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Economic events and policy statements affecting the politics of Brexit

KeyEUdocs provides a ready reference of the latest economic data on the EU28 and we will highlight differences between the UK and Eurozone as data is announced.

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UK Economics - Brexit effects - 2019258 articles out of 258.

UK Economics - Brexit effects - 2018238 articles out of 238.

2017 UK Economics - Brexit effects
2017-12-30 The Guardian: Businesses ‘dismayed’ at Brexit division in Westminster
2017-12-29 François Villeroy de Galhau: Europe, France and the United Kingdom - facing our common economic challenges
2017-12-28 The Telegraph: UK businesses warn: We are suffering from fall in EU immigration
2017-12-28 Financial Times: Fox moves to take trade disputes power from EU
2017-12-27 Financial Times: Brexit casts a shadow on the UK’s economic future
2017-12-20 Institute for Government: Government must urgently put forward proposal on EU trade
2017-12-20 Financial Times: Brexit uncertainty hurting UK economy, says IMF
2017-12-19 Fed Trust: Grade inflation? Brexit and Canada +++
2017-12-18 Bloomberg: EU aiming for post-Brexit trade deal to be ready by January 2021
2017-12-18 BBC: IPPR proposes creation of ‘shared market’ for UK and EU
2017-12-18 Financial Times: The real price of Brexit begins to emerge
2017-12-14 La Libre Belgique: Charles Michel hopes for inspiration from Canada
2017-12-13 Financial Times: Italy’s Paolo Gentiloni calls for ‘tailor-made’ UK-EU trade deal
2017-12-13 VoxEU: A granular analysis of the exposure of UK exports to EU tariffs, quotas and antidumping under ‘no deal’
2017-12-12 Financial Times: Brussels rules out early Brexit trade talks
2017-12-11 BCC forecast: Uncertainty constraining UK economic growth
2017-12-07 BCC: Currency volatility compounding cost pressures for many businesses
2017-12-07 UK Trade Policy Observatory: Hard Brexit, soft Border. Some trade implications of the intra-Irish border options.
2017-12-04 The Telegraph: London named Europe’s top performing city in study
2017-12-03 The Telegraph: Whitehall warned it is falling behind in the race to secure post-Brexit free-trade agreements
2017-12-01 EurActiv: Customs officers: Huge increase in capacity needed to prepare for Brexit
2017-11-30 La Libre Belgique: No trade deal, no big deal?
2017-11-30 El Pais: Record drop of immigration to the UK
2017-11-29 Financial Times: OECD predicts weak economic growth for UK due to Brexit
2017-11-29 ACCA: Brexit uncertainty driving business confidence fall
2017-11-28 Financial Times: UK bows to EU demands with breakthrough offer on Brexit bill
2017-11-27 VoxEU: Global value chains, trade shocks and jobs: An application to Brexit
2017-11-27 Bloomberg: Entrepreneurs sell up over Brexit and Corbyn fears
2017-11-26 Financial Times: An Irish border solution offers a template for post-Brexit trade
2017-11-24 UK’s ex-EU ambassador: ‘No final trade deal possible before Brexit’
2017-11-21 The Guardian: IoD ups pressure on May with call for transition deal by March
2017-11-21 Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill introduced in Parliament
2017-11-21 Financial Times: Theresa May wins support for bigger bill to break Brexit deadlock
2017-11-20 VoxEU: The consequences of the Brexit vote for UK inflation and living standards: First evidence
2017-11-20 The Guardian: Barnier says EU will not compromise standards in future UK trade deal
2017-11-20 Bank of England: Monetary policy from end to end: Define, decide, deliver
2017-11-19 The Guardian: Hard Brexit highly damaging, says former top civil servant
2017-11-16 De Volkskrant: Rutte to make the Netherlands a tax haven after Brexit
2017-11-16 Jean-Claude Piris: Britain is deluding itself over single market access
2017-11-16 Bloomberg: UK seeks help from German business for Brexit trade deal
