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11 December 2019

Daily Mail: Labour makes more gains in latest poll but the Tories are still on course to win a majority

A survey conducted by Opinium between December 10-11 puts the Tories on 45% overall, down one point on the company's work published last week.

But Labour is up two points in the poll to 33 per cent, giving the Tories a 12 point lead as the nation prepares to go to the ballot box. 

Meanwhile, almost one in ten voters are yet to make up their mind about how they will cast their vote. 

If the headline numbers were replicated when people vote tomorrow then Mr Johnson would almost certainly win a big Tory majority. 

But Conservative nerves have been set on edge after a separate YouGov poll suggested a hung parliament is still a very real possibility.  [...]

The new Opinium poll suggests that barring a major shock, Mr Johnson's Tories will end up with the most MPs after the election. 

The survey shows that Labour has made gains in the final few days of campaigning but it appears to be too little too late for Mr Corbyn. 

The rounded figures for the Opinium survey show a 12 point lead for the Tories but Labour's vote share sits at 33.5 per cent while the Conservatives are on 44.8 per cent putting Mr Johnson's exact lead at 11.3 per cent. 

Opinium suggested that the tightening in the polls could be attributed to Remain voters making a last-minute switch from the Liberal Democrats to Labour. 

The Lib Dems are on 12 per cent of the vote, down one per cent on last week's poll. [...]

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