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Tax - 202150 articles out of 50.

2020 Tax
2020-12-16 Insurance Europe: BEPS rules must reflect low risk posed by insurance; carve-outs needed when calculating tax rates
2020-12-03 European Council: Fair and effective taxation: Council adopts conclusions
2020-11-18 European Parlaiment: MEPs quiz experts on better designing taxation to help the economic recovery
2020-09-24 POLITICO: Vestager faces risks in potential appeal of Apple ruling
2020-07-16 European Commission: Action Plan for fair and simple taxation supporting the recovery
2020-07-15 POLITICO: Commission’s tax push emboldened by Apple ruling
2020-07-15 Dombrovskis on fair and simple taxation: a new package of measures to contribute to Europe's recovery and growth
2020-07-14 FT: Apple wins landmark court battle with EU over €14.3bn of tax payments
2020-07-13 POLITICO: European Commission ready to wait until after 2020 to roll out digital tax
2020-07-10 European tax professionals call for better tax governance
2020-07-01 POLITICO: OECD’s Gurría: No digital tax deal before US election
2020-06-22 POLITICO: OECD tax chief: US move on digital tax negotiations sends ‘very bad message’
2020-06-18 EURACTIV:Europe to push ahead with digital tax despite US ‘threats’
2020-06-18 POLITICO: Gentiloni: EU ready to launch new digital tax if US stalls global talks
2020-06-12 POLITICO: US is only country blocking deal on digital tax, says French finance minister
2020-06-03 POLITICO: France, Italy double down on digital tax amid US threats
2020-05-29 Accountancy Europe: Commission considers new taxes in the Covid Recovery plan
2020-05-15 Invest Europe: New EU mandatory disclosure rules: what you need to know and do
2020-04-29 POLITICO: Pension funds spared in latest FTT draft
2020-03-24 Statement by the European Fiscal Board on Covid 19
2020-02-13 OECD: Digital economy & tax - analysis shows significant impact of proposed international tax reforms
2020-02-07 EurActiv: A new tax deal for the EU
2020-01-31 OECD: International community renews commitment to multilateral efforts to address tax challenges from digitalisation of the economy
2020-01-23 New Europe: Several European nations will introduce a digital tax if no OECD deal is reached
2020-01-22 The New York Times: France says US would consider multinational plan for digital taxes
2020-01-16 Global Reporting Initiative: Rising global tax scrutiny shows the case for change
2020-01-08 Bloomberg: Here’s how the European Union runs a trade surplus with...itself
2020-01-07 POLITICO: Push for global digital tax agreement stalls amid tensions

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