2017-11-16 Financial Times: Britain prepares case to cut Brexit divorce bill
2017-11-15 Financial Times: Loss of skilled EU workers threatens UK growth, says PwC
2017-11-14 Bloomberg: Carney says Brexit implications for interest rates are ambiguous
2017-11-14 House of Commons: 'Catastrophic' if viable customs system not in place at Brexit
2017-11-13 Bloomberg: 50% chance of deal in December, Brexit secretary Davis tells business leaders
2017-11-13 Financial Times: UK has 2 weeks to clear Brexit logjam, say EU business leaders
2017-11-13 POLITICO: UK’s Brexit bill should be "at least €60 billion," says Tajani
2017-11-13 Bloomberg: Haldane says UK inflation to exceed target for next few years
2017-11-13 EurActiv: UK no closer to revealing Brexit bill offer
2017-11-09 The Irish Times: Norway facing ‘hard Brexit’ without transitional deal
2017-11-07 Financial Times: Whitehall tensions on trade defence
2017-11-07 BBC: UK Ministers publish post-EU trade legislation
2017-11-07 Britain’s post-Brexit bind on trade
2017-11-06 CIPS: EU businesses say goodbye to UK suppliers as Brexit bites into key relationships
2017-11-05 The Times: Theresa May kickstarts trade talks by accepting £53bn bill
2017-11-02 Martin Wolf: Britain has to offer more money for a smooth Brexit
2017-11-02 Financial Times: Brexit most likely cause of rate path adjustment – BoE
2017-11-02 The Telegraph: UK trade deficit has widened, as businesses seek to sell services beyond Europe
2017-11-01 POLITICO: UK households £600 worse off because of Brexit
2017-10-30 UK Government response to Brexit: trade in goods
2017-10-30 City AM: London has been named the top European economic city, making the UK the most attractive country for employers
2017-10-29 Financial Times: Customs teams in EU27 unprepared for hard Brexit
2017-10-26 Financial Times: Brexit to test £17bn tax haul on foreign banks
2017-10-25 The Times: Hard Brexit could wipe nearly 10% off Ireland's output
2017-10-23 The Guardian: Brexit fears are holding back manufacturing investment, study finds
2017-10-23 The Guardian: No Brexit transition period without final EU trade deal, Theresa May tells MPs
2017-10-23 The Guardian: UK likely to end up with Canadian-style deal, warns Michel Barnier
2017-10-23 Financial Times: Liam Fox seeks to narrow focus for post-Brexit US trade deal
2017-10-22 The Guardian: UK business chiefs unite to demand urgent Brexit transition deal
2017-10-22 VoxEU: Short-term impact of Brexit on the UK’s export of goods
2017-10-18 CFA: Drop in EU nationals 'a huge loss' for UK investment sector
2017-10-17 Financial Times: European business group warns on slow pace of UK Brexit talks
2017-10-17 OECD Economic Survey of the United Kingdom: Maintain close ties with EU to meet challenges of Brexit
2017-10-17 Rabobank: Hard Brexit to cost UK economy £400bn by 2030
2017-10-16 Financial Times: UK venture capital firm aims to fill hole left by EU
2017-10-10 Federation of German Industry: Prepare for very hard Brexit
2017-10-10 Bloomberg: Brexit limbo for EU workers has Denmark Inc. saying ‘come here!’
2017-10-10 Financial Times: IMF confirms cut to UK growth forecast
2017-10-09 OMFIF: China-UK relations after Brexit
2017-10-09 BRC: Brexit uncertainty fuels workforce shortages with consumers paying the price
2017-10-09 Department for Exiting the EU: Government sets out vision for post EU trade and customs policy
2017-10-08 RTÉ: Open customs border impossible after Brexit, says Revenue report
2017-10-06 Bloomberg: Brexit staff shortages drive starting salaries higher, REC says
2017-10-05 VoxEU: New survey evidence on the impact of Brexit on UK firms
2017-10-02 Bloomberg: May’s Brexit budget offer is conditional on trade, officials say
2017-10-01 Bloomberg: Fox says the US will likely be among Britain’s first trade deals after Brexit
2017-10-01 Bloomberg: A Hard Brexit could sting the UK’s auto, tech and health sectors
2017-09-28 L'Echo: What would a hard Brexit mean for small countries?
