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Tax - 202150 articles out of 50.

Tax - 202029 articles out of 29.

Tax - 201915 articles out of 15.

Tax - 201821 articles out of 21.

Tax - 201725 articles out of 25.

2016 Tax
2016-12-20 Money laundering and terrorist financing: Council agrees its negotiating stance
2016-12-08 Commission refers France to the Court of Justice for discrimination in the taxation of dividends
2016-11-22 Tax evasion: MEPs back automatic exchange of bank data to track account owners
2016-11-14 European Parliament: Beneficial company owners register vital to combat money laundering, experts say
2016-11-08 Taxation: Council agrees criteria for the screening of third country jurisdictions
2016-11-08 European Council: Tax authorities to gain access to beneficial ownership information
2016-11-08 European Council: VAT rules – Cross-border transactions
2016-08-31 AIC: PwC on private equity deals in the new international tax environment
2016-08-15 ACCA: Problems on horizon for Making Tax Digital as Brexit could play havoc with penalty framework
2016-07-14 Commercial Risk Europe: Risk managers need to sell value of captives
2016-07-13 ECIIA: The challenge of tax reporting
2016-07-12 Corporate tax avoidance: New rules adopted by the European Council
2016-07-12 European Council: EU and Monaco sign deal on automatic exchange of tax data
2016-07-11 FEE´s proposal for public country-by-country reporting on disclosing tax information
2016-07-06 ACCA response to EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive
2016-07-05 Commission strengthens transparency rules to tackle terrorism financing, tax avoidance and money laundering
2016-06-22 Corporate taxation: MEPs call for tax haven blacklist, patent box rules, CCCTB and more
2016-06-21 Corporate tax avoidance: Council agrees its stance on anti-avoidance rules
2016-06-21 EBF: Anti-tax avoidance: EU member states need to align actions with OECD
2016-06-17 Commercial Risk Europe: Insurers bemoan EU tax avoidance proposals
2016-05-30 FEE: Comment letter to the EC on Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive
2016-05-25 Council conclusions on an external taxation strategy and measures against tax treaty abuse
2016-05-25 Corporate tax avoidance: Council adopts rules on the exchange of tax-related information on multinationals
2016-05-25 Council conclusions on the VAT action plan and on VAT fraud
2016-05-24 Anti-tax avoidance: close tax gap with low-tax third countries, say MEPs
2016-05-20 EBF: Comment letter on the proposed Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive
2016-04-24 Financial Times: New tax rules for large European funds
2016-04-21 EBF commented on the proposed Anti-tax Avoidance Directive
2016-04-12 Bruegel: How to reform EU fiscal rules
2016-04-12 Commission proposes public tax transparency rules for multinationals
2016-04-08 ACCA: New EC VAT Action Plan a welcome step towards greater member state autonomy and the creation of an EU VAT destination regime
2016-04-07 FEE supports plans to simplify VAT and tackle fraud in the EU
2016-04-07 European Commission: Modernising Value-Added Tax in the EU
2016-04-07 Eurochambres: VAT Action Plan: right diagnosis needs effective remedies
2016-03-08 Corporate tax avoidance: Council agrees its stance on the exchange of tax-related information on multinationals
2016-03-08 Council Conclusions on the code of conduct on business taxation
2016-03-07 Insurance Europe: Exceeding OECD tax avoidance recommendations could harm EU competitiveness
2016-02-25 ECON: Ending EU citizens' bank secrecy in San Marino
2016-02-16 EUbusiness: Commissioner Moscovici says firms should pay taxes where they earn profits
2016-02-12 VoxEU: Which fiscal union?
2016-02-12 EU and Andorra sign deal on automatic exchange of tax data
2016-02-04 PIIE: A New Fiscal Policy for Europe
2016-01-29 EurActiv: Juncker backs forcing multinational companies to publish their tax bills
2016-01-28 European Commission: New measures against corporate tax avoidance
2016-01-28 EBF statement on EU implementation of global BEPS Action Plan
2016-01-19 Illegal corporate tax deals: European Parliament calls for compensation for countries that suffer
2016-01-11 BBC: Belgium ordered to reverse tax breaks
2016-01-11 Draft report on the proposal for a Council decision on the conclusion to the Agreement with the Republic of San Marino on taxation

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Tax - 201525 articles out of 25.

Tax - 20142 articles out of 2.

Tax - 201342 articles out of 42.

Tax - 20127 articles out of 7.