustainable finance and SME growth markets
2018-05-24 Vice-Presidents Dombrovskis' and Katainen's remarks on the new measures to further strengthen the CMU and banking union
2018-05-24 Capital Markets Union: Making it easier for smaller businesses to get financing through capital markets
2018-05-24 Financial Union: Commission launches risk reduction proposal to enable sovereign bond-backed securities
2018-05-24 ESMA updates Benchmarks Regulation Q&As
2018-05-23 AFME calls for further progress in European post trade reform
2018-05-18 The Autorité des Marchés Financiers publishes its 2017 annual report
2018-05-16 ICMA AMIC publishes position on ESRB review
2018-05-10 IOSCO Annual Conference focuses on key challenges facing securities regulators
2018-04-27 Remarks by Vice-President Dombrovskis at the first informal ECOFIN press conference in Sofia
2018-04-27 Bruegel: Making a reality of Europe’s Capital Markets Union
2018-04-26 ISDA elects new board members; expands CCP representation on board
2018-04-26 ISDA publishes new academic paper on margin requirements for non-cleared derivatives market
2018-04-26 FSB publishes second consultation on unique product identifier governance
2018-04-24 Speech by Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis at City Week in London
2018-04-23 Financial Times: Why the EU capital markets union matters for ECB policy
2018-04-20 ICMA CBIC issues position paper on EU covered bond legislation
2018-04-17 VoxEU: Where we stand on European Capital Markets Union
2018-04-13 ESMA responds to the Article 29 Working Party consultation on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data
2018-04-13 ESMA extends its operational-risk analysis
2018-04-12 CEPS - Fostering Institutional Investment in Europe’s Capital Markets: Reality vs. Expectations
2018-04-09 ESMA publishes the calculations for the March DVC
2018-04-09 CPMI-IOSCO: Harmonisation of critical OTC derivatives data elements (other than UTI and UPI)
2018-04-09 EBF: ISDA, EBF, ICMA and ISLA Publish Whitepaper on Benefits of Post-trade Risk Reduction Services
2018-04-05 IOSCO issues recommendations to improve regulatory reporting and transparency in corporate bond markets
2018-03-26 Bruegel: Capital Markets Union and the Fintech Opportunity
2018-03-25 Financial Times: Big banks develop new platform for bond issuances
2018-03-22 ESMA updates Benchmarks Regulation Q&As
2018-03-21 ESMA's Maijoor on CMU, Brexit and ESA review – What’s next?
2018-03-20 ESMA: High risks persist for European securities markets and investors
2018-03-12 Opening remarks by Vice-President Dombrovskis on the Capital Markets Union
2018-03-12 Capital Markets Union: breaking down barriers to cross-border investments and accelerating delivery
2018-03-12 ISDA: Get engaged on benchmark reform
2018-03-07 IOSCO consults on recommendations to help trading venues manage extreme volatility
2018-03-02 ECMI: A post-2019 vision for CMU is needed
2018-03-01 AFME: Opportunities and challenges in developing utilities for capital markets
2018-02-22 VOX: The feasibility of sovereign bond-backed securities for the euro area
2018-02-22 ICMA responds to the European Commission’s public consultation on building a proportionate regulatory environment to support SME listing
2018-02-21 IOSCO consults on guidance to address conflicts of interest in the equity capital raising process
2018-02-21 ECMI: Towards variable Union in Europe's capital markets
2018-02-14 ESMA launches Interactive Single Rulebook
2018-02-13 IOSCO consults on proposed policy measures to protect investors of OTC leveraged products
2018-02-01 ISDA, AFME, ICMA, SIFMA and SIFMA AMG Launch Benchmark Transition Roadmap
2018-01-18 ESMA consults on potential CFD and binary options measures to protect retail investors
2018-01-15 ICMA publishes report on state of the European repo market at year-end 2017
2018-01-03 PCS: Welcome to 2018…oh, and by the way, the clock is ticking
2018-01-02 FSB publishes governance arrangements and implementation plan for the unique transaction identifier

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