2017-09-26 City AM: Hard Brexit will cost the European Union twice as many jobs as UK
2017-09-23 The Guardian: New Brexit rules ‘could lead to unskilled workforce crisis’
2017-09-21 OECD sees synchronised momentum for global economy, but urges further policy action to ensure sustainable and inclusive medium-term growth
2017-09-21 Business Insider: Brexit could be the unlikely trigger of the next financial crisis, warns Deutsche Bank
2017-09-19 Liam Fox: Supporting overseas investment by British companies can bring vast benefits to the UK
2017-09-18 The Independent: UK economy will perform better than we thought in 2018, says CEBR think tank
2017-09-16 Financial Times: Britain’s treatment of EU nationals is ‘appalling’, says Cable
2017-09-16 Bloomberg: UK companies urge May to seek three-year Brexit transition
2017-09-14 The Guardian: HMRC chief warns post-Brexit border and tax checks 'could cost up to £800m'
2017-09-14 ACCA: Policy and regulatory uncertainty a large problem for small business
2017-09-14 New COBCOE report gives European business a voice on Brexit
2017-09-12 POLITICO: Jeremy Corbyn wants ‘full access’ to single market after Brexit
2017-09-11 The Guardian: Brexit: workers' rights best secured by staying in single market, says TUC chief
2017-09-11 Institute for Government: Implementing Brexit: Customs
2017-09-08 The Guardian: UK exports outside EU fall despite weak pound
2017-09-08 BCC forecast: Fall in sterling failing to lift UK growth
2017-09-07 Position paper transmitted to EU27 on Customs related matters needed for an orderly withdrawal of the UK from the Union
2017-09-07 US Chambers of Commerce: Priorities for a New EU-UK Economic Partnership
2017-09-04 Liam Fox: Britain does not have capacity to strike trade deals now
2017-09-04 LSE: Why Brexit has led to falling real wages in the UK
2017-09-01 POLITICO: MPs warn Theresa May over customs union
2017-09-01 UK Trade Policy Observatory: The EU Regulatory Magnet: What Are the Consequences for the UK?
2017-09-01 David Davis' speech at US Chamber of Commerce
2017-08-31 Bloomberg: BOE's Saunders says Brexit risks don't justify low rate
2017-08-30 The Times: Brexit trade negotiations: May set to bypass Brussels and talk nation to nation
2017-08-30 POLITICO: UK risks delays at ports if it fails to strike customs deal: report
2017-08-29 Bloomberg: UK's May seeks to preserve gains from EU-Japan trade deal
2017-08-28 BCC and DIHK: Joint UK-German call to put shared economic interests first in Brexit negotiations
2017-08-28 OMFIF: Brexit threat to Thatcher-era reforms
2017-08-28 FAZ: German industry wants clearer lines
2017-08-27 The Telegraph: EU could be open to Brexit climbdown over trade talks amid revolt led by France
2017-08-27 Keir Starmer: No ‘constructive ambiguity’. Labour will avoid Brexit cliff edge for UK economy
2017-08-24 City AM: UK immigration falls as rising number of EU workers return home after Brexit
2017-08-23 Financial Times: Analysts halve UK profit growth forecasts for 2018
2017-08-22 Bloomberg: UK Brexit concerns increase as businesses fret about economy
2017-08-18 The Times: Foreign-owned firms ‘hold key’ to Britain’s productivity woes
2017-08-18 Institute of Economic Affairs: ‘No deal’ with EU on trade post Brexit does not mean disaster for the UK
2017-08-16 Institute for Government: A customs deal is necessary but not sufficient for frictionless trade
