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Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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Tax - 202230 articles out of 30.

Tax - 202150 articles out of 50.

Tax - 202029 articles out of 29.

Tax - 201915 articles out of 15.

Tax - 201821 articles out of 21.

Tax - 201725 articles out of 25.

Tax - 201648 articles out of 48.

2015 Tax
2015-12-08 Fighting tax evasion: EU and the Republic of San Marino sign new tax transparency agreement
2015-12-08 European Council: Transparency rules adopted on cross-border tax rulings
2015-12-08 Council conclusions on business taxation – future of the code of conduct
2015-12-08 Council conclusions on corporate taxation – base erosion and profit shifting
2015-12-08 Liechtenstein, Switzerland taxation agreements approved by EU Council
2015-12-04 City of London: Total tax contribution of UK financial services eighth edition
2015-12-02 European Parliament: Ending EU citizens' bank secrecy in Liechtenstein
2015-11-26 EurActiv: TAXE committee to fight tax evasion for another six months
2015-11-26 FEE: TAXE Committee drives the tax debate forward
2015-11-17 Bloomberg: Sweden's Fiscal Watchdog Lambastes Government Financing Plan
2015-11-10 European Council: Savings taxation directive repealed
2015-10-30 ALFI: Global Forum upgrades Luxembourg to 'largely compliant'
2015-10-28 European Parliament: Ending EU citizens' bank secrecy in Switzerland
2015-10-28 European Council: EU and Liechtenstein sign deal on automatic exchange of tax data
2015-10-13 European Parliament: Mandatory exchange of tax rulings proposal - a "missed opportunity” say MEPs
2015-10-13 EFAMA response to the European Commission Public Consultation on Corporate Tax Transparency
2015-10-06 Cross-border tax rulings: Council approves transparency rules
2015-09-25 Modernising VAT for cross-border e-commerce: Commission launches public consultation
2015-09-23 European Parliament/TAXE: Corporate taxation system has reached its limits
2015-09-17 Juncker to MEPs on current corporate tax rules: "We should create some order!"
2015-09-14 ECON: Draft report with recommendations to the EC on bringing transparency, coordination and convergence to Corporate Tax policies
2015-09-04 European Commission presses Member States on VAT revenue collection
2015-05-27 European Commission prepares an Action Plan for fairer and more growth-friendly tax systems in Europe
2015-05-27 European Commission: Fighting tax evasion: EU and Switzerland sign historic tax transparency agreement
2015-05-12 EurActiv: Fiscal competition or harmonisation?

Prior Years Reports

Tax - 20142 articles out of 2.

Tax - 201342 articles out of 42.

Tax - 20127 articles out of 7.