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08 February 2020

The Independent: Boris Johnson fails to convince voters he can avoid no-deal Brexit, poll suggests

Despite the prime minister’s claim that no-deal is no longer possible, just 40 per cent of those questioned thought he would strike a free trade deal with the EU by his self-imposed deadline of 31 December, while 42% thought he would not.

And a week after the UK left the European Union, voters believe on balance that Brexit will harm the national economy, their own finances, Britain’s international standing and the strength of the Union over the coming years, the survey found.

But the BMG poll for The Independent suggested that, after almost four years of dominating the political agenda, Brexit is fading away as a concern in voters’ minds.

The proportion of voters believing relations with the EU are the most important political issue has fallen from 45 per cent in December and 24 per cent in January to 16 per cent now.

Brexit fell behind health (24 per cent) as the most important issue for the first time in months, but remained ahead of the environment on 14 per cent.

The survey found some indications that voters are becoming reconciled to Brexit, with 52 per cent saying they want to stay out of the EU against 48 per cent who would prefer to be inside. [...]

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