2017-08-16 Financial Times: Number of EU nationals working in UK hits record high
2017-08-15 Economists for Free Trade: Brexit could boost UK economy by £135 billion
2017-08-13 Hammond and Fox: We will leave customs union during Brexit transition
2017-08-08 The IoD verdict on the best model for Brexit
2017-08-04 Institute of Directors spells out Brexit transition options
2017-08-04 Financial Times: Irish PM calls for EU-UK customs union as clock ticks on border
2017-08-03 Stephen Kinnock: Britain can use EEA as comfortable waiting room before Brexit
2017-07-31 POLITICO: Post-Brexit customs checks will lead to border chaos, high costs
2017-07-27 Centre for Economic Performance: Brexit, trade and the economic impacts on UK cities
2017-07-26 Rajesh Agrawal: London business is certain: We should stay in the Single Market
2017-07-24 The Guardian view on the single market: a viable Brexit path
2017-07-24 BBC: UK and US to start talks on post-Brexit trade deal
2017-07-24 The Guardian: Labour at loggerheads over staying in customs union post-Brexit
2017-07-22 BCC's Adam Marshall: Rushing into a trade deal with the US would harm the UK
2017-07-20 ACCA: UK Government must increase exporting
2017-07-20 Bloomberg: British exporters aren’t making plans for Brexit
2017-07-20 CNBC: UK will be at the back of the queue for a trade deal, warns top EU commissioner
2017-07-19 ACCA: Business confidence sinks as UK faces slowdown in economic growth
2017-07-18 Bloomberg: Substantial risk of Brexit talks failing, Moody’s says
2017-07-17 Less than one third of businesses have made formal Brexit plans, says ICAEW
2017-07-17 Reuters: EU and Britain to present post-Brexit plan on WTO membership
2017-07-14 OMFIF: Folly of leaving EU customs union
2017-07-13 Bloomberg: UK's customs revamp may not be ready by Brexit, watchdog says
2017-07-12 Bloomberg: BOE’s Broadbent sounds new Brexit warning on risks to trade
2017-07-12 OMFIF: May’s offer to EU citizens lacks substance
2017-07-12 Financial Times: UK government signs deal with big banks to increase SME lending
2017-07-11 The Guardian: UK economy will cool amid living standards squeeze, says S&P
2017-07-11 Financial Times: Brexit-voting UK north-east is most reliant on EU services market
2017-07-10 The Guardian: Australia ready to do post-Brexit trade deal – but EU comes first
2017-07-10 Department for Exiting the European Union: Ministers step up engagement with small businesses
2017-07-09 The Guardian: German industry warns UK not to expect help in Brexit negotiations
2017-07-06 The Independent: Foreign investment to UK creates fewer jobs as Brexit looms
2017-07-03 Financial Times: British businesses lobby for fewer visa restrictions post-Brexit
2017-07-03 OMFIF: 'Global Britain' under threat
2017-07-03 City AM: Leaving the Single Market would be an act of economic self-harm
2017-07-03 POLITICO: A third way on the customs union
2017-07-02 The Guardian: UK considers potential shortcut on trade deals post-Brexit
2017-07-02 Financial Times: Europe’s SMEs risk becoming big losers of ‘hard Brexit’
2017-06-30 Die Presse: UK will leave budget gap
2017-06-29 ACCA: Shadow economy contributes to over 10% of UK GDP
2017-06-28 New Europe: EU-27 tax could limit Brexit’s budget hole
2017-06-26 OMFIF: UK risks falling behind Europe
2017-06-26 Institute of Economic Affairs: Should the UK pay an EU divorce bill?
