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Capital Markets Union: The objectives

  • develop a more diversified financial system complementing bank financing with deep and developed capital markets

  • unlock the capital around Europe which is currently frozen and put it to work for the economy, giving savers more investment choices and offering businesses a greater choice of funding at lower costs

  • establish a genuine single capital market in the EU where investors are able to invest their funds without hindrance across borders and businesses can raise the required funds from a diverse range of sources, irrespective of their location

Source: European Commission (more explanation here)

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Capital Markets Union - 2022116 articles out of 116.

Capital Markets Union - 2021110 articles out of 110.

Capital Markets Union - 2020116 articles out of 116.

Capital Markets Union - 2019138 articles out of 138.

Capital Markets Union - 2018128 articles out of 128.

2017 Capital Markets Union
2017-12-22 ECMI: Recent Developments in European Capital Markets – Key findings from the 2017 ECMI Statistical Package
2017-12-18 Capital Markets Union: Commission consults on how to make it easier for SMEs to tap capital markets
2017-12-18 New rules make EU issuers’ annual financial reports machine-readable
2017-12-11 Capital Markets Union: Commission announces new tax guidelines to make life easier for cross-border investors
2017-12-05 ESMA latest Risk Dashboard sees no change in overall risk levels
2017-12-04 AFME: The links between the Risk Reduction package and the development of Europe’s capital markets
2017-12-02 Financial Times: Global regulatory body to launch fresh probe into ETFs
2017-12-01 Verena Ross Keynote Address at ASIFMA Annual Conference 2017
2017-11-20 AFME welcomes a report by Expert Group on European Corporate Bond Markets
2017-11-17 ESMA updates Q&A on CSDR implementation
2017-11-17 ESMA publishes final report on Money Market Funds rules
2017-11-15 AFME responds to European Commission consultation on post trade in a CMU
2017-11-08 IOSCO reports on implementation of G20/FSB recommendations to strengthen securities markets
2017-11-08 ESMA updates benchmarks Q&As on third country issues
2017-11-03 IOSCO publishes updates to peer reviews of regulation of MMFs and securitisation
2017-10-31 ESMA updates its Q&A under the Alternative Performance Measures guidelines
2017-10-30 ECMI - Creating Long-Term Value in Europe's Capital Markets: Opportunities and constraints
2017-10-19 ESMA produces first overview of EU derivative markets size
2017-10-17 Steven Maijoor on the State of European Financial Markets
2017-10-16 Financial Times: EU power grab risks disenfranchising national regulators
2017-10-13 CFTC comparability determination on EU margin requirements and a common approach on trading venues
2017-10-12 ICMA Quarterly Report Fourth Quarter 2017
2017-10-09 Capital markets union: New venture capital rules adopted
2017-10-02 ECMI - Capital Markets, Debt Finance and the EU Capital Markets Union: A law and finance critique
2017-09-28 BIS: Harmonisation of the Unique Product Identifier (UPI) - guidance issued by CPMI-IOSCO
2017-09-20 ESMA publishes the responses to its Consultation on CSDR guidelines on internalised settlement reporting
2017-09-20 European Commission: Creating a stronger and more integrated European financial supervision for the Capital Markets Union
2017-09-16 Remarks by Vice-President Dombrovskis at the informal ECOFIN
2017-09-15 Bruegel: Capital Markets Union and the fintech opportunity
2017-09-04 ECMI - Developing EU Capital Markets for SMEs: Mission impossible?
2017-08-23 European Commission consultation on post-trade in a Capital Market Union: dismantling barriers and strategy for the future
2017-08-01 EurActiv: The Capital Markets Union can deliver Europe a sustainable future
2017-07-25 Insurance Europe: Feedback provided on EC proposal for changes to EMIR
2017-07-07 Capital markets union: Council agrees on action plan adjustments
2017-07-05 ESMA publishes Benchmarks Regulation Q&A on transitional provisions
2017-06-29 BIS: Joachim Wuermeling - Securities finance and collateral management
2017-06-29 ISDA response to European Commission consultation on conflict of law rules for securities and claims
2017-06-22 ICMA publishes study into the state and evolution of the European credit repo market
2017-06-14 ESMA issues risk dashboard for first quarter of 2017
