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17 February 2020

The Independent: Boris Johnson could still strike Brexit deal with close EU alignment, says former minister

Parliamentary opponents of a hard Brexit have not given up hope that Boris Johnson will eventually sign up for a trade deal with close alignment with the EU, one Remain-backing former cabinet minister has told The Independent.

“Despite everything, I think that close alignment is still the most likely outcome of this,” said the MP. “If there’s a deal to be had with Brussels, it will be a deal with alignment on all sorts of things – social, environmental, workplace protections.

“That agreement is there to be had and the alternative is no deal. There isn’t a deal on offer that will give the UK easy access to the single market with no alignment. The question is which way does Boris jump?

“I’ve no doubt the prime minister will huff and puff right up to the wire about being ready to go for no deal, but just like last year he will be ready to fold at the last minute.” [...]

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