2017-06-24 The Guardian: ‘Back soft Brexit,’ unions urge Labour
2017-06-24 Bloomberg: UK turns to emerging markets for trade as Brexit talks begin
2017-06-23 Chatham House: Britain's key task is to achieve a soft transition to a Hard Brexit
2017-06-22 Open Europe: Deloitte study finds that the German car industry would be severely hit by a ‘no deal’ Brexit
2017-06-19 NIESR: Businesses sound the alarm over immigration as Brexit negotiations begin
2017-06-16 Financial Times: Brexit number crunch: the final bill the EU could accept
2017-06-14 The Times: Drop Brexit trade plan, Philip Hammond tells Tories
2017-06-12 IoD: Hung parliament causes plunge in business confidence, but little appetite for another election
2017-06-12 Resolution Foundation: New survey shows businesses are totally unprepared for a new era of lower migration
2017-06-09 BBC: Business and City leaders call for reassurance
2017-06-07 Financial Times: UK economic growth to slow in 2018 on ‘hard Brexit’ jitters warns OECD
2017-06-06 CBI's Rain Newton-Smith: The business side of Brexit
2017-06-01 CEP: Brexit and the UK Economy
2017-06-01 Financial Times: Trade realities expose the absurdity of a Brexit ‘no deal’
2017-06-01 PIIE: The United Kingdom's loss is Europe's gain
2017-05-31 Financial Times: NHS faces £500m bill for UK expats after Brexit, says report
2017-05-31 ACCA: Next government must work with professional bodies to internationalise trade
2017-05-30 City AM: There is a "real opportunity" for UK businesses to build non-EU relationships after Brexit
2017-05-30 Financial Times: After Brexit: Let the haggling over treaties begin
2017-05-25 CER: Why no deal would be much worse than a bad deal
2017-05-24 Financial Times: ECB plays down Brexit threat to eurozone economy
2017-05-24 CEBR special report: Economic consequences of limiting migration
2017-05-23 Bloomberg: Bundesbank's Dombret says Brexit likely to be hard or very hard
2017-05-22 Open Britain/CEBR: Lost access to the Single Market in services could cost the UK economy £36 billion a year
2017-05-20 Theresa May: Brussels must pay its own Brexit bill of billions of pounds
2017-05-19 The Guardian: German business leaders urge Tories to rethink plan to leave single market
2017-05-19 Global Future: The case for immigration
2017-05-17 Institute for Government: Business as usual spells trouble on trade
2017-05-17 ICAEW: Analysing the EU Exit Charge
2017-05-16 Financial Times: EU-Singapore investment deal requires member state ratification, rules ECJ
2017-05-15 CIPS: Businesses preparing to sever supply chain ties between the UK and the EU to avoid Brexit tariffs
2017-05-11 Bloomberg: Trade talks depend on citizen protection, Brexit negotiator says
2017-05-11 Migration Watch: EU Immigration, Post-Brexit – A Comprehensive Policy
2017-05-11 VoxEU: Options for a ‘Global Britain’ after Brexit
2017-05-11 Chatham House: Brexit: Implications for EU–China Relations
2017-05-11 Bruegel: International arbitration is the way to settle the UK’s Brexit bill
2017-05-07 The Telegraph: €100bn Brexit bill is ‘legally impossible’ to enforce, European Commission’s own lawyers admit
2017-05-05 Bloomberg: BOE won't budge on rates until Brexit is done, NIESR says
2017-05-04 Irish Times: Brexit could cost Ireland 40,000 jobs, says Central Bank
2017-05-03 Financial Times: Brussels hoists gross Brexit ‘bill’ to €100bn
2017-05-02 BCC election manifesto: Brexit and Beyond
2017-04-27 Open Europe: How should a truly Global Britain seek to upgrade its trade relationships beyond the EU?