2017-06-08 Accountancy Europe presents concrete steps to improve SMEs’ access to capital markets under CMU
2017-06-08 EuropeanIssuers: EU quoted companies' views on CMU Mid-Term review
2017-06-08 The Commission publishes a feedback statement on the results of the public consultation on the capital markets union mid-term review
2017-06-08 Capital Markets Union Mid-Term Review - Invest Europe's response
2017-06-08 Commission - Completing the Capital Markets Union: Building on the first round of achievements
2017-06-08 EUbusiness: Brexit spurs reboot of EU's capital markets union
2017-06-08 EBF: Supporting CMU, committed to diversifying finance
2017-06-08 Insurance Europe: Response to the Capital Markets Union mid-term review
2017-06-08 EFAMA welcomes the European Commission's CMU mid-term review
2017-06-07 Looking to the future - Steven Maijoor addresses FIA IDX Conference
2017-05-30 AFME welcomes agreement on STS legislation
2017-05-19 ECB's Constâncio: Synergies between banking union and capital markets union
2017-05-17 IOSCO: building securities market resilience in the post-crisis world
2017-05-08 ISDA AGM focuses on push for derivatives market efficiency
2017-05-04 Commission proposes simpler and more efficient derivatives rules
2017-05-04 EuropeanIssuers: Corporate end-users welcome EC proposal on EMIR review
2017-05-02 ECB contribution to the European Commission’s consultation on Capital Markets Union mid-term review 2017
2017-04-26 Bank of England: New UK Money Markets Code launched
2017-04-20 ESMA discusses market-based finance in latest Banque de France Financial Stability Review
2017-04-12 BIS: Global repo markets in transition post-crisis, regulatory changes and central bank stimulus: CGFS report
2017-04-11 Steven Maijoor delivers keynote at CMU Mid-Term Review
2017-04-06 ESMA publishes response to Capital Markets Union Mid-Term Review
2017-04-06 Commission public consultation on the conflict of laws rules for third party effects of transactions in securities and claims
2017-04-04 ECB: Effectiveness of Monetary Union and the Capital Markets Union
2017-04-03 ESMA provides implementing details for SFTR
2017-03-31 IOSCO approves the enhanced standard for cross-border enforcement cooperation
2017-03-30 Hedgeweek: EU blocks merger of Deutsche Boerse and London Stock Exchange
2017-03-30 ESMA publishes final rules to ensure integrity of EU financial benchmarks
2017-03-30 The Economist: Banks’ equity-research operations are in decline
2017-03-21 ESMA sees relatively ample liquidity in sovereign bond markets
2017-03-20 Accountancy Europe response to the Commission consultation on the mid-term review of the CMU
2017-03-20 Insurance Europe: Bolder action needed to deliver CMU objectives
2017-03-20 European Asset Managers support direction and pace of the CMU project
2017-03-17 CEPS: How close are we to a Capital Markets Union?
2017-03-10 ICMA response to the commission consultation on capital markets union mid-term review
2017-03-07 IOSCO finds little evidence of declining secondary corporate bond market liquidity
2017-03-07 AFME publishes new report on the challenges of raising pre-IPO finance
2017-03-06 Bruegel: Institutional investors and home bias in Europe’s Capital Markets Union
2017-03-06 EBA: Vienna Initiative: New Working Group on Capital Markets Union for CESEE region
2017-02-28 Commission report: Accelerating the capital markets union - Addressing national barriers to capital flows
2017-02-23 FCA Statement on EMIR 1 March 2017 variation margin deadline
2017-02-23 IOSCO statement on variation margin implementation
2017-02-23 ESAs publish statement on variation margin exchange
2017-02-21 PIIE: To make the best of Brexit, the European Union needs to beef up ESMA
2017-02-16 CEPS: Recent developments in European Capital Markets – Key findings from the 2016 ECMI Statistical Package
2017-02-15 OMFIF: Target-2 and Germany’s election dilemmas
2017-02-08 IOSCO analyzes potential of tech-driven change in the securities market industry
2017-02-07 IOSCO report shows progress made in implementation of Benchmark Principles
2017-02-07 ESMA publishes 2017 risk assessment work programme
2017-02-06 Financial Times: Plan to boost EU securitisation market stalls over Brexit
2017-02-02 ECB: Extended publication of Securities Holdings Statistics
2017-01-31 Mario Draghi: Opening remarks at the Joint ECB and European Commission Conference “Into the future: Europe’s digital integrated market”
2017-01-20 European Commission: Public consultation on the Capital Markets Union mid-term review

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