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18 February 2020

BBC: Michel Barnier: UK can't have Canada trade deal with EU

The UK cannot have the same trade deal with the EU as Canada, according to the bloc's chief negotiator.

Michel Barnier said the EU was ready to offer an "ambitious partnership" with the UK post-Brexit, but its "particular proximity" meant it would be different.

It comes after the UK's chief negotiator, David Frost, made a speech in Brussels calling for a "Canada-Free Trade Agreement-type relationship". [...]

"We remain ready to offer the UK an ambitious partnership," he said.

"A trade agreement that includes in particular fishing and includes a level playing field, with a country that has a very particular proximity - a unique territorial and economic closeness - which is why it can't be compared to Canada or South Korea or Japan."

Mr Barnier said the EU remained "ready to work very quickly with the UK" on the basis of the agreement with Mr Johnson ahead of Brexit, adding: "We remain ready to propose this partnership if the UK wants it."[...]

Full article on BBC

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