2017-04-25 The Telegraph: Britain must contribute to EU budget until 2020 to secure favourable Brexit terms
2017-04-25 The Times: Brussels to hit Britain with €2bn fraud claim
2017-04-24 CER: Brexiting Swiss-style: The best possible UK-EU trade deal
2017-04-22 The Times: Trump puts EU ahead of Britain in trade queue
2017-04-20 Bloomberg: UK to drop out of world's top five economies by 2022, IMF says
2017-04-20 POLITICO: European Commission wants UK to pay Brexit costs — in euros
2017-04-20 Ten months after the EU referendum: How is the economy doing? - speech by BoE's Michael Saunders
2017-04-19 MPs approve an early general election
2017-04-18 ACCA: Policymakers must return to the principles of business law as they navigate Brexit
2017-04-13 Open Europe: ONS study underlines importance of migrant workers in key UK industries
2017-04-12 The Economist: The EFTA countries show how hard Brexit will be for Britain
2017-04-12 ACCA: UK business confidence boost as Brexit begins
2017-04-07 IBTimes: 'Brexit knows no winners, all sides will lose' - German businesses warn of damage to EU and UK
2017-04-06 Open Britain: Walking away without a deal should not be something the Government entertains
2017-04-05 BBC: Theresa May suggests free movement extension
2017-04-04 ICGN expresses caution over the long-term effects of Brexit on corporate governance in the EU
2017-04-04 UK Commons' Exiting the EU Committee: 'No deal is better than a bad deal' claim unsubstantiated
2017-04-04 Bloomberg: Hammond says some on British side don’t even want a Brexit deal
2017-04-02 POLITICO: Interim EU trade deal to hit UK services hard
2017-04-01 IB Times: 'No major opportunities' for Britain's long-term economic growth, says Berenberg report
2017-03-30 Bruegel: Divorce settlement or leaving the club? A breakdown of the Brexit bill
2017-03-30 BIBA calls for urgent progress with new EU free trade agreement as Article 50 is invoked
2017-03-30 Commercial Risk Europe: Brexit should have minimal impact on insurance buyers says Airmic
2017-03-30 Die Presse: The consequences for Austria
2017-03-29 EurActiv: German manufacturers say ‘no concessions’ to UK in EU exit talks
2017-03-28 CEPR Policy Insight: Post-Brexit trade and development policy
2017-03-27 Open Europe: A plan for UK-EU trade outside the Customs Union
2017-03-27 Fondation Robert Schuman: European Union, Brexit, USA: The strategic dimension of the new trade issues
2017-03-27 EurActiv: UK manufacturers urge May to drop threat of no Brexit deal
2017-03-27 The Guardian: Parts of UK that voted for Brexit may be hardest hit, study finds
2017-03-27 Financial Times: David Davis confirms no post-Brexit cap on working EU migrants
2017-03-23 Bank of England: Brexit and the pound - speech by Ben Broadbent
2017-03-22 Civitas: It’s Quite OK to Walk Away: A review of the UK’s Brexit options with the help of seven international databases
2017-03-21 FSB: Keep trade easy: What small firms want from Brexit
2017-03-19 POLITICO: Britain’s Brexit Plan B
2017-03-17 Chatham House: Pascal Lamy on the way forward after Brexit
2017-03-16 City AM:Brexit will benefit the City if transitional periods are kept to a minimum, finds new report authored by Brexiteer academic
2017-03-16 Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment: FDI to the UK will remain robust post-Brexit
2017-03-14 EU External Affairs Sub-Committee: Customs admin and delays a serious concern for firms after Brexit
2017-03-13 New Europe: UK’s Brexit position worsens as OLAF endangers future customs union
2017-03-12 The Telegraph: UK looks to supercharge EU trade deals post-Brexit
2017-03-12 Financial Times: Three visions of UK economy take shape on verge of Brexit talks
2017-03-12 Open Britain: Trading relationships between the EU and G20 nations
2017-03-09 Sharon Donnery: Some perspectives on Brexit
2017-03-08 The Guardian: US businesses warn the UK over loss of access to EU single market
2017-03-07 Financial Times: Save Britain from the worst of Brexit by joining EFTA
2017-03-07 Commons International Trade Committee: Government still unclear on trade after Brexit
2017-03-05 Financial Times: Europe’s demands for cash before Brexit look legally shaky
2017-03-02 Bloomberg: ECB official warns banks can’t keep EU access with shells after Brexit
2017-03-02 ECB's Lautenschläger: The European banking sector - growing together and growing apart

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