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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Tax - 202150 articles out of 50.

Tax - 202029 articles out of 29.

Tax - 201915 articles out of 15.

2018 Tax
2018-12-13 ACCA: Tax authorities must recognise the risks in implementing digital tax collection tools
2018-12-06 Accountancy Europe: Modernising VAT
2018-12-04 ACCA: Governments must redesign the tax system to support the fight against climate change
2018-11-29 ECA: VAT reimbursement in cohesion spending is problematic
2018-10-02 Remarks by Vice-President Dombrovskis at the ECOFIN press conference
2018-10-02 Main results - Economic and Financial Affairs Council
2018-09-21 VAT: EU Member States still losing almost €150 billion in revenues according to new figures
2018-09-12 Insurance Europe: More clarity needed in latest OECD tax avoidance paper
2018-07-05 ECA to examine VAT and customs duties in e-commerce
2018-06-18 Accountancy Europe: Tax Intermediaries - reporting cross-border tax planning
2018-06-05 AIMA: EU transparency rules on tax intermediaries
2018-05-31 Accountancy Europe: Providing support in tax controls and assurance
2018-05-25 Tax fraud: Standard provision agreed for agreements with third countries
2018-04-26 Accountancy Europe: EC’s exchange of data to combat VAT fraud in the e-commerce
2018-04-10 AIMA: HMRC consultation on tax avoidance involving profit fragmentation
2018-02-06 EU-Norway agreement signed, strengthening the prevention of VAT fraud
2018-01-18 European Commission: More flexibility on VAT rates, less red tape for small businesses
2018-01-18 ACCA: The European Commission’s work on VAT rates
2018-01-16 POLITICO: EU to remove 8 countries from tax haven blacklist
2018-01-12 ACCA: Taxation highs and low identified in EU report on policy
2018-01-05 ACCA: Fair taxation of the digital economy is a global concern

Prior Years Reports

Tax - 201725 articles out of 25.

Tax - 201648 articles out of 48.

Tax - 201525 articles out of 25.

Tax - 20142 articles out of 2.

Tax - 201342 articles out of 42.

Tax - 20127 articles out of 7.