Graham Bishop RSS Feed - Daily News and Information Related to Graham Bishop Articles.Daily RSS Article and news related to RSS, really simple syndication, and news aggregation. Information related to Graham Bishop.com celebrates agreement on the FASTER/Withholding Tax DirectiveWe will continue to engage with policymakers as the new EU legislative cycle begins and encou ]]> May 2024EFAMA: Council of the EU votes to improve withholding tax rulesuring today’s Economic and Financial Affairs (ECOFIN) meeting, EU Ministers of ]]> May 2024Taxation: Council agrees on new rules for withholding tax procedures (FASTER)and more efficient for cross-border investors, national tax authorities and financial intermediar ]]> May 2024EBF Tax Conference 2024: “Banks as Taxpayers and as Auxiliaries to Tax Authorities in the Digital Era”On 23 January 2024, the European Banking Federation (EBF), in collaboration with ]]> April 2024CEPR's Marchesi/Marcolongo : Financial crises